To use a Supressor...or not ?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Targanwolf, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. Targanwolf

    I'm experiencing an increased amount of counter sniping.I'm finding out the hard way that ther are snipers who seem to just hunt other snipers. Yes I need to cloak and move better...but are the negatives of a supressor worth not showing on the map ?

  2. Plague Rat

    I doubt you'll see a reduction in counter sniping. A suppressor won't hide your tracer, and your audio is just as detectable albeit different. The only practical benefit you'll see is that you won't show on enemy map within 40m of you when you fire as you normally would with an unsuppressed weapon, or you won't show when you chance upon shooting someone running an implant (but you can always cloak after shooting and lose the spot before anyone notices)

    If you're using the Parallax I'm assuming your engaging targets from beyond 40m, and if you can keep to locations that keep the enemy density to a minimum within that range there's no compelling reason to bother with one, especially with what it does to your bullet drop and velocity.

    The only practical advice I can give to avoid counter-sniping is to not camp and relocate frequently after every few kills. The minute your enemy knows where you are before you do, that's the end, so keep it mobile and make sure they're always looking in the wrong spots.
  3. Targanwolf

    Thinking about my sniper deaths......too many are a the re-spawn building...2nd floor.

    Our faction gets pushed back into that building and my dumb response is 2nd floor/sniper.. Thinking about myself.....I lick my chops when we have pushed our foe's into that spot. I must stop going up there.

    Thanks for the advice.Suppressor is something I won't use.
    Yes as Infil I snipe , hack and revel enemies.
  4. Jac70

    The suppressor is pretty much a no go on a sniper rifles. It slows the bullet down so much that drop becomes massive. Plus if you are sniping at range it won't matter that you are not on the radar. Plus you will need to lead moving targets much more. There are rare occasions where someone will notice your dot on the map and come after you but for anything other than the Phaseshift I think the trade-off isn't worth it.
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  5. Souleater

    What weapons are you being killed by?

    Suppressor only helps if the enemy is within short range. I don't feel comfortable up that close with a BASR. And suppression slows the round down a lot.

    In that sense I wonder if a suppressor actually makes things work by slowling the bullet down to the point that it is easier to spot due to the increased 'hang time'.

    I usually track enemy snipers by sound if i am on a flank or in a skirmish:

    Every time you change cloak state the enemy gets a good indication of your rough direction.

    Spotting enemies also gives a faction specific, directional indicator sound out. I've killed a few INFs who didn't touch their cloak once but kept spamming their 'Q' key (presumably to earn Spotter Ribbons)

    Footsteps - if you sprint your footsteps can be heard

    I HAZ A CROSSBOW LOLZ - crossbows are not completely silent - actually they have a very distinctive noise. Plus they also fire tracer rounds.

    As others have said, don't be in obvious places. If you can, move covertly to a new spot.

    But don't forget that other Infiltrators and LA's will see killing you as both a public service and a competition to see who is the best. It's all very well to hang out on the flanks but that often puts you in direct competition with other INFs or LA's of exactly the same mindset and toolset you have. Plus there are guys who will run as Stalkers specifically to go after enemy snipers.

    On the other hand, sometimes the flow of battle puts you behind enemy lines, or your own force pushes forwards. At that point, not having a supgressor can get you killed.
  6. cykael

    Suppressor is bad on almost every weapon in the game and most Infiltrator weaponry. It doesn't make the guns actually silent, it doesn't hide tracers (the most important thing) and it lowers velocity significantly. Best suppressor in the game is proper movement, awareness and good cloak usage in Infiltrator's case. Don't bother with the actual thing.
  7. _itg

    Pretty much the only sniper rifle on which you'd consider using a suppressor is the Phaseshift, because it has no drop. Doing so would more or less limit you to sniping stationary targets, but it's not the best rifle for sniping moving targets in any case.
  8. ATRA_Wampa-One

    There are only 3 sniper rifles that you can get away with equipping a suppressor on, Phantom, Spectre, and Phaseshift.
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  9. breeje

    we all know some spots where there always is a sniper (the 2nd floor is one of them)
    after your first uncloak/shot the counter sniper will have you pinpointed
    the second time you go for a shot you get killed

    the success of a sniper depends for 50% on position
    go for places ware they don't suspect you

    if you get pushed in to a spawn room try running out cloaked, get just behind them and you can start piking them off
    most of the time the enemy is to occupied to see you
    it will not always work but the chances are on your side
    my 2 cents
  10. _itg

    Nothing wrong with second floor sniping (until they start shelling the spawn room), but you have to be aware the enemy WILL know you're there. Stay mobile, never uncloak for more than half a second and never in the same place twice in a row, and be prepared to jump off the roof at any moment.
  11. Spankay

    A suppressor won't help as much as hinder you. Most counter snipers look for the tracer anyway, not at any red dots on the minimap.
  12. MiniSentrygun

    The suppressor turns a sniper rifle into a slingshot. Don't do it.
  13. pnkdth

    I reserve suppressors for weapons such as the full auto scout rifles, SMGs, and side arms. The latter being useful to remove other snipers who end up nearby without advertising your presence(they also tend to be very quiet).

    Also, showing up on the mini-map as a sniper isn't that much of a big deal since you won't be in the all that close to begin with. Even if someone sees you, you should already have moved elsewhere by the time they come and investigate.
  14. Targanwolf

    Thanks for the great advice
  15. Plastikfrosch

    if you hide inside of an enemy base (around the roofs of the amp or powerstations) a silencer is good. you are on high ground and the bulletdrop wont affect your shots too much BUT you still have to change your position after all 2-3 kills because there is always someone following the traces of your shots. and try to avoid the use of your cloaking device, because the sound gives your position away more than the cloak actually hides you. only cloak if you know you got spotted.

    And the only sniper rifle where i always use the surpressor is the phaseshift because it does not have any bulletdrop no matter if with or without surpressor on it (its not the best weapon but the most fun in my opinion).
  16. Akashar

    No suppressor on Parallax, your only way is to move. If anything, using a suppressor makes you an easier target for counter sniping. Indeed, Longshot and ram.50 will outrange and out dps you. Use darts, and always move, that's the safest way to snipe.