To Run smooth, or not to run smooth

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by RainbowDash9, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. RainbowDash9

    Devs, i dont mean to sound like a dick, and i usually defend you guys, but do you have any plans to maybe perhaps fix the dang stutter that has been bothering people for like... 4 months now? its very angering that i just spent 220 dollars on a new gpu and it cant run the one game i play the most smoothly. literally EVERY time i go to shoot someone, it stutters and throws everything off. everytime without fail after i spawn, it stutters. doesnt matter what settings, or how long ive been playing, it stutters. even if its a speculative fix, anything would be appreciated because damn its annoying lol. also there was a weird issue with "share" (the updated shadowplay) but that seems to have been a one time thing.
  2. Bleak

    Hi I may have also had this problem, this is my workaround.
    Change in Planetside 2 Graphics setting under Display Mode titled Full Screen to Fullscreen Windowed and disable in-game Vertical Sync and Smoothing options. Next navigate to the Nvidia control panel, under Manage 3D settings use the tab titled Program Settings and proceed to adding Planetside 2. Navigate to the bottom where it says Vertical sync and turn it to on. Let me know if this workaround worked for you and if you have any confusion or questions just ask.
  3. RainbowDash9

    it doesnt change no matter what. smoothing on or off, windowed or fullscreen, vsync on or off, hell even if its on 800x600 resolution or 2880x1800. it always stutters no matter what. thanks for trying at least though lol
  4. user101

    Dude turn off shader cache in the main menu of the driver for PS2 and upgrade that RAM to 10 GB and it will run fine. There is not one problem with hitching in PS2 it on your end. I run great in PS2... turn off all that AA in the driver also and sync garbage in the driver also. Unload Nvidia 3D and gaming stuff, just use the PhysX and Audio and the graphics driver or suffer the shame of being killed in PS2.
  5. RainbowDash9

    OK few things. 1, shader cache doesn't do anything to directx9, and either way it's not on. 2, I never use vsync, and 3, why would I spend more money on ram when it doesn't even use 6gb of what I have? If I can run gta 5 on max settings just fine but not this, it's something on the games end. If it doesn't do it to you then good on you but that doesn't rule it out as being the games problem :p
  6. user101

    Your still in the cave in Ohio ... wise up... dude ..... don't talk if you have not tried it.

    Your reading from the NERD book .... you need to listen to the people that play with big PC and forget this DEV's spec... junk .... !!! Min spec mean nothing and only applies to LOW low low graphics setting... ! Not this DEV spec that changes every other day because it does not work for them. Your getting ripped up windows page fault stuff also. And shader cache... you did not read about in Nvidia like I told you to do last time.
  7. RainbowDash9

    I'm not going to try to understand what you mean by that, but as for trying it, I've done all of that crap (minus the extra ram that I don't even need) multiple times. With 2 separate cards. Soooo yea. I'd like it to be my machines problem because then I could fix it a lot faster, but right now I'm just stuck dealing with it. Which is why I'm letting the devs know it's a problem
  8. user101

    I am going to explain... the CAVE is in Lorain Ohio.. the big big CAVE that you walk through.. as a tourist . !

    Now on to the shader cache PS2 graphics it toooooooo big for the Nvidia shader cache they allow like 256K for that on the hard drive ... PS2 way out strips that and has to do constant writes to the hard drive... "thus hitching" caused by the hard drive to the video card because the F#ing HD is to slow for the video card. Got that.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8GB is to little because PS2 is 64 bits now and can run as high a 8GB in short time frames.... Don't care what you stupid software says.... Windows still has issues with memory use reporting.... it's a bug in windows.... !!! Causes undue page faults.

    Thus you need about 10 --12 GB's and windows uses about 2GB's for the system.... depending on what you have loaded.

    So bit the bullet and upgrade to 12 GB and run happy in PS2...
  9. RainbowDash9

    Quit being a creeper. And yes ps2 is too big for nvidia's shader cache, but that doesn't matter because it only works with directx 11. And even then I have 4gb of gram so graphics quality isn't the issue. And ps2 uses at most 5 gb of ram. That's the highest I've seen it ever no matter what settings, or what's happening. Plus 2 for the system (more like 1.2 but we'plan round up for you) that's still only 7. Not to mention that again, this is the only game with hitching issues. Gta v max settings? No stutter. Skyrim with 4k textures? No stutter. Even if it were somehow a ram issue, then why would it stutter at the exact same time after spawning EVERY TIME? Doesn't matter if its on indar at prime time or esamir early in the morning. It always stutters about 3 seconds after spawning.
    Also I have no clue what you were trying to prove with 64bits. Ive used 64 bits version since it came out, this issue didn't pop up till just awhile ago.

    I should also state that the test server does not have this issue so it's a live server build issue.
  10. Benton582

    Windows 10?
  11. Sir Cypher

    I can partially confirm this. This started some months ago and was made a bit better by some of the builds which affected squad deploy/request reinforcements/such (these items are not linked to the issue, but these are the items I remember the build by). I don't suffer stutter after spawning, but every time after using infantry terminal or a deployed sunderer terminal. After equipping or resupplying, the game just stutters at about "1fps" and then it resolves itself. Fortunately, I don't suffer other stutter/hitching problems. But then again, playing in potatomode at about 30fps in battles feels like constant stutter. :)

    Edit: I run at 8GB memory.
  12. RainbowDash9

    yes but this started some time before i decided to switch. infact this problem was partially the reason i wanted to try windows 10 lol
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  13. Turiel =RL=

    Maybe try the Battle Hardened Implant.
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  14. user101

    Rain you have a lot of readiing on shader cache...
    Now quit wining about DX9 10 & 11 and read all of the link.

    No wonder VS sends lunks back to TR for retraining.

    You can fix shader cache on nvidia cards but it takes a VHD of about 2 GB to do it. So you might just as well turn off shader and add the extra memory to ram... and the windows bug on memory reporting only happens under 10 GB's.

    This is why the big PC don't have memory issues... they all have 10GB or more. This is why PS2 run better on a 10GB PC...!
  15. Benton582

    Lol, hate to admit it, but I run a 8GB Memory laptop, and for Planetside to render well, it requires me to use RAZER GAME BOOSTER. Anyways, User101 is right, probably what I can see, the GPU and CPU takes alot more Memory to run, and cannot afford for shaders I guess? I highly would recommend you to use Razer Gamebooster though, it does reduce memory use pretty effectively, but in this case, reduce shaders quality.
  16. Spiritualised

    The game renders perfectly fine with 8GB on a desktop. It always has even during beta. As for game booster, well its not a magic pill that fixes everything. Much like the software you see advertised that promises, one click and your PC will magically run 10 x faster. I guess its a sign of the click and go generation. You would be better off taking the time to learn exactly what it is game booster is doing and doing it yourself. It really isn't doing anything all that clever. Im grateful were not in the age of making boot disks for games. If we were, this forum would become page after page of dead heads asking for copies of config.sys files and auto exec.bat files. If half the people on this forum bothered to learn how to configure and optimise their PC themselves rather than relying on software to do it, there probably wouldn't be half as many, "the game is broken" threads.
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  17. Benton582

    I love how you basically repeated my statement, but just added "magic" into it, and it doesn't exactly "optimize", it only reduces used RAM. These I already said. But true, there are wayyy too many support threads, DB really needs a forum format, like requiring to put system info on it. Makes the process wayyyy simpler. Though probably at the risk of the poster.
  18. RainbowDash9

    todays update seems to have fixed the stuttering. yaaaay :3
  19. Lord Blackadder

    Yeah, haven't noticed any obvious stutters since the patch. Could it be...?
  20. SynaptixBrainstorm

    Ah dude are you serious o_O finally another person with the exact same problem like me. I also always get a small hitch after i respawn, every single time!.. My suspection: i think its coupled with the deathsceen, cause this is the only thing that always pops up before the hitch happens. Also i remember that i havent had this problem long time ago... i think it came around that time when SOE changed the deathscreen stuff.

    EDIT: oh you said its not present on the testserver ?! Damn now i know its not on my end, thanks. Will confirm it myself though ( whenever im in the mood to redownload that :/ )