To everyone who complains about c4 blowing up tanks

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  1. Teneth

    Ive played this game for 2.5 years and have about 130 days played and I'm mostly a vehicle guy so I have some experience with this.

    I've gone through everything you've gone through. When you first start pulling vehicles and get blown up by c4 it sucks. It really sucks. You get mad, you yell at your dog, and your social life suffers. You think its imbalanced and it kind of seems to be. But, the solution is simple:

    Equip prox radar.

    I know your other options are so fancy like nanites or side armor or mineguard but unfortunately you can't equip them. You just can't.

    Equip prox radar.

    You also have to learn to look at your minimap as you drive but you'll eventually get it.

    Equip prox radar.

    And then, your joy will turn to happiness. You have no idea how happy you will be, when you see that little red dot make his way toward you. He will zig, he will zag, and he will think he's sneaky. He will duck behind trees, jump over rocks, and have his little c4 out ready to go. He will get so close, almost within range, and then you will turn around and shoot him in the face. Your joy will be complete.

    I guess you could argue that why do you have to equip prox radar to drive a tank but I dunno, its just the way it is. Every time ive tried to drive without it, i've regretted it. You just have to use it to tank unfortunately..

    P.S. Also to those people that say 'oh you dont have situational awareness, its your fault blah blah blah' - that's crap. Even if you are paying attention to things, trying to stay a little way from dangerous bases, it will still happen. I don't know how, the c4 fairies are everywhere.. You'll be alone in the middle of a field and someone will somehow make their way to you and c4 you. Prox radar is the best solution i've found..

  2. Teneth

    Oh and also, there is one issue with c4 that I think should be nerfed and that is suicide flashes. You can put c4 on your stealth or cloaked flash, drive to a tank, and blow it up. The flash moves to fast to see on prox radar and I don't really know how you stop it. THAT, should be nerfed.

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  3. KirthGersen

    I'm too greedy to cert the Flash up for this :rolleyes: And NO. This should not be changed.
    Sometimes that crap hurts me too to be honest but I'd prefer to have such options and use it instead of nerf-nerf-nerf.

    Also Proxy Radar is only useful if you go against infantry and no enemy MBTs are expected beacuse any competitve stealth MBT crew will detect, outmaneur and take you from behind.
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  4. JohnGalt36

    There is no way prox radar is more beneficial than stealth.


    I should not have to give up being reasonably competitive against other tanks just to avoid the most absurd thing in the game. There are 1,000 other ways to deal with tanks without needing to instakill an MBT by floating off of a building and dropping bricks.

    I laugh every time I run into a tank without stealth equipped, especially on places like Amerish. You just detect them behind some hill, drive up behind them without them ever knowing you are there, and wreck them from behind.
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  5. Pelojian

    True but you can be a bit more devious with enemy tanks running stealth. once in a lightning i found an enemy lighting on the map a couple of meters from me, he didn't have max stealth and i did. the terrain made it such that he would only be able to approach me from two directions so i laid down some tank mines in front of me, got back in my tank fired off a round at nothing and lo and behold he come around and hits the tank mines. if he'd approached from the other side i would have just run over my mines to lure him in.

    The only use prox radar is for when you are still fairly green and are only fighting infantry and don't want to die anymore to C4. the last time i recall using prox radar1 was a while ago on indar. the terrain favored peek-a-boo shooters and c4 fairies. i lived a fair while until the other side got some vehicles together the make a push.
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  6. JohnGalt36

    Yeah, I only use prox when I'm playing HE + thermals and Canister + thermals. Infantry-killing machine, but you have be too close for comfort.
  7. cbplayer

    Just don't stand still
    Do you have any idea how hard is it to hit a moving target?
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  8. Ronin Oni

    Prox for AI, Stealth for AV


    I use Rival and side armor on my Mag. Why? Cause most enemies are obtuse as frak.

    That's prolly why they die to C4 so often and whine on the forums too.
  9. ColonelChingles

    The last time I used Proximity Radar was back when you could have both Stealth and Proximity Radar at the same time. It was the ultimate ninja Lightning build! :D

    Then for unknown and pretty illogical reasons, they shuffled the Utility and Defense options. So now we have 7 Defense options but only... 2 Utility options. :(

    I would say that Stealth does have anti-C4 capabilities too... makes it harder for LA's jumping from ESFs to find your location.
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  10. Demigan

    Stealth for AI, stealth for AV.

    It's sad that I am often more stealthy in a Vanguard than many other players as infantry.

    C4 fairying is easily avoided. The rare few times I do get killed by C4 it's when I obviously did something wrong. Such as park next to a rock or building that just had to have some enemies behind it. Even then, move move move. Tanks are fast, tanks are tanky. If you get stuck in a slugmatch and your enemy can keep repairing itself you should start moving, as you know some ****** will try to C4 you while you are tunnelvisioning on the enemy. And where to move? The game is an MMO, 90% of the time there is an alternate route that takes like 1 minute to traverse and ends up in a nice flanking position where you can take out the tanks that go for repairs or just ram your barrel up some tanks ***. C4 fairies won't see you coming, C4 fairies that do see you coming don't want to try and C4 a lone moving target as that target usually has eyes in the back of his head due to the possibility of accidental counter-flanks.
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  11. Pelojian

    True but not having stealth on but having prox on at least in smaller fights means your basically waving a jar of honey to lure them in so you can sting the C4 fairies instead.
  12. 0fly0

    Proxi for big fight and people who love to get close to the base, stealth for players focusing on vehicule at distance and low pop fight.
    There is no better option here, just need to know your playstyle.
  13. FateJH

    Why would you employ a tank build just to counter-harass C-4 fairies? that makes no sense (to me).
  14. Mongychops

    Here are your options as an MBT:

    • Proximity Radar - spots mans sneaking up on you on minimap
    • Spitfire Turret - If you're camping somewhere, put it up behind you, as soon as you hear it chirrup, move and check where it's looking.
    • Too poor to max out Proximity Radar or buy Spitfire Turret? Drive as a Stalker Infiltrator (best K/D padding option, redeploy master) and place a Motion Spotter every time you stop to camp a place. If you're camping for a while, you can even get your gunner to hide a Repair Sunderer nearby.
    Also; your gunner should be looking around you, you should listen/watch out for aircraft going overhead for bailers, and you don't usually get C4ed if you keep moving, so play more mobile if the other options don't appeal.
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  15. Goretzu

    I love Proximity Radar, but you're absolutely right when you use it, it effectively comes with some massive downsides.
  16. SavageBacon

    But realistically, that should be the case for every defensive slot item... An associated pro at the cost of something else.
  17. Goretzu

    Possibly, but the point is more tha Proximity Radar isn't a panacea, but rather opens you up to other different problems.

    Having said that I don't really see the downside of C4 for LAs over medikits given that most of the power of them comes with HA shields.
  18. Mxiter

    C4ing MBT is like trying to kill an LA on a flash with a knife while being engeneer.

    There are tons of options to avoid it. Proxy is one of them indeed, but some others can keep you more efficient in others situations.
  19. JohnGalt36

    I'm going to have to start hitting the capture button on Shadowplay so some of you can see the absurd situations where you can get C4'd out of nowhere. Out in the middle of a goddamn field when you think you're alone.

    Seriously, this myth of only getting C4'd when sitting still under a building is ridiculous.
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  20. CNR4806

    Move MBT ES ability to the "passive" slot (like Sunderer AMS) and move proximity radar back to utility and maybe we'll talk.

    The defense slot is way too important for most vehicles to be using prox radar.