[Suggestion] To: The Develoopers (Rocket Launchers' Attachments)

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  1. Destroyer0370

    Each of the lock on rocket launchers, can be modified with attachments, but by doing it will create drawbacks.

    Attachments include...
    - A more Maneuverable Missile, that can engage targets that break line of sight, but only to a certain angle, an angle that is less than 90 degrees (Drawbacks include longer weapon equip/swap time+slight slower movement speed for the infantry as it is heavier+Longer lock on time+it also does less damage than the standard rocket) i.e. if a fighter plane is using a mountain for cover and bobbing up and down firing, then it has a chance to make a hit on it. or another example a tank breaking line of sight around a corner, but did not hug the corner enought(90 degrees or more) relative to the missile, then it would hit it.

    - Shorter lock on time Missile attachment (lower damage yield, shorter range of missile, and the other mentioned drawbacks)

    -Heavy Lock On Missile that Has a higher damage yield+Longer range ( Drawbacks Longer lock on time, Slower missile speed, the slowest infantry movement speed out of all the attachments movement drawbacks, etc.) This is most ideal to take out Galaxies, Liberators, and slower aircraft like the valkyrie or if it is the ground version, heavy Tanks and sunders.

    - Air burst Missile, that explodes in a cone when it reaches a target vehicle. This is useful when infantry is around, repairing or at staging area, so on. (Lower damage output of the missile, so not even when an infantry is at the epicenter of the explositon will it be the end to them)

    - Electronic warfare Missile, that distorts the the mini map of a target vehicle for some time(Not the HUD though), does slightly less damage than its standard counterpart.

    Maybe those in the forum can give ideas about the rocket launchers, so I made this thread.
  2. DemonicTreerat

    The same optics as other weapons enjoy - X1, X2, X4, and X6 scopes, IR/NV scope and/or thermal/ threat scope.
    Option at add +1/ 50% to magazine capacity at the price of three times increased reload speed.

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