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  1. Millsy

    I shouldn't think this opinion will go down well on a forum full of people who have stayed in the game because they probably like the things I'm suggesting getting rid of, but:

    Aircraft should not be able to harm ground vehicles or infantry!
    There should be no lock on or wire guided missiles!

    Because they make the game so small, it might as well be a series of mini maps. Liberators should be renamed to shepherds because they make sure the flock stays in a tight bunch. If you wonder why there's a huge concentration of ground vehicles on one side of the enemy and none branch off and use the terrain to flank, it's because aircraft wont allow it.

    I was in the technical beta of this game and people said as much. People liked huge ground vehicle battles and huge infantry battles but Sony wanted a certain percent of ground air and infantry, and at the expense of popularity they've got it.
  2. TheFamilyGhost
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  3. Kaindestroi

    Aircraft should not be able to harm ground vehicles or infantry?
    but you still want to keep your skyguard and burster MAx that you payed money for right?
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  4. ColonelChingles

    Air vehicles should kill ground vehicles... good.

    Ground vehicles should kill air vehicles... also good.

    When you have both of them able to effectively counter the other in a 1:1 ratio, then you have balance.

    This is combined arms after all. You should not require that ground units only kill ground units and air units only kill air units.
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  5. NoobStylerIGERI

    Maybe wrong game for u than.. and i don`t know, u Play at start of beta since 3 years, and now u cry?
    And Airdefence is much Stronger than 2 years ago :/ btw is too strong..
    i have a tip, Play CSS this is only inf based :/
    or some other game, don`t waste ur time , it wold make me sad :D

    wrong thread to a wrong time with a wrong topic
  6. ComradeHavoc

    Don't eat paint chips children.
  7. Millsy

    I play many games, and I've not played Planetside from beta, I played at beta and then for while more then came back recently to check it out. As I said, the suggestion obviously wouldn't be popular with most on this forum because you are fanboys. But what I said was to make this game popular.

    It's funny to watch when a base falls then the vast area between bases, where epic ground vehicle battles should take place is quickly turned to destroyed wrecks by lock on missiles from 100s of meters. Or when there are 20 tanks all hiding behind a rock because if they stray too far from the main battle aircraft or lock on missiles will destroy them.

    I just think it's a shame because such a vast open game with potential is spoiled by the devs insisting it has to be a certain way which is obviously not the most popular way, hence making it a niche game.
  8. Millsy

    Regarding aircraft, flying well is hard but rewarding and it's usually the hardcore gamer / forum warriors that love it. But when you spend any time in the game you notice the vast majority of players are on the ground and aircraft are like scavengers picking off strays. Yes, this is the game that Higby made I understand that and in promotional videos it looks excellent, and when there's a full on battle with over 100 on each side it looks and sounds awesome. But in reality it's just nowhere near as good as it could / should be for average players wanting to have some fun.
  9. Ianneman

    OP actually makes an excellent point.

    Flanking as a tactic in both large-scale and small-scale battles is literally made IMPOSSIBLE solely due to aircraft. Personally I've gotten used to it and it's THE single most fun thing to do in the ENTIRE game, to get behind enemy lines, lock down a Prowler in the middle of enemy territory, and shell the ******* **** out of them. When I fail to do so, it's not because I get spotted by ground targets, but 99% of the time because aircraft take me out.

    It's absolutely impossible to have any input in a battle as an individual, either as infantry or as a tank, if you want to approach things tactically and flank, go a long way around, or find alone position; due to the extreme freedom that aircraft have in this game. PS2's biggest failure is the grind, and a big part of that is aircraft restricting the movement of ground targets, while having SO MUCH freedom themselves.
  10. toast2250

    Removing air will not make this game more popular. Its not really an issue when/if you have a good counter to the air.

    Things that would potentially make this game more popular will probably never be fixed,.. very unlikely.

    - Changing continents bugs/mixes the lighting, things are to damn bright (like the sand on indar)
    - Stuck tanks that could potentially free themselves, extremely frustrating to spend 3-5 minutes to try to free yourself in vain (who the hell designs a lightning in such a way that its tracks have so little front clearance?! Its not a sports car even tho, the tank drifts like on ice, ridiculously frustrating!)
    - Occasional fps drops, over hyped gas guzzling UI
    - The lattice and the huge maps offer a great opportunity to do things that other games cannot yet its not being exploited
    - Walls, hills, mazes and,... walls! Especially on Esamir, damn corridor's f* my life, small tiny building's filled with 48+ people, Its ridicules to have such a giant map and then while you play you get extreamely crammed in all the damn time.
  11. DashRendar

    No he doesn't. That aircraft wouldn't be stalking the outskirts of fights looking for stragglers if flak/locks weren't so common/strong, making aircraft next to useless in large battles.
  12. TerminalT6

    So if air vehicles can't do anything to infantry/ground vehicles, why have them at all?
    ...Don't tell me that was your point.

    As for popularity... the bugs and balance issues (major or minor) probably put some new players off, but sometimes [OPINION TRIGGER WARNING] I get the feeling that this game is geared toward a niche target audience, within the FPS umbrella. That being said, making fundamental changes to make the game more popular would turn off a lot of the current population, because, in their words, the game would become Battlefield or CoD or CS. Clearly, we're playing the game because it isn't those games.

    Bibliography: yell chat.

    Limiting the air role would bring Planetside much closer to your average arena shooter, and probably would make the game more enjoyable to your average newcomer-infantryman, who has nothing to defend himself from the menacing airman. However, the only players who stay green are the ones who quit, so if this hypothetical character keeps playing, troops through initial bad experiences, he'll learn how to deal with air and enjoy the game more as a whole.

    TL;DR I would find other ways to make the game more popular.
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  13. NC supporter

    Just advertise the game more and improve player mentality positively.
  14. Mythologicus

    This would work. Just not in PS2.

    Basically the OP wants to play War Thunder WITH LASERS.
  15. Dudeman325420

    That's a massive exaggeration. Most aircraft tend to only go after the main chokepoint just like everyone else on the ground, and the ones that scan the flanks usually won't find you unless you've been camping on the same cliffside for the last 10 minutes.

    And of course, there's Vehicle Stealth. Max rank is expensive, but so worth it. I can't count the number of times I've driven my Harasser right underneath Liberators (and even right past MBTs) completely without them noticing because they didn't see a radar blip.
  16. Kaindestroi

    if it is made impossible it is mainly due to aircraft thermal vision.
    whitout thermal a flanker is hard to spot and a ground attack pilots often has to follow tracer rounds instead to find their targets.
    as a pilot i think thermal is close to OP, and would not mind so much if it was removed.
  17. OldMaster80

    The only reason why this game is not popular is it gradually steered towards a the "meatgrinder" model: it's only certs farming and kdr farming, while content, depth, strategy, players logistics and positioning, metagame, resources and territory control mean zero.

    Ps2 just has to quit following trendy games like and bf.
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  18. Tbone

    Call of Duty???
  19. MouthFulofCrabs

    first airplanes no farming vehicles or infantry... wow... i cant even say anything YES for sure!!!! because gals arent annoying to kill as is! **** uninstall, 2 this game is pretty popular... id hear about this game before combat arms or warface, why rename lib....? okay i want galaxy s named to transport airplanes ty just no...
  20. NoobStylerIGERI

    thats true, iam a Fanboy, i love PS2, because is not a Game like other, is the only in this Style....
    and u wanna make it like BF, or some other Game....
    And i love PS2 with all his **** bugs, op weapongs and with the Devs wo don`t listen old Player :/

    But if u make it like BF, why i should it Play than? because in this style much more games.
    PS2 is for me, that best game ever, and i am lucky that i can Play a game like this, and not only a inf based game :/