[Suggestion] To: The Developers (People want to go on the Moving Ship; Make it Happen)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Destroyer0370, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Destroyer0370

    Since you announced the feature of bastion fleet carrier being constructed and deployed, many individuals seeing the news, among their first questions/desire is to go in them, the ships.
    Not just this guy, others as well(wish you will have boarding in the game)...

    So find a way to create it. I am no programmer, therefore do not know the difficult involved. It is also another way to achieve the objective, making a more interesting, deeper experience, for players.
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  2. JobiWan

    They've said the game engine won't allow it. Just getting the Bastions to fly is an achievement in itself. They can't just 'make it happen'.
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  3. TRspy007

    Right now let just hope for patch with little bugs. I'm not sure what game you've been playing, but in Planetside 2 the problem isn't how to make the update insanely better, it's getting the devs to take their time to release something somewhat polished, that doesn't render the game unplayable for 3 weeks.

    Sure, I would love to board the bastion, destroy some generators to make it lose power, altitude, mobility, spawn capabilities and have some epic fights in there. We all would. That simply isn't viable at the moment.

    If you notice, you can even stand on a gal or esf or any vehicle without you dying when it moves. The game's engine doesn't support this kind of physics. To make the bastion able to house people on it (not even inside), the whole game would have to be torn down and rebuilt on another engine. Not viable.

    Perhaps in the future, the devs will consider getting better servers and working on transferring ps2 to a better engine, but this now simply isn't possible. The game would need to generate a lot of income (and players) for a certain amount of time before such massive plans become feasible.

    This isn't disneyland, the devs can't "make" something happen. It takes effort, time and money. Even if the devs had the funds and the will/skillpower to achieve this feat, we'd still have to wait a long time before a potential update is even brought to pts. Here, they were planning to release the bastion patch the 19th and they had to delay it by a week. Imagine if they were rebuilding the game's engine. All that so some people can have a cool fight if/when an outfit pulls a bastion? Not the right route at the moment.

    For now, let's just hope for a smooth patch, and hope some cool content (OSHUR) will be released not too long after. We have to hope that the patches will help stop Planetside 2's community from bleeding out, and maybe, maybe if the game starts making money, the devs will have to consider upgrading the game mechanics.
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  4. That_One_Kane_Guy

    This is the reason this should have remained unsaid.
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  5. PlanetBound

    Eh. Battlefield 2 had an aircraft that could hold people in the cargo bay. They weren't in seats except to use a gun and it had a door which closed and opened. Buildings support walls and floors where people are free to move about. Besides coding, the only difference between an aircraft and a building is one is selected to fly and the other isn't. Make the game moddable and someone would figure it out.
  6. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I think you're mixing up your titles here. BF1942 had ships landing craft which operated in a manner similar to that which you are describing, but they suffered from the same kind of physics issues we have in this game, you just didn't notice as much because you were typically only on these vehicles for a short period of time and for the most part they moved slowly enough that it wasn't a huge issue.
    The closest you see to the Bastions in a Battlefield title were the Titans in BF1942, and you saw the same kinds of issues there to the point where most of the time the server admins just disabled their movement. Independent physics is not easy and typically you have an entire game built around the principle of applying it, a la Space Engineers.
    That isn't how modding works. You can't add Feature X to a game by modding if the engine the game is built on doesn't support it. That would be like doing an engine swap on my car and expecting it to fly like a helicopter.
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  7. PlanetBound

    LOL. I'm not mixing up titles. I never played BF1942 but Battlefield 2 Mercenaries had the C-130 in which you could walk around. And Light Assaults are not aircraft yet the LA can fly.
  8. DirArtillerySupport

    From what I recall the AC-130 gunship was originally introduced in the BF1942 mod Desert Combat. Position 6 had a door controller that allowed you to open and close the cargo ramp at the back and "float" inside the plane in the cargo hold when you were not inside one of the 4 guns sticking out the side of the plane. If the door wasn't closed you could actually "float" out the back and fall to the ground.
  9. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I wasn't aware you were talking about a mod, my apologies.
    Regardless, if it operated in the same way as the DC one that DirArty is talking about then it still suffered from the same issues the LCs and ships did in 1942 and the Titans in 2142. The underlying engine limitations are still there. Standards for what counts as "acceptable" in a mod are very different from a Mainstream title.
    If it is significantly different from what I am saying if you could link a vid of it I would be interested to see.
  10. then00b

    Would be nice if they can figure out vehicle and player collision detection, I mean it's part of the old trailer
    Then again that would make dropships a bit more ridiculous if platoons could just stand on a single galaxy or something to sneak into a base.
  11. PlanetBound

    Long time ago. It may have been something one of our guys made. Too bad we can't mod this game.
  12. PlanetBound

    This isn't our mod but check it out.
  13. DirArtillerySupport

    My favorite was Warehouse with so many bots that the computer didn't know what to do with them. ;)

    The closest a company will come to something like a mod like that is a cosmetics and perfume counter.
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  14. InexoraVC

    Can I just put a dual ranger Sunderer or Skyguard on a bastion and just move forward the same speed as a Bastion ? Something like that:

    It will make Bastion immune to air attacks.
    Add more sunderers|skyguard according to your taste
  15. DarkStarAnubis

    You have two problems:

    1. The game engine does not handle well collision detection, so even try to remain on top of a moving tank is difficult /dangerous
    -collision detection is extremely CPU consuming and you have to fallback to use hit boxes/flat surfaces to make computations manageable.
    Remember the game engine has no location damage concept as well for objects, only for humans.

    2. The game engine does not handle friction at all. That's why when a Lib moves and you are on top of it, you slide.
    -Friction is complex to simulate realistically and, for game purposes, it has no use except the scenario of something stacked on top of something else. And it would require a good object modeling in terms of contact surfaces - see above) in the first place

    About our game promo - just remember the first rule about promos: if those cool things are NOT "actual in-game footage" then you are just seeing highly polished BS :D
  16. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Ah, I was hoping for something that showed what moving around inside looked like. Thanks though, that's still really cool stuff. The modding community for the old BF games was definitely A-Tier.