To wrel and the dev Team

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  1. CartoonFace

    Put your new toys down for a second "Arena" Stick your memberships up your %$&£ witch i cancelled And please for the love of everything good on this earth tell me why TR and VS only attack NC iv'e check the map everyday to see the same thing on the cobalt server. And what is with Vanu being overpowered like they can have 5% less population than everyone else and still own 47% of a map. LOOK AT YOUR GAME DEV TEAM!!! Read the stats on your own game or at least log in for a second and check out the huge 1 fight going on with TR and VS "12v12" sometimes 48+. Honestly i think this is what wrong with the game. Vanu can fight both factions but choose the easiest option to save a bit of K/D, TR don't want to fight vanu so they just fight NC And NC have no chose but to fight both. witch means Vanu will always win alerts Because TR don't care if vanu cap a few base's to win alerts. So close to quitting this game I've been here since 2013 and still love this game but now a days i find myself logging off. Not sure i want to even play arena when it comes out given i can just play Apex right now. Wasting your time on a game no one asked for. You could of used that fund to polish ps2 and Advertise it. Rant over

    To Wrel when he had good ideas on youtube and to all of the dev team
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  2. Tr34

    I agree, I'm a returning player after 2 years and it's not fun to play in cobalt as NC anymore.
    Vanu dominates the server and we play just to lose alerts, not fun. I miss the old days where all 3 faction could lock
    continents at closer ratios. Dunno what developers can do about this situation, it's a double edged blade.

    Ps2 is really the only game in this genre as an MMO. As a battlefield main player I like ps2 as well.
    In battlefield, when your team sucks too bad you can just change server and play elsewhere. But in Ps2 your character is locked to single faction and getting a character to br 100 is hard af. I personally don't have time to grind a character whenever the meta changes,
    so there should be faction transfers or account-bound unlock system that affects all your characters. So you can play with those unlocked guns with your alt. (maybe give all earned certs to your alt as well and spend them for different stuff there) Not everyone has that much time to grind a vanu character and start from zero again, so leveling/unlocking should be account based, not character based.
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  3. Smallzz

    The only thing the devs can do about the asymmetrical balance outside of what they do now (XP and nanite boost for lower pop faction) is encourage player growth. With such a small dev team we're lucky to get semi-regular bugfixes and updates, not overhauls.

    The NC on emerald was much the same, playing for losses and getting stomped all the time. A few of the leaders from the VS side said "this is too easy" and made NC alts, and started leading platoons and training leaders. Now NC wins 45%+ of the alerts on Emerald.

    Moral of the story? Be the change you want to see. Start leading platoons and training competent squad leaders. Do infantry training for the noobies. etc etc.
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  4. Villainous Hydrosa

    1: PS2 dev team and PS:A dev team are two separate entities. They may work together here and there to improve each others things, like DX11, but overall they are two different groups. Really, the people you want to aim your rant at in this instance is DBG itself, rather than their branches.

    2: It's more than likely outfit politics taking play. The biggest outfits on TR and VS have something against one of the leaders on NC, and it results in them adopting the policy of, "F@%# that one guy in particular," meaning whoever wins the alerts, they make sure the NC lose. We got the same thing going on Connery, except it's VS/NC against TR most the time. Not much the devs can do there.
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  5. Exileant

    o_O I can guarantee they stopped reading as soon as you told them where to put their memberships. But hey I read a little further. Being vile is not going to make them read. ;) As far as why we fight N.C. more so that T.R.? The answer is simple. Yours is the largest faction, and the only one that I have seen large enough to where NOBODY has to know what they are doing in order to still dominate the field. :eek: Your newer members make you candy to kill for cert building, but it is like attacking an ant hill... :p Kill 1, 40 more take it's place....
  6. GotBuds

    Are you seriously posting that with a straight face? No VS "leader" came to NC and trained NC leaders..that is the biggest load of horse crap anyone here has had the audacity to post.

    NC win and lose the same % as everyone else, damn sure didn't need the mighty VS to come help the lowly NC out. Every Vet of merit plays all 3 factions. Faction hoping during alerts is why the win % is skewed. Every faction gets double teamed, it's not a NC or TR or VS sole trait.

    It's people posting stuff like this that makes the game difficult to assess underlying issues with balance. Post accurate stuff or spare us all your hot air.
  7. ZDarkShadowsZ

    As much as it may not seem like it, there have also been times where TR have been double-teamed as well. I know exactly how it feels. It's demoralising to see all your territory being lost, no fight is fun because of poor friendly population and in the end you feel like giving up.

    I can't speak on behalf of TR Cobalt, but for me personally, I do try and take on board what you guys say and lately I have tried to fight VS more. However, sometimes, like yesterday, after playing against VS for a good long while, I needed a break. Sometimes I just get so burnt out because I find VS as a faction so unfun to fight against. Not necessarily because of the players themselves but the way the faction is set up. The floating tanks, the higher quantity of Betelgeuse Heavies, the fact that this happens: ... what is meant to be a good infantry vs infantry fight gets ruined because Magriders end up getting into places vehicles really shouldn't. It's so unfun to turn a corner in that kind of base and see not one, but two mags staring back at you.

    Whenever I play against NC, I have so much fun. You guys are fun to play with. You make fights fun because your equipment is more akin to our own. You're on the same playing field and it adds to that fun. Not only that, your class distribution is more varied. I don't see a good portion of your heavies walking around with the Godsaw because while you do have Heavies, you have Engineers, Medics. I could go on and on about why I prefer to fight NC.

    That said, there have been times where I've fought against VS and the fight has been surprisingly decent. The other day TR was pushing towards Allatum from Ti Alloys (24-48 pop on both sides). We were making good progress until a couple of NC Harassers came along and blew up our Sunderers. It was due to those select few NC who decided to interfere with a fight that did not concern them, that much of that population from VS and TR ended up being shifted towards NC.

    All in all, again, it's not that I dislike fighting VS because of the players, but because of the equipment they use that makes them unfun to fight against. I know one person in a sea of 300-400 TR means very little, but I will do my very best to try and make a an even bigger effort to fight VS, and hope that other TR can help out with this too. At this point, all I can do is make a meaningless apology because I know I will eventually end up fighting NC at one point or another, because I just get so burnt out playing against VS.
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  8. CartoonFace

    Someone has to say it this way and i'm not here to be nice to anyone or make friends i'm simply sharing an opinion witch in my mind is fact. I'm all out of caring for this game like as if they have room to loss other players that pay membership and i beat on membership because it doesn't even work fully as i recently found out. Warping from map to map is not priority for members as when i played with my bro and mate we always warp at the same time every time "They don't have membership" unless iv'e got it all wrong and that isn't a thing now? Problem is i would switch sides but its not that easy when you've put years of work into 1 faction already and not bothering with the other 2 factions i'm not one of those players who log switch's given the winning team on alerts i'll take that L. I don't know seem like this game has just gone south and if the devs won't read this and respond then you know they have given up also on this mess.
  9. Zizoubaba

    it's been said and said a milion times, there is a difference in the number of alerts won by each faction, and NC does tend to lose more, but its like 5-9% difference

    If would be EXTREMLY statistically unlikely, that it be 33% for all factions, especially considering that there are so many more factors that influence the outcome of an alert, than simple balance.

    That said, here's a little tip :

    This may soudn cheezy, and patronising, and I really don't mean it that way, but you write a BIG PARAGRAPH WITH NO SPACES ANYWHERE ; then a lot less people will read it.

    Not taking this into account, emplies that you don't care, and that you're just saying stuff cause you feel like saying stuff.
  10. CartoonFace

    Your'e right i don't care.. Like i used too I also write without small paragraph's because i'm not used to writing on forums at all its actually a big thing for me to share an opinion like this as i would normally wouldn't bother, I guess this is who much i want this game to be good and fun. Even when i'm in game i still have fun only because i run solo or with friends, But recently its gotten to the point where there is no point playing for fun because their isn't any. Maybe its time i put away my keyboard and mouse.
  11. Zizoubaba

    I've been there, more than once, and for lots of other reasons too.

    What I often did at that point is either

    a) take a break, not quit, just a break, login in a few days, or in a few weeks, you might find that how the game "feels" to you is different then.

    b) Take the opportunity to try something new.

    In your specific example, I'd make a new character, on another faction, and experience it. And if I hadn't done the 3rd faction, I'd try it out also.

    The real devs of the game aren't DBG, it was SOE who made the game, and they approached balance in a way that I really liked. They didn't make 3 factions all the same with same vehicles and same everything, each is different. That doesn't mean that it isn't balanced, it means that each has strengths and weaknesses that are different to each other.

    Anyway, if you're feeling like quitting, why not give it a shot, make a character, try it out, and if it's not fun then yeah, cu :)
    But I think you might discover some stuff you might like :)
  12. TwwIX


    Come to Connery then. The NC and Venu regularly gang up on the TR. Especially during alerts despite the fact that we're constantly outpopped and losing.

    The devs don't give a **** about this title. That much is certain. The only reason i still have subscription is because i end up playing DCUO more than this even though i primarily got it for this game. Like you, i end up logging off out of ******* frustration. If the population issues don't anger you. The blatant cheating ***** clipping through environment certainly will. I'd rather waste my time on something i may actually enjoy.

    There's nothing enjoyable about the current state of this game.

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