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  1. PraetorGavorn

    How does the Vanu Esper helmet affect your ability to see us in combat? I use it a lot these days, it being my only other helmet I have other than the composites. It's quite a lot different (read: flashy) than the others, our fishbowl helmet.

    From a distance, say about 70-100 meters off, how do our heads appear? Do you snipers find it a different target in any way?

    Does it make you pause when you come face to face with us? Does it make us easier to spot in close quarters when we try to hide?

    I've noticed that this helmet is one of the most popular among Vanu players, with the Avalon helmet being about just as popular. Was wondering how it affected other peoples perception of me.

    Also, helmets general thread. (Poor TR and their meh designs)
  2. KenDelta

    This helm has no tactical usage , no matter what.

    As a sniper , I tend to shoot people with fancy helms first.
    Then based on camo then defaulthelm/camo players.

    Camo + Helm = more of a threat.(possibly BR40 to BR100)
    default helm + default camo = possibly a BR5.
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  3. thelonewolf151

  4. Saber15

    Helmets have next to no effect on your visibility - the only exceptions being the VS Infiltrator helmet (crosshair face) and the TR's Commissar Hat (enormous red and gold blob on head).
  5. PraetorGavorn

    Okay, good point. Maybe I'll give looking like a newb a shot sometime :rolleyes:

    The basic Vanu Infiltrator helmet is the most of the reason I'm asking this question. All infiltrators seem to have some glowy bits on them, but with the Vanu is seems to be primarily focused on the head. Was wondering if this Esper helmet was an okay alternative, or if I should grab the Extractor helmet.

  6. STR1D3R109

    Some masks have had weird bugs when cloaking where you'll see a flying invisible head, but that's usually the cloth ones and its pretty rare to actually see it.
    But yeah, there would be negligable vision improvements for having a different helmet.
  7. Syphers

    The xtractor is the best option for that imo it has a perfect camo coverage and nothing flashy or too distinctive about it. Plus it's not widely used so people are less likely to recognize it at quick glance.
  8. Rtwpygbzstpqacihfd

    Yeah it looks good. Also get the lumifiber, that's looks awesome.
    See you on the battlefield ;)
  9. FateJH

    People always talk about the "glowy bits." Lumifiber notwithstanding, I would wager most players don't even notice any of the glow on most Infantry models. I can't tell an Orion from a Betelgeuse just by looking at the person shooting back at me, for example. The only glows I do notice are active Heavy Shields, that effect when personal shields break, and NC muzzle fire in the darker hours of the day. Flashlights and Laser Sights, too, just blend into the general movement noise, the latter esoecially becoming more noticeable on corpses than living players.

    The number of people who die to personnel mines suggests that the glowing doesn't matter as much in this department either. Whenever I do see a mine, it's usually because I see something that doesn't fit in with the floor pattern, not a glow, and I'm not rushing.
  10. Huishe

    Meh designs? What? Say it to my face and i will personally execute you with my commisar hat on.