To the Mattherson VS and NC leaders...

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  1. treeHamster

    Tonight we need organization and to make it "fair" for everyone, I think the NC should get a territory next to the TR WG. I propose Copper Ravine and Arroyo Torre (so you can spawn tanks and as a fallback). This would give the NC a gate territory so they can farm the WG with us (the VS). Then in exchange we get, Red Ridge and Tawrich. This would allow us to hold hold a spot next to the Skydock (incase we got pushed out of Red Ridge, we still have Tawrich to connect and retake it). This would mean the TR would have to fight the NC to the west and the VS to the east.

    We need a SERIOUS truce here if we are going to unseat the TR's hold on Indar. Spread the message and lets get some REAL work done. If needed, make a meeting at a neutral location like Allatum, to discuss strategy/terms. Once Indar goes neutral, the three way can resume, but until then we can't beat the TR alone because it's simply too organized (due to TE and AOD taking up over 80% of the TR population).

    Edit: Changed Ravine to Arroyo Torre so that you can get a lightning spawn. I'd say take the entire line up to Tawrich (so you could have Vanny's) IF the NC would allow aircraft through the airspace but I doubt that the NC would actually let that happen.
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  2. Custodes

    Good luck. More for TR to shoot.
  3. LowTechKiller

    Your lack of confidence and courage is why the VS remain the weakest faction.
  4. Bape

    TR can only cap at night they have a 58% pop last 3 days AT NIGHT. Think the faction hopper are finally going back to where they belong :).
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  5. Cinc

    And this is why TE and AOD had a civil war
  6. Rycon

    Here you go NC
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  7. Bape

    I think hes a VS you ****.
  8. treeHamster

    GOD you NC are SOOOO ******* childish. You're ALL sitting on ONE useless territory fighting the VS instead of fighting the TR. NOW the TE just logged on and are steamrolling EVERYTHING. Stop with the selfish cert farming and unseat the TR for god sakes.
  9. Mr. Troffleops

    Huh? NC has been overpop every single time I have logged on in the last week. Perhaps we don't play during the same hours, but it its regularly 38%+ NC. (Yes, even at night.)

    More importantly, are the VS so sad, and so pathetic that they need NC hand outs to get stuff done? Yes we ghost capped at 4am or whatever. So GO DO THE SAME. I mean really.

    @NC you really need the help of a bunch of dudes in SPANDEX to win a continent? I hope not. Enough of this whiney nonsense, come TAKE Indar back. I've fought enough NC to know you guys are capable of it.
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  10. treeHamster

    They LITERALLY wouldn't let the VS take Red Ridge and were playing AA to ANY VS aircraft that tried to attack the Skydock. This lasted for the past 2 hours and now the TE logged on and are steamrolling EVERYTHING including the ******* at Red Ridge that wouldn't just give it the HELL up.
  11. Tanelorn

    Calling a truce between factions is about as unethical as intra-faction TK'ing. If you can't pull your own weight and fight both your enemies then you deserve to fail. Ganging up on a single enemy isn't a form of strategy in a game like PS, it's desperation (and ultimately ruins the game experience for everyone in the target faction by effectively creating a 66% vs 33% continent wide population imbalance).

    I was on Matheson last night when NC and VS were ignoring eachother and only fighting the TR. It was impossible as TR to accomplish much of anything other than delay. With that kind of population imbalance, it simply results in a "throw your hands up and walk away" situation, which I'm sure SOE is not in favor of. For those less dedicated players, it also likely generates 4th faction turncoat actions, further imbalancing the populations. At that point it's not a fight, it's a farm all the way to the WG and the victors really haven't accomplished anything to be proud of.
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  12. Holomang

    This thread is comedy gold.
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  13. AceMF

    I'm gonna log on My NC character and farm truce-ers all night. in fact a couple of squads organized for this would be serious gutbusting hilarity.

    VS. Truce guy 1 : " here comes a sundie 12 of 12!"
    VS. Truce guy 2 : "oh don't worry about it it's just the NC we're cool now"

  14. treeHamster

    The TR is the best faction already. On top of that the Mattherson TR have the two largest outfits on the server. It takes up over 80% of the TR player base. No other outfits are even half that size on either the VS or NC.
  15. Sebyos

    Honestly wouldn't even matter if we were 3 factions against TR in Scared Mesa. That base is yet another proof that SoE can't design bases properly.
  16. Morticai


    Our victory, wooo-
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  17. Kazzah

    Some TR 'Black Ops' could very well happen tonight...
    I posted elsewhere about these alliances during primetime (cap locked at a third each) being a technical exploit of game mechanics so this is all we can do to respond.
    (I should add, the alliances have brought me my best memories of PS2 as a defender on two different servers so far, just so you dont think I'm complaining)
  18. CoffeeBreak

    First the first time I'm embarassed to have a VS main on Mattherson....

    The TR capped Indar in the middle of the night. Good for them. They didn't do it with skill or tactics. Let the baddie TR get on the forums trash talk all they want.

    I'll agree with the TR guys, this is pathetic. What's worst is that all this "alliance" was last night was VS trying to warpgate TR while the NC shot us in the back and tried to ghostcap everything behind us.
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  19. L3TUC3

    The alliance will never hold, but a TR lock on Indar will not stand either.

    I see common ground for VS and NC to at least uncap it.
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  20. treeHamster

    The TR are steam rolling Indar right now as all the stupid VS and NC ran off to play the ghost capping merry-go-round alert on Esamir. That stupid alert will be over in the next hour and a half and then the VS and NC will go back to Indar and be WG'd the REST of the night.