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  1. DaNDeStRoYeR

    Well I have made this post for one simple reason, The Alerts.

    When I first heard about these Alerts I thought fantastic something to actually play for now I thought it could only be a good thing.

    But I was wrong.

    Have you noticed 90% off the Alerts happen on Amerish the one continent that makes no sense, looks like it was designed on paint, the one continent that is EMPTY constantly because let's be honest... ITS TERRIBLE.

    I've noticed that every Alert on Amerish makes at least 1000 players Exit the game, Just check the Steam Usage Stats each time there is an Amerish alert, then check it a few hours later when it's Esamir or Indar.

    I know your trying to get more people playing Amerish but I think it speaks volumes that nobody want's to play it so why risk killing the game over a ****** continent that's empty 90% off the time.

    Try re-designing it so that it's viable for both Vehicles and Planes as appose to just being for Aircraft.

    I'm sure I am not the only person thinking this.
  2. Anasasi

    Amerish is great. You just have to play it right, yes, the mountains may be a tad over done.

    But guess what, they have roads for a reason!
  3. DaNDeStRoYeR

    And I would rather not spend 15 minutes driving my sunderer for miles just then to be blown up by planes that follow the road as they know there is no other means for Vehicles to get about.....
  4. Anasasi

    AA, Mate. Skyguards on a Sunderer are perfect to catch the bastards that hunt you. If not, try to just avoid the continent and not complain?
  5. DaNDeStRoYeR

    Pretty hard to avoid it as every Alert is on Amerish nearly and Indar and Esamir become barron lands with nobody about, you can take the bio labs on your own.....

    Maybe they should take note that it's empty 24/7 for a reason.
  6. XRIST0

    I like Amerish better than Esamir .. Personally
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  7. Anasasi

    They made the map, too be... Uh, Different. And it definitely is. It just takes getting used too. Although, it depends where you guys play. Server-wise. In BRIGGS it gets intense.
  8. DaNDeStRoYeR

    It's completely biased towards Aircraft... It's not even in any way shape off form!!
  9. Anasasi

    Here's how i see it from what everyone else says, Amerish is way to easy to get killed by air. Esamir it's way to easy to get killed in the air.
  10. DaNDeStRoYeR

    I'm on Cobalt the most populated European server and it's dead all the time unless there's an Alert.
  11. XRIST0

    Yeah pretty much , Esamir i think looks pretty epic at night with the Aurora .. But during the day it just looks plain and the same the whole way through out the map . Amerish atleast has abit of character to it , Indar is still the best over all :)
  12. Anasasi

    Amerish and Indar both have heaps of personality. Certain area's that you can defend easily/attack easily and yeah. You get the right setups rolling, you can make a devastating push.
  13. DaNDeStRoYeR

    I think that pretty much speaks for itself, There were like 5k people playing before the Amerish alert started on Cobalt. There are now only 3k.

    Look were Warframe is ranked compared to Planetside 2...

    Just sayin!
  14. DaNDeStRoYeR

  15. PsyStorm

    [quote="DaNDeStRoYeR, post: 1561950, member: 118934"
    I've noticed that every Alert on Amerish makes at least 1000 players Exit the game, Just check the Steam Usage Stats each time there is an Amerish alert, then check it a few hours later when it's Esamir or Indar.[/quote]

    Is it possible that they might be switching to another faction that has the most advantage on the continent?
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  16. Barosar

    It is a little bit of cause-and-effect. An alert happens and causes a lot of the server to flock to that continent. That continent quickly becomes full. Those on other continents are unable to warp to the action and are stuck with few people to play with. So they leave.
  17. Highway_Star

    You don't seem to understand it very well.
    Alerts are server specific. An alert on your server is unique to your server. So if you constantly see them on Amerish then it's a problem with your server. On woodman we get a decent spread across all three continents. There's an Indar alert happening right now as I write this.

    Steam statistics cover the game as a whole worldwide. I highly douby that an alert on your server would force people to leave all servers. So your speculation that steam player drops are linked to this is completely false.
  18. DaNDeStRoYeR

    Yes and I am making a point that the Alerts are having an adverse affect on the game due to the reasons stated above. And on Cobalt my server I have explained that Amerish is always dead. Planetside 2 is constantly falling on the Steam statistics page keep an eye on it yourself, there is obviously a reason.
  19. Highway_Star

    Then cobalt will get merged. The devs are watching servers cloesely for this very reason.
  20. DaNDeStRoYeR

    Cobalt has already been merged with Lithcorp.
  21. H4TZniceGuy