[Suggestion] To: The Developers (Expand The Continent Maps To Accommodate Construction More?)

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  1. Destroyer0370

    from a corner or more I suppose. so that we get the full use of construction that is unimpeded by No construction zones.

    Secondly, Construction is done also by SINGLE people to make their own base and setup how they want(to support fellow players, their faction), but you guys are pushing "TEAM" only building mechanics in it(i.e. open silo,and such). Please cater to single players as well, They are serious builders!

    I gave ideas, in other posts, how to build up empty region, using construction developers, therefore will not repeat them here..
  2. Twin Suns

    The game's main focus is being an FPS. My guess is they don't want to stray too far from the beaten path.

    It's a cool meta that has to be in perfect symmetry with the combat meta.

    Kinda like meat & potatoes. A perfect steak is awesome, but it's even better with a perfectly cooked baked potato.

    Bon appetite.

  3. AtckAtck

    I get the impression that the devs have some kind of specific idea in mind how they want contruction to work and to be played.
    But sadly it just isn't the way they want it to be:

    Most bases are solo bases. Why? Because to many builders even with coordination cause the base to clutter up to much and make it easier for any attackers.

    Also the cortium drain is also so high, that if i build everything, i cannot bring in enough cortium to sustain the base.
    So if 3 players build everyting they can, you end up with a cortium drain of about 150/second.
    This means that even if you could start at some point with a full 50k silo (which you cannot), then the silo would be drained in 333 seconds, thats 5.5 minutes. Meaning you need 2 of 3 builders constantly running for cortium all the time to sustain a base.
    This is idiotic. And seriously not fun.

    So most of the time builders need to exercise restraint and build only what is ABSOLUTELY neccessary, or end up playing a truck simulator getting cortium all the time.

    And that is why the open silo policy is utterly stupid.
    Most builders have a good idea what they want to build and don't need others jumping around building stuff while they do it.

    So a lot of builders choose to stay below 20k cortium with the silo whenever possible. We just don't want random players reducing our time till we need to get cortium, while on top of it are cluttering up our base with possibly not only useless but devastating stuff. (Like bunkers...)

    More turrets are just as useless as less turrets, they are completely useless and overnerfed. You won't get many kills with them anymore. The golden days of constuction are long passed by now.
    Todays turrets are cardboardbox turrets that die to any mbt in seconds, often before shooting any shot at all.

    You don't want sturdy turrets with ai, OK it get it, fine. But at least make a system that hits tanks that attack the base. I am thinking loud here, what IF instead of being the typical phalanx we now know when occupied by a player ( and would always be like this if occupied by a player), the barrel of the tower would point UP when in ai controlled mode, fireing lock ons into the air at attacking tanks, meaning they would "lob" high in the air and straight down. Same damage as now, but instead of easy hiding or our-ranging the turret, if you attack it you will have to face a rocket that unless you find top-cover will hit you. This would help automated defences a lot and make multiple phalanx towers a serious danger to any tank again instead of being a 350xp pinata.

    Reducing the spawn tube resists so much, that it can withstand 10 or more tanks shells but dies to 1 magazine of any infantry weapon is ridicoulous. ANY player that know how to attack a base will kill the spawntube before you can even redeploy to it. Effectively making you loose your complete base in under 15 seconds....

    The locking of vehicle / air pads and the removal of nanite cots are the only things worth noting that are really just great changes.

    Thanks to the construction directive i have been playing some construction again lately and while i still think that the vulnerable walls are not fun, they are not that of a big problem that i thought them out to be.

    The main problems are the cortium drain and the turrets, spawn tube being weak.

    On a side note, the flail CAN be very fun, but most of the time players move out of the impact zone before getting hit.
    Alarming them with big green smoke is pretty counterproductive, considering there is a very very loud salvo fireing heard before the impact about 10 seconds later. There is plenty of time to move around even without them being alarmed where EXACTLY it is going to hit. Give is some room for surprise kills please, it is hard enough already with the delay and restricted fireing zones.

    OH and btw, does someone know why the flail behaves differently on indar (cobalt) than on the other continents?
    I mean on the others it fires the usual quick salvo, but on indar it shoots 4 rounds with a delay of about 1 second each. This is very weird. There is surely something wrong there or not?
  4. JDS999

    yeah construction is fine, would be nice if they changed flail around. Personally i would like to see an explosives charge added. something that blew up a wall or side of a room to add more flanking options like the size of a harasser. when they base is capped it is repaired and make and counter construction option to repair explosions. ideas from red faction, one of my favorites.
  5. AtckAtck

    I guess this would be far beyond the capabilities of the engine, it just isn't made to do this from the start.
    Dynamic geometry sure has it's charms, but even if it where possible, i know how it would end: On certain bases there would always be certain elements that "had to" be blown up. Anything that gives an adavantage becomes a mandatory thing and if it doesn't give an advatage, then there is no reason to waste ammo on it.

    So you either want to bring in a new type of mandatory player actions into the game, or waste dev time with a useless (but possible very beautiful) effect that nobody will every was their time on. This is not a singleplayer game and having removable objects inside a base where possibly 200+ players clump together is a possible balance nightmare. It took Daybreak YEARS to overhaul some of the old bases and the only thing they did was fixing one problem in favor of creating at least one new other.