[Suggestion] To: The Developers (The NC has gotten the worst of New stuff recently)

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  1. Destroyer0370

    Charger gun: is the worst of all the new carbines. A person has to reload, just to get the benefits. All the others, Vanu and TR, have their abilities on always.
    Suggest to change it to let the first 1 or 2 bullets that come out when trigger is pressed have a larger damage, than reloading every time just to make it so.

    Secondly, this recent update, to what I can tell, is more favourable to Vanu than NC or TR, having to do with the tanks. Vanu now got built in special ability freeing up a slot.

    Also, the NC Nimitz reactor sucks! it really does! Nanite auto repair way better+solid tank health is way better than it because the shield has a pause mechanism that when damage is taken it stops recharging AND it has no resistance to incoming damage than the Hull of the tank.

    So to sacrifice 1000 Health+Resistance of the Hull of the tank is horrible!
    Now if the shield was recharging a bit while taking damage, maybe that would be feasible, just to be equal to to Tank Hull Resistance+Nanite auto repair(or any other setup i.e. with extra armour).

    TR tanks got it bad as well. Why link the shield with their health? It is a shield.

    Maybe it gets depleted after certain damage, then recharges and up again, would be a better direction to go with it.
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  2. RRRIV

    pft, ahahaha.

    NC dooku weapons are great. the only sour one is the Charger, as you said, but for different reasons. at elast your DMR didnt need 200 certs to be an actual DMR.

    the TR "ability" only applies at the beggining of a burst and the VS one is gimmiky.

    TL:DR just because you got 1 sour gun and a mediocre/bad tank ability doesnt mean NC is being screwed in the "new stuff lately"
  3. LordKrelas

    Have you seen the other guns?
    Piercing isn't all that practical, with the sheer costs of it: and VS gained this on AI weaponry for their vehicles really quickly.

    Flash weapons: NC got a short-range mortar with an arming-distance, massive drop, and the lowest damage.

    MAXes; Right before a MAX event, with free-Maxes, every NC AI weapon got their DPS shattered below TR & VS.
    At the same time, Slugs were removed; Leaving them with literally nothing to work with.
    VS also gained their unstable ammunition on one of the MAX AI weapons - prior to this.

    On the PTS, NC literally got nothing for what, months, then the Nibtz-Reactor.
    TR was slotted till the PTS ended, to gain improvements on Lockdown with a regenerative shield.
    VS was slotted & received what was shown.

    Weapon-wise: TR has a laser-guided longer-range AV Vulcan.
    VS has a brutal Charge-based weapon with full release control, and buffs for charge-time - With piercing.
    NC has a gun with a fire-delay and no release-control, to deal less damage than an NS Halberd.
    NC's gun also gains essentially nothing from reload-speed upgrades, as nearly the entire fire cycle is the firing-delay, for the single-shot magazine.

    VS won in Battle-Rifles, with a regenerative-ammuntion rifle with no bullet-drop & a 3-shot kill at all ranges.
    Even a hip-fire upgrade.

    First Release, of the SMGs, VS had the Canis.
    Which upon losing their enlarged-head-hitbox & full head-shot damage bonus, became incredibly ineffective.
    That was released - after having a PTS, showing it was Not balanced, and then after release for a week or more, had to be nerfed to the present state of ineffectiveness.

    NC, has had their MAX hammered, their Tank forgotten till the last moment in the PTS, their Flash the least effective...
    And for New ES weapons, what gun class did NC top the chart in? VS won most of them.
    TR won at least one, and that's with the most Confused SMG in the game in their odd-as-hell release-list.
    (that SMG was not the winner, but was released with the Canis)

    NC even had a bug for months, where they couldn't use Sticky-grenades.
    What in the new releases, has NC not be screwed in?
    MAX event launched, as NC got their MAX broken in ability to fight.
    PTS, forgot NC existed for the majority of the PTS trials, past the most sub-par weapon.. of the same type as VS, and bested by existing NS weapons - unlike VS or TR weapons which sailed past all existing weapons.

  4. OgreMarkX

    The Daybreak Games team would like to express their shock at discovering the existence of factions other than VS.

    One developer on the team, who was taking a break from exploiting a spawn room bug that allowed he and his VS outfit to mow down newbie TR players and cackle in glee about it, said: "Oh so the guys we were just killing were actual players from something you call, 'Another faction'?"

    The lead designer on Planetside 2 said: "Veee eeeS", in a Matt Daaaaaamon voice, then wrapped a sweatshirt around his neck and complained about salty vets.

    The producer for Planetside 2 woke up for a second, but then went back to napping.

    A former community manager for Planetside 2, wanting to chime in, but having left the company weeks ago, nevertheless accessed her old employee account and logged into the message board anyways, because data security, and stuff.

  5. Blam320

    Meanwhile, NC still have the best SMG in the game with a 200 damage model, several of the best LMGs in the game, as well as the best MBT in the game and the second-best ES Rocket Launcher in the game. TR still have the best performing MBT top gun, one of if not the best G2A nosegun, and the best G2A launcher/ ES launcher in the game. The NC MAX may now be mediocre comparatively, but I eagerly await the total MAX rework.
  6. LordKrelas

    You lost me at Best MBT and ES Launcher..
    LMGs, sure, SMGs, sure.

    MBT? Are you kidding, at best it trades positions solely due to the shield.
    And who does it trade with? Prowler, Magrider.
    Baseline MBT stats; Prowler wins.
    We could find a situation (dueling), where the Vanguard wins reliably, but it's not gonna be practical to the other two; But mostly the Prowler.
    Like, what are we basing this on?
    Durability - Okay , Vanguard has more health, Everyone else has higher DPS.
    Shield: Yeah that makes it have the capacity to live for once, and is brutal in duels; As it can decide the battle.
    Firepower? No.
    Speed? Decent, but it's massive.
    Recovery time? It takes the longest to repair... and that Shield does not block damage, so it always needs to repair.
    Top Guns? NC is not winning in that degree, let alone in the AV department.

    ES Rocket Launcher
    ... Have you tried the Phoenix.
    The only position it is viable in, is a mass swarm, inside a spawn-room, with the shortest range, ability to be shot down, massive sound, and sub-part damage followed by a lengthy reload;
    This doesn't account for the user being sniper-bait for the entire slow flight.
    A repair-grenade, or just a single Engineer, can out-repair a Phoenix.
    This is compared to, the AV Lancer from VS, and the Striker from TR; The Striker preforms damn well at its job.
    To the point, that TR have the best prepared set-up for Anti-air.

    VS's Zealot charge, looks piss-poor in the present state, and still does.
    The Max is still viable however, in actual combat.

    NC's entire selection of AI weapons being rendered sub-par in every stat, and losing in every way for the majority of the arsenal.. Is far below mediocre.
    As that implies, it isn't below nearly every single gun wielded by any opposing Max, inside the single firing-range of the NC MAX.
    Let alone, the sheer range disadvantage, where it is effectively unarmed, for the majority of battle.

    Infantry combat, sure they're decent past the max.
    ES Launchers? When have you ever been scared of a 230 meter missile you can tank to the face if you didn't shoot it down with a pistol - Likely when being a sniper next to the enemy spawn-room, or your sunderer is that close, with barely any cover.

    MBT? Have you fought a Prowler? How about a Magrider?
    Prowler is scarier than both Vanguard & Magrider, unless you're infantry & that Prowler ain't packing HESH or HEAT.

    NC has some decent Skill-required Infantry arms.
    But are not winning in the vehicle game - nor new weapon releases.

    Flash, is a perfect example; Starfall. 2 Clips, and an MBT is dead from the front - 1 clip, to half-health an MBT.
    NC's? A short-range arming-distance-limited mortar with low damage..
    TR? A flamethrower that constantly killed the user, and likely still does.

    Battle Rifles? Do you recall what VS got?
    An infinite-ammo Battlerifle with no bullet-drop, 3-shot to kill at every range, with numerous add-ons, including hipfire improvements.
    VS won the battle-rifle release.

    LMGs? VS got the Anchor, with more in the clip - but a longer-reload.
    NC got an barely-used VS LMG, that is accurate, with less velocity if I recall.
    TR? An actually new gun.

    MBTs on the PTS: NC has the most crippled new gun: Firing-delay, less damage than a Halberd, and no benefits.
    VS has a brutal Anti-armor piercing cannon, that boosts damage per charge held.
    TR has a laser-guided longer-ranged Vulcan.
    For improvements: Till near the end, NC was forgotten. And at the end, TR got scammed, and NC still got the useless junk.
    VS was the only one that Benefited at all, FROM THAT PTS set of MBT improvements.

    NC got their weapons nailed.
    VS gained unstable-ammunition on one of their AI weapons, making it easier to hit with..
    TR was basically untouched.

    SMGs? Canis first-release, it is now sadly, a subpar gun, but released even after PTS with a full-headshot multipler, when it doubled the head of every target.. making a miss, score a head-shot.
    Only after that, did the very-piss-poor hip-fire NC SMG at 200 per round, become 'better' - and we have the Cyclone still.

    Carbines? NC's only gets a benefit for 5 bullets, maybe 7 now.
    200 Damage, for not even a 1\4th of the magazine, with the longest reload time on the short let alone the Long.
    TR fires the same damage, for the entire clip - with a shorter reload, so 70 rounds vs 7 on that damage scale.
    VS gained an odd as hell gun.

    I don't look forward to new guns at this point.
    VS has won most of the new equipment.
    VS has gotten weapons that even on PTS was stated to be Over-powered, and then released like that for weeks.
    NC on the PTS got nailed, and then live hits with the full effects - with barely any concern.

    VS is currently benefiting from every new NC trait that has arrived:
    Piercing Effect? VS has 2-3 sources, and this was NC's new gimick, whom has less of it. NC also paid hard for having it.
    AV round mechanic? Released on the NC Godsaw, not even 3 months later I think, VS has it on the Spiker pistol with no downside.

    VS mechanics that only VS have:
    Regenerative Ammunition
    Lack of Bullet-drop
    Shortened Reload-times (The new ones have several that do this)
    The Carbine's Effect, that I forgot the name of.
    Charge-Effect Weapons
    Near-hit-scan Weapons (Lancer, Vortex)
    Non-Nanite AOE (Till that NS grenade launcher, VS had pretty much the only one)

    Mechanics taken from TR or NC onto VS:
    Spin-up (TR)
    Damage Tiers (NC -- 175)
    Piercing (NC)
    Anti-Vehicle-Mode (NC)

    New advantages, and tools have been given to VS several times now.

    Mechanics that never affect VS options:
    - Firing Delay (NC has the literal most of this mechanic.)
    - Arming-Distance

    So mean-while, NC has a decent SMG & LMG or two.
    But are kinda shafted a wee bit.
    TR isn't doing the grandest, but are better off.
    VS however; For winning the most continents, getting the most new features, and haven't lost anything major Since ZOE.

    At worst, they can complain about ZOE & the Canis not being reworked after the OP bull was removed.
    As it left both ZOE & Canis is very useless states: But that's pretty much the only major impacts that have hit VS.
    Lancer is still viable a slight bit, but could use upgrades; it works better than the Phoenix or NC Maxes right now.

    While Ogre is bit TR centric, he's not really wrong on VS.
    As.. look at literally the latest Releases have been: VS Favored.
    Battle Rifles? VS Won hands-down.
    Flashes? VS won hands-down.
    PTS: VS got upgrades. TR got scammed. NC got trash.
    PTS Weapons: VS is going to get the best one. NC absolute crap. TR? A better Vulcan.
    Carbines? NC lost hard, TR might've won - but it wasn't damn NC.
    LMGs? Draw at worst.
    SMGS? Till Canis was slammed down, VS won hands down.
    Sniper rifles? Oh joy...
    MAX edits of Late? VS got buffed, and a slight adjustment: NC got their entire AI selection thrown into a pit of darkness.

    What was VS lost of late?
    What new content wasn't in VS favor?
    Like it sounds like a myth, but.. You can count how many new releases have had VS get the best slot, and the math works.
    PTS literally ended in VS getting their perks, TR getting garbage, and NC getting garbage
    -- for the majority of the PTS, NC was not even listed As getting Anything. While both TR & VS listed buffs. Major ones.

    With this trend..
    I don't want to see their version of a MAX re-work.
    As dear lord, they might make the VS Max float over tank-mines, pairing a new AV shoulder-mount.
    While TR gets Lockdown made into a viable ability, and NC changes their shield to stop movement to gain damage resistance while active - Which means, it can't close the gap, and ensure the death of nearly every MAX not already in position.
    But that is the trend of late: TR 50% chance of something. NC 75% of screwed, and VS gets 85% of the best-options.
    Wasn't always this way; But jesus , when was the last time VS lost in a release, that didn't have a VS victory right before or after?

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  7. Badman76

    The problem with high damage slow firing weapons is they get effected by nano armor more, plus i would argue Vs has the best lmg's ie the orion and betelgeuse
  8. pnkdth

    You can make arguments either way, which is a good thing since in terms of standard infantry (excluding MAX units) I think all factions have a great selection.

    An under-appreciated gem for the NC is the EM6 + ext. mags which becomes even more powerful when used in a squad since you can do a big sustained push without a reload. I might be wrong but I think it has the largest mag size and DPM in the game coupled with the solid 167/600 damage model. I bring this up because of the BG and while it does not have the infinite ammo, having 200 bullets per mag it can fire for a long time and never worry about overheating (and I think every player should be able to handle finding the time to reload with such a large mag). If you also happen to have the Heavy Weapon Secondary ASP the Jackhammer makes for a damn sweet option to whip out in CQC engagements. A proper HEAVY loadout!

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