To use a T3 implant will cost......

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  1. Jawarisin

    You can easily make 80+ certs per hour if you play for a whole day, considering you start at 15-17k and finnish at roughly 24k+ at the end of playing (per hour)
  2. Corporate Thug

    Sigh. The only relation between score and competency is when your score is really low, it will reflect how competent you are, but for the most part there is no correlation between a high score and being good at this game.
  3. DQCraze

    Get used to it, micro transactions are the future of gaming. The point of contention is whether these transactions should be for customization vs performance. A lot of companies are shying away from the performance aspect because of balance issues, I agree with this philosophy.
  4. Klypto

    Some of you people are ridiculous.

    Just so you know, I played for about 20-30 minutes on test server in a 8v8 scrim. Got 30~ kills and through it, it gave me 2 chargers and 2-3 implants (with a very annoying, hard to dismiss popup).

    Unless you are standing TOTALLY AFK or waiting for base caps in a massive zerg for some stupid reason you will earn more implants and chargers just by playing the game than you could possibly know what to do with.


    Was that before or after drops were enabled?

    It was working fine when I was on. Well, almost fine. You had to open the notification window and accept the implant to make this annoying popup box in the corner go away.
  5. AltF4Fun

    Then why do they sell batteries for chargeup if no one would ever buy it with SC if they are so easy to get?I had a different view on things when I played on PTS,but ill wait with my judgement till it goes live.We dont know the droprates and any specifics till its on live,so I guess neither of us is completely right.Dont stamp me with a ridiculous mark just because I have a different view after my playtime on PTS.
  6. Klypto


    Why do they sell scopes for SC?

    These types of things are for the more money than smarts or more stupid than money niche crowds. You know those phone apps games where it's like pay $99 or even $999 for x or y pixel power up? 99% of people don't buy that crap, but it's the one percent that do that makes it worth it. Those types of people are the target.

    Sure they aren't $99, but Any SC spent on them makes it worth it because that's extra money coming in from a soon-to-be standard game mechanic. The could have just not made it possible to buy with SC / certs and kept the drop mechanic and it will still be pretty much the same. If people want to buy it then more power something? to them. Might as well get that money if they want to throw it at you like that.

    SOE's design goals is to make this game enjoyable without spending any money. That means if the cash shop and membership didn't exist there wouldn't be problems. They'll gladly take your money though if you want to give it to them for whatever you buy.
  7. Ronin Oni

    And members who have 500SC a month and can spend a portion of that on charging their Implants :p (<-- now a member lol)

    But yeah, that was kinda the idea of Implants you know. A use for certs for players who are running out of things to cert. They've been complaining about lack of "end game" when they get everything certed for a while and this is a reasonable answer.

    I'll have 1-2 loadouts per class set with an Implant but likely not pull them all that often. Oh, the enemy is spamming sensors and we're having trouble flanking? Guess it's time to pull my silenced scout rifle Infil with Anti-Sensor implant.

    By only using Implants when you need the effect the cost will be really really small. Few minutes here, few minutes there. It'll take forever to burn 10 hours. I'm already used to playing the game as is without the implants so I see no problem continuing to not rely on them.
  8. BoomBoom4You

    The goal here is money, clearly. If they wanted it to be simple, they'd make it simple, but they want it a little complex so you are gently encouraged to spend some dough. I'd rather they just tie it to subscription benefits somehow to make up the difference, rather than rely on a nebulous crafting system.

    The thing is, I'm fine spending money, I just want to know what I'm getting. The calculations you'd have to do to figure out how much SC you are spending an hour, a day, etc. -- it just doesn't belong.

    It's kind of disappointing because clearly a lot of work has been done on implants, and I think the idea is a good one, they just keep making it into a cash grab so blatantly that it's a little worrisome.
  9. Scientiarum

    Really? I have been getting drops on test. they are really very frequent and even include chargers. I think everyone is overreacting. The implant drops are so frequent I doubt you will ever even buy them with certs very often, much less SC. Sure, new players will have to put in some work to get them, which might not be a great thing, but even at 'middle BRs' you should be able to haul in at least 1 drop every ten minutes. It seems like every 1 out of 5 drops is a charge, so that is a little more than one charge an hour, with each charge lasting about 3 hours on tier three (according to other peoples math, I didn't calculate this so I could be wrong). On drops alone we should be able to maintain charges on at least 2 lvl 3 implants continuously. I don't think this is going to be a real huge problem to be honest.

    Now I do feel like the system is very confusing and intuitive, but that is a separate issue. I don't think this will be a major unbalancing factor if the drop rate I am currently getting on PTS is what it goes live with.
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  10. Wecomeinpeace

    30 kills in 30 minutes? 70 certs per hour? That's not my playstyle man.
    Does it atleast work per xp or do you have to kill people for implants to drop? If it's just by kills it will encourage playing this like UT even more. Support? Why bother, just go kill stuff. If you're good enough you might get a "mo-mo-mo monsterkill" and get some RNG item.

    And the bottomline stays the same regardless of implementation; If it's so easy to get T3 implants and keep them up without spending SC, why bother with that "sink" and grind mechanic then anyways? That "BR100s don't know where to spend their certs" is a goddamn non-issue and the way PS1 used implants would work just fine. If the goal here isn't getting people to spend SC for these "Batteries" then why would they add that mechanic in the first place?

    This whole implant thing just manages to hit all the wrong buttons with me, especially when this is considered to be "adding content". Yeah, right... Hossin? Intercontinental warfare? Resource revamp? Nahhh, those can wait, we got something much better instead: A ******* cash sink mechanic. That's some solid content right there eh?
  11. Ronin Oni

    I'm a happy and proud supporter of the game.

    Don't need to... I bought SC when it was on super sale back in the day for a jump start on vehicle weapon options and played for free for a year and loved it. I even triple bought that expensive as hell vehicle bundle (2k SC for a weapon for each vehicle + 2 camos) which wound up landing me a metric BUTT TON of certs when they changed to account wide unlocks lol That was an unexpected and pleasant surprise :D

    I don't need membership now either... but I love the game, enjoy the hell out of it, and want to support the game (and of course get benefit from it, like priority queue, a monthly stipend for new content, and xp+resource boost)
  12. Ronin Oni

    Pretty sure it's tied to "ribbons" though I expect repair/heal ribbons to reward less often or with smaller rewards due to how bloody frequent and easy they are to get.
  13. AltF4Fun

    Well,if thats the way they work im fine with it.We will see as soon as it hits live.Hope you are right that its only kind of optional and you earn enough chargeups ingame.
  14. NinjaTurtle

    No and I will NOT buy them, that said the idea of implants is good it's the execution that will decide how good they are... in other words whether they are OP or not.

    I could not care less if someone pays for a small advantage, I will still beat them. Give a ****** a Minigun and Bruce Lee nunchucks and Bruce Lee would still win...... Yes I did compare myself to Bruce Lee

    As for the business model that is the main issue with F2P, making money when a large portion of the player base pays nothing means you have to add features in in a way you would other wise not. Do I think it's ideal NO, but with the way the game has been built that is the sort of thing that happens and will happen

    Some people are just bad

    And how many players have membership or buy any SC?

    I would guess not enough which is why we have recently seen all the UPGRADE NOW adverts in game. SOE are looking desperate for money from the player base. Maybe looking and being are different but in the event they are not a little bit more monetization is not going to kill the game.

    Not doing it however could
  15. Giggily

    How much were those chargers actually worth? I want to know if I can completely survive off of drops. I wouldn't want to waste any of my hard earned certs on chargers when I could still be using them to cert random **** for vehicles I don't like.
  16. Hibiki54

    It's funny how some people think implants should not be a purchasable item. They forget that a F2P game like Planetside 2 has to make money for SOE in some way. They also forget that you do not need to buy implants -- you can get them by just playing the game, which is what the developers truly want for our player base.

    It is a whole different department of SOE that actually decides what items can be purchased with money and what does not. The fact that we can buy rifle scopes with SC is a pure example of this. By making implants packs random when purchased from the Depot fills the void of making smed-bucks for the company and satisfying the player base who does not want that pay-to-win platform introduced to the game. PS2 Devs just need to implement that plan and I feel, from what I have seen on test, that they did a great job (subject to change) in how they are going to introduce implants.

    Although, they seem to be yucking up EVERYTHING else.
  17. MasonSTL

    people in this thread are morons. They are just hopping on the rage wagon because they are too stupid the use their heads.
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  18. leo4444

    I really don't like the implants, just because they were in planetside 1 doesn't mean we need them in 2. Maybe if they can attained only through certs but even then I don't like them, to me they seem like the perk system which isn't needed in planetside.
  19. -Synapse-

    SOE's done some pretty shady things in the past, but the underhandedness of this is far too blatant even for them. I wonder what happened, maybe they didn't get the memo that nobody likes when their gameplay hinges on chance, imposition of time limits, and money sinks.

    Either way if this system goes live, I'll tell myself I'll never play this game again and go do something productive for a while before succumbing and going back to playing it nonstop take a bit of a break.
  20. Cirevam

    I'll hop on the PTS tonight and see what these are like. If I don't like how they're implemented, I'll simply not use them. The default is health regen similar to NAR, right? I'll just use that until the battery runs out, then I'll stop recharging my batteries. We don't play with implants now, so I don't see a compelling reason to play with them once they're implemented. I'll stick a silencer on all of my weapons to counter the auto-spot implant and leave it at that.

    I understand the concerns most of us have, but there's always the option to not use implants... at least from the descriptions I've read so far.