to those who think the game is dying

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  1. Forkyar24

    it really isn't but if you think it is, it's because you whine and complain for nerfing or buffing when you don't even know what your talking about.
  2. jiggu

    Most of the people complaining about the game dying are going on about the population issues. I do agree about the unneccessary amount of whining though.
  3. Paragon Exile

    Whining is what Planetside players do best; it's sort of our specialty. A good whine every now and then soothes the soul.
  4. ironeddie

    With most things in life people are more likely to publicly complain than praise a service.

    So its not a surprise that you see more whining on the forums. It can appear that a high proportion of players are unhappy with the game. The reality is not so.

    That said anyone vested in the game should be concerned with its population and overall health. Even if everything is fine we should always be working to keep it so.
  5. z1967

    People act like the pops dropping for the summer is something out of the usual. Hell, this is my first MMO and I knew that pops dropped during the summer way before that.
  6. Codex561

    The game IS dying since more players are leaving than joinning.
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  7. Tentakewls

    We have half the playerbase we had last year during the same month and pop has slowly been decreasing in the last few months. It's a factual information, not "whining". Not sure why'd make a thread to whine about this tho, I guess you don't even know what you are talking about.

    Edit: Read your signature, now I'm sure you don't know what you are talking about. Make a whine post about whining with a whine signature...

  8. NinjaTurtle

    Oh my god go to the Hearthstone forums, it's even worse there.
  9. PieBringer

    This seems more accurate, if you ask me.