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  1. Gambles

    I see some people on here saying they play NC and find there weapons balanced / superior to other factions. I would like to know what kind of set up they are running? what's your loadout and most often used weapon to destroy people as NC?

    I'm not doubting that you do it, just want to know for myself as maybe I missed something?
  2. Nombringer

  3. Novmiech

    The EM6 is the NC's dirty little secret - I would kill for that gun as a TR.

    People usually feel the TR's weapons as OP - so lets shoot for that:
    That said the Gauss Saw S is almost the exact same weapon as the TR's TMG-50.
    The EM1 is pretty close to a CARV-S.
  4. FPSgamer

    We only have TR GODS:

    I haven't seen one video after beta somebody owning with NC LMG's
  5. FPSgamer

    All the weapons you mentioned are inferior to TR counterparts.
  6. GamerOS

    I have to agree with this, most of these guns approach the TR weapons, but none of them exceed them and are often inferior in several statistics.
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  7. MGP

    And you're using TR beta footage to prove what?
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  8. IshanDeston

    Playing mostly Engineer and Medic, both with their standard guns. I bought a Reflex Sight x2 for the Engineer one and a x3.4 one for the Medic. But neither are needed, in my opinion. It just helps when fighting at long ranges.

    The trick to it, is compensating for the recoil. Your gun will kick up and to the right. So if you move your mouse down and to the left, it becomes quite accurate. It takes time to get used to it, but meanwhile i am quite deadly with mine. It don't win all of the fights, mind you, but there are times when i am defending a cappoint on my own and end up with 6+ Killstreaks. Even TR Heavies with Shields on, die in the onslaught if my Gaus.

    I want to add a foregrip to both of the guns eventually, but right now i am hesitant, as i have gotten used to the recoil of the guns as they are. I am a bit weary to spend the points and then be back to not hitting the broadside of a barn.

    Also useful to know: I don't fire from the hip. I am fighting always iron sighted. Firing from the hip is a sure way to miss with the Standard guns. Oh and keep in mind, you can select the firemode. At real long fights it really pays off to set the guns into SA from FA.

    In regard to the Heavy Assault. I can't his the broadside of a barn door with that standard gun. I am more durable as Engineer, Light Assault and Medic than i am as Heavy Assault. I can't hit anything with that gun, but suspect its also about learning how to compensate.
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  9. OMGSquirrel

    I feel very safe with the Gaus Compact Burst and a GD x2 reflex sight. Great for all but the closest of engagements where a full-auto mode would be more useful. The burst mode fires 2 shots, and the accuracy and damage are good. It also has a single fire mode which I've never needed.

    The Gaus Compact S has 3 fire modes, but the burst mode on this one is 3 shots, while I find medium to long range engagements are considerably easier with the Compact Burst. The Compact S does have the full auto, but I'd personally rather have the 2 shot burst. That and I think a few of the stats on the Compact Burst are ever so slightly geared towards better accuracy, maybe.

    So loadout is just the Gaus Compact Burst /w GD x2 reflex sight and the mag-shot pistol. If I plan on capping points, running around inside buildings etc. I take the sweeper. Not exactly a deep set-up, but it works and I'm not left feeling disadvantaged.
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  10. Gambles

    Thanks for some of the feedback guys, kinda surprised many are using the standard guns.
  11. IshanDeston

    Thats preceisely the reason i didn't get the burst one for my Medic. While trail running i kept running so often into people at real close range and would always lose those fights.
  12. Novmiech

    These are the differences between the TMG50 and the SawS.
    SawS - carries 1 additional 75 round magazine in reserve. (+)
    SawS - has a 0.5 vertical recoil compared to the TMG50's 0.45 ratio. (-)
    SawS - has a longer reload by 2/1000th's of a second. ( LoL here is a "-" for you whiners)
    SawS - being an S series has access to more attachments, namely both ammo types. (+)

    Every other stat is exactly the same.
    So in other-words; the Saw gives up approx. 10% more recoil - and gains 33% extra ammo capacity and better ammo types.

    These are the differences between the EM1 and the CarvS.
    The EM1 has a reload speed of 4.6 compared the the CarvS's 6.5. (+)
    The EM1 has a vertical recoil ratio of .35 compared to the CarvS's .45 (+)
    The EM1 has a Crouch/Move ADS COF of .15 compared to the Carv's .2 (+)
    The EM1 has a CoF bloom ratio of 0.05ADS and 0.1Hip, the Carv has a 0.06 ADS and a 0.12 Hip. (+)
    The EM1 has a RoF of 645 to the Carv's 698 (-)
    The EM1 has a velocity of 590 to the Carv's 620 (-)
    The Carv S - has access to more ammo types. (-)

    Every other stat is exactly the same.
    So in other words the EM1 gives up 8% Fire rate, and 5% bullet speed, and lack of one ammo type - and gains 30% reload speed, 23% less recoil, a 25% tighter Crouch/move CoF, and a 17% reduced CoF bloom per shot.

    This is somehow worse in every situation and makes the gun inferior? You just keep playing the victim NC.

    When you actually are looking at data instead of running from the "feeling" of your gut you would be surprised to see how closely each empires weapons are to each other.
  13. ron1n

    1. Select Engineer
    2. Unlock GD-7F Carbine
    3. ?
    4. Profit
  14. Drol

    Get a forward grip and reflex sight for the weapon you feel most comfortable with. For me it is the GD-22S (LMG), before the forward grip, hitting at longer ranges was a struggle but now it's a doddle.

    For certs, make sure you get involved in base attacks or at least be there when they are taken. Being killed doesn't take certs away, so don't be worried if you die a lot, you're doing a job just by being in the area.
    As already said, play support by being support. By that I mean if you are playing medic, then heal and revive. If you are playng engineer then drop ammo and repair. If you struggle to kill then you are more help to your team by keeping others alive and supplied.
    Once you have a nice pile of certs from your support, you can upgrade your armour and weapon to enable you to take a more offensive role, hit more and die less.
    Also, if you need to sacrifice graphics quality for FPS - do it. I found mine dropping to 10 -15 in fights and that is a disadvantage we don't need. I toned the settings down until i could get at least 20 and it's a game changer. That's still too low to be honest, but it makes a big difference already. I'm no God by any stretch of the imagination but i'm holding a 1.6 to 1.7 and am rarely inside a vehicle. (in fact i am usually trying to take them out without being squished)

    Hope that helps a bit.
  15. Gambles

    Really really thinkin about getting the GD-7F now...

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