To the Mattherson VS and NC leaders...

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  1. L3TUC3

    Its still early. Once the VS outfits are on I hope to see less qq and more pewpew.
  2. Fenrisk

    To the Mattherson VS and NC leaders... you can't do it alone? why so bad? LOL
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  3. Morticai

    Hell yeah.

  4. treeHamster

    To the man who never graduated elementary school, please use verbs in sentences.
  5. xWarMachine

    start it at about 3hours in to see the sky-dock hold... amazing fighting.

    VS and NC literally parking sundies next to each other and fighting side by side the whole night, yet still they could not take the lock away from TE and ULTRA...

    best fighting PS2 has seen ...EVER
  6. Beartornado

    NC leader?

    Don't make me giggle. Given the way we fight across the map, I think its accurate to say

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  7. Vertabrae

    Actually this is incorrect. AoD is the largest outfit, with almost 2700 members. TAS, an NC outfit is 2nd with just over 2600. TE is a distant 3rd with a 1968, TEST 4th with 1772, and AT 5th with 1721. So while TR has two very large outfits, Both NC and VS also have outfits of similar size. Anyone one of these outfits could pop lock a server for their faction, provided enough members log in. Yes that number is total members, not active. But that applies across all three factions. These figures can be found at.....
  8. jak

    Trying to cooperate to retake Indar isn't really a good plan. The TR will just wait for an event on Esamir or Amerish and retake Indar with their 80% cont pop.
  9. Pat Cleburne

    Is this thread legit? You people that are flaming TR for having a continent pop advantage do realize that TR has been fighting with the lowest WORLD population on Mattherson since the merge don't you? In fact, NC usually outpops us nightly by 5-10% minimum, usually more as the TR usually has 29-33% and the NC usually has 38-45%.

    But hey, don't let that cloud your hate. Flame on brothers.
  10. Crazytrain

    I don't play with my food.
  11. treeHamster

    I think most of the VS players are inactive while I know TE and AOD have a VERY high percentage of active members.
  12. VSDerp

    ya what's up with all the NC growth past week or so?
  13. Anubis77

    My thoughts exactly. This is some weak crap trying to organize a truce between two factions. Who cares if TR capped Indar while everyone was on alert in the middle of the night? Grow up and play the game NC and VS. I'm legitimately disappointed to have my main on Mattherson.
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  14. Bodaciuos


    I am just glad that we could fight by side against the true enemies after some past events.

    It was an honor last night!!

  15. Vertabrae

    So what if it is? Your saying that TR has an unfair advantage because TE and AoD players are more loyal to the game? TE had 11 squads at the height of the battle, though Dagger 11 wasn't a full squad if memory serves. Buts lets say 11 full squads, that is 132 players. Since AoD is larger, lets say they had 15 full squads (of course I have no way of knowing how many squads they had). That's a grand total of 312 players. Less than half the 666 of the total TR players. Assuming a 33/33/33 faction pop. Now the faction pops went up and down all night. I saw all three factions with over 33% at various points during the battle.

    So 312 players from TE and AoD. Plus a couple other outfits, and assorted pubbies. Our 666

    Against AT, TEST, NNG, GOTR, TAS, LWTX, BBRO, SG, CML, BL, WMD, V, NC10, RGQT, GOKU, AFUL, V404. Against your 1332.

    Yes you can say VS some VS were fighting the NC, or some NC were fighting the VS. So a few of your troops were fighting everyone. All of our troops were fighting everyone.

    Truly a battle for the ages, well fought sir.
  16. VladimirMakarov1

    Maybe hes trying to say: AOD and TE have the most "Active" members, having a large numbers of members do not mean everyone are playing currently, like us.
  17. Sturmwaffles

    Terran poster I almost guarantee it LOL.
  18. DjUnicorn

    I guess it is better to camp in your little tank inside the warpgate shooting random rounds to walls, like you did ;)

    Grow up bro, don't like to be TR then get lost to another faction.
  19. Linedan

    The enemy of my enemy is...wearing purple spandex and still probably going to get shot.

    There's a BIG difference between "well, forget the VS, let's focus on the TR instead" and "get on TS3 with the VS guys and see if they'll go here while we go there." Focusing on the current owner of the continent is just (usually) good strategy. A formal alliance? Nah. Doesn't feel right.
  20. Morticai

    *Thumbs up* I was with the defense at Scarred Mesa on my alt account, and it was actually a fight.