[Vehicle] To the surprise of no one, stats prove the PPA was overnerfed

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  1. AlCohonez

    Lower KPH proves nothing. As a recently nerfed weapon people are obviously still buthurt for it not being OP anymore and its likely that they just don't want to use it.

    Give it some time. Vanu are not used to burst weapons so I can imagine that learning that will require a bit more time to be picked up by the purple masses.
  2. Xasapis

    This is the biggest BS I could read on this thread. It is clear that the Banshee was overnerfed and it's clear that the PPA was overnerfed, especially given the massive amount of time that passed since the rebalance. Do you know how much time it takes to learn a new weapon (which is essentially what the new Banshee and new PPA are?). 5 minutes tops. We are not talking excelling at them, but at least working at good efficiency. When the efficiency is lagging half way the other empire alternatives, then it's a problem of the weapon, not the user.

    Give it some time ... right. I'm sure apologists like you will reharsh the same invalid excuse one year down the line.

    Edit: You could argue that this is how things are, deal with it, and I would accept it and so would others. I would however operate under the knowledge that I'm handicapped in terms of ground AI weapons and TR are handicapped in terms of air AI weapons. You are trying to say that things are balanced and it's the players that "don't get it", which is false.
  3. cykael

    Good riddance to vehicle AI. The ESF noseguns are some the dumbest **** I've ever seen in a video game. You can kill people with regular noseguns if you're good and that's how it should be.
  4. JudgeNu

    I would argue that it is because tanks pose a great threat to any assault or defense.
    IMO that's what a HA is suppose to do.
    That is what its shield is for.

    Engie's have the means to and every reason to also try to eliminate a tank.

    LA's are everywhere and Mags have greatest mobility.
    Its hard to put C4 on a mag while its moving without getting run over.

    PPA was abusively OP and was exploited to its maximum.
    This is partially responsible for the overall "hatred" for the VS, not to mention ZOE.
    Which went on for over a year.
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  5. Flag

    I don't and didn't ever really use a PPA on my mag, so for me personally it didn't really matter.
    However, that doesn't mean that a weapon should be nerfed into uselessness. Maybe they shouldn't have been added in the first place, maybe. But they were, and as such you have to make them worth using.

    Even if you don't seem to care much for it.
  6. Xasapis

    That would make more sense if vehicles were immune to infantry. Right now they are merely cert pinattas waiting to be popped.
  7. current1y

    No those are just ****ters. Smart people just stopped using the terrible weapon.
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  8. Vaphell

    so why are people using them if they are sooo bad? Not because they allow you to pull killstreaks with a thumb up your ***?
    Flying has a barrier to entry but tanking is flat out EASY if you got 2 braincells to rub together.
  9. Xasapis

    They are not bad. They are not good. They are there.

    As for the killstreaks, they happen for a selected few (relatively). The majority fires a couple shots, kill one or two people, then blows up.
  10. jstrecu

    Then they are doing it wrong.... Even focusing on armor and deliberately ignoring infantry (ie after destroying a Sundy just moving on to the next vehicle unless it's a heavy or LA threatening you), I can easily get 50+ on my main MBT gun and 30+ on the secondary if I'm gunning for someone good on my main char. Unless it's Hossin, Hossin is a LA paradise.

    90% of vehicles don't know how to push, where to go, how close to get to infantry, nor when to retreat. And what is more frustating, never, ever, look around checking for danger and just sit still firing from the same spot until they get out of ammo or are killed.

    They are cert pinattas because they don't know how to play, not because their vehicle is not good enough.
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  11. Takara

    With this comment I would put forth the idea that....we eliminated G2A lock ons...because you can kill an ESF with your LMG and Dumb fire rockets if you are good enough!
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  12. Prudentia

    And here we see the prime example of someone who shouldn't even be talking on the Forums:
    There are 4 things the PPA/PPA-H and the LPPA have in common:
    the projectile graphics
    the sound
    the name
    no bullet drop
    aside from that they are just as different as the as the Banshee and the Marauder
  13. Prudentia

    we have been using the Saron 9.0 or 10.0 whatever we are currently at for over a year now, i think by now VS gunners are more used to high Bloom weapons than NC with their 0 Bloom rapid fire Enforcer or TR with their Spin up burst-fire-is-discouraged Vulcan
  14. jstrecu

    Wow, that was a brainfart on my part...
    Forgive me for not reading the OP and simply assuming this was the 10.000th thread about the Scythes's PPA having too big of a CoF :p

    But the problem remains the same doesn't it? People using the weapon in a way they should not...
    Need bursting now, and being at close range same as the Canister.
  15. jstrecu

    "rapir fire" enforcer ? 60RPM is not rapid at all...
  16. Prudentia

    there has never been a single thread saying that the LPPA has a high CoF...
    as always "rapid" is relativ. in this case the enforcer is rapid fire because it fires an order of Magnitude faster than the Halberd while not having Bloom.
  17. ATRA_Wampa-One

    Then you should probably make a thread about how the Banshee was overnerfed then.
  18. Jackplays17

    Compare this to ESF AI Farming weapons. this is the best of the three. this is meant to be an ESF Weapon.
  19. Takara

    The problem isn't that we have to burst fire...I could care less about that. But coupled with slower projectile speed and lower damage than it used to have you generally need two or three bursts to kill an enemy at point blank range. You can place an enemy 10 feet in front of a PPA on the harasser/mag( a range at which full auto SHOULD be effective ) and go full auto and only hit with 3 or 4 rounds and they don't die :-/ It's somewhat pathetic.
  20. Xasapis

    The ESF weapon has nothing to do with the ground vehicle weapons, besides sharing a similar name.