To the Mattherson VS and NC leaders...

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  1. BraSS

    I wasnt on the night Indar got capped, but when I logged in earlier the NC zerg was floating around attacking both TR and VS, so no idea what all this is about.

    Why would I want to cut my xp potential (cert gain) in half by not killing a certain faction if I come across them.
  2. treeHamster

    Check my character. I have a TR alt that is BR6 that I've played with all of 30 minutes and I just deleted my NC alt that I had spent all of 15 minutes to test out the Phoenix. I've been playing VS since day one and am a BR67. The point of it was to dethrone the TR and put the continent back to neutral.
  3. treeHamster

    Because a 3 way fight for the continent will get you a LOT more XP than fighting just against the VS all because the TR are d*cking around guarding Skydock. There's also the fact that some of us REALLY don't like the TR after 6 weeks of them taking up residency in their Prowlers.
  4. DjUnicorn

    Didn't even said it was during the Scarred Mesa fight, at that time everyone was there. I am talking before that when we were holding Valley Storage Yard and AOD pugs were camping inside the warpgate along with many other TRs, you included ;)

    You like to be a bad boy over the internet, you must be very big now, how old are you? 8?

    Anyway, focus on the subject and stop throwing at us your pain in the *** or you will be from now on seen as a person that mines TR threads in order to get them locked (especially TE threads).
  5. Morticai

    It's surprising that nobody's picked up on it's a spoiler:

    EDIT: Blah blah blah, ignore me. I've got my reasons for this, and they don't involve disrespecting you. Both sides did good, we fought and we almost had a deciding moment..

    PM me sometime. I'll explain a little more.

    Also, I wasn't sitting back in the warp gate. Much of my time was spent charging from Valley to the rock formations west in the hopes of dropping landmines along the associating roads. I can safely say though, it didn't work. My friends and I were cut down before we made it a few feet from the buildings.

  6. Ashnal

    Why do so many people in this game hate fighting battles when the odds are against them? It seems to be a common theme in the game.

    Let me recount the whines from the past:
    "Tanks are too strong, a single infantry should be able to kill one!"
    "Our faction is underpopulated and we get zerged all the time!"
    "Aircraft are too tough to kill for single infantry!"
    "Maxes are OP at infantry farming, we should be able to kill them as easily as other infantry!"

    And the latest and greatest:
    "We got ganged up on by the other two factions, teamwork is OP and unfair!"

    I've been hearing whines like these since beta from people who can't stand rising to the challenge and using skill to overcome tough situations. I was watching the Enclave's stream while they were fending of hordes of NC and VS. Were they whining that they were getting ganged up on? No. They were barking orders and holding the lines. BCP himself has even said that being outnumbered is fun, because it's a true test of organization and skill. I normally hate that guy, but I can respect him for that.

    I know for myself, I love defending a chokepoint outnumbered, as the kills stream in. I love taking on a tank that is much more powerful than myself as an engineer, the thrill of sneaking up behind it and lying tank mines as it hunts for me inside the building I was just previously hiding in is quite the adrenaline rush.

    When outnumbered, the skilled players shine, while the unskilled whine.