[to developers] Is Oshur on roadmap yet?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by elkikko92, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. elkikko92

  2. Demigan

    I hope they scrap it. Even if the continent is good it'll only divide the preferences of the playerbase, and we'll see exoduses like with Hossin for other continents as well.

    Better spend that time making the current continents better and more enjoyable, making use of the terrain it has available and adding mechanics that change the exact playthrough through a base different each time.
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  3. Beerbeerbeer

    It can’t come soon enough. The existing continents are getting stale and old.

    Need some more variety ASAP.
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  4. Demigan

    Changing and adding mechanics to capture, spawning and battle progression through bases and terrain would make all existing continents less stale and more interesting. Not to mention that it could reduce the hate and problems that some of these continents have (Hossin for the most part).

    Adding a new continent only makes that continent interesting, can only be played 1/5th of the time as it'll be in the normal rotation and it'll still suffer from the same problems as the current continents (and with the apparent focus on aircraft for this continent it would almost automatically fail based on the problematic aircraft and A2G+G2A balance).

    Aside from "makes it interesting for a bit" there is quite literally no reason to add a new continent, it has far too many downsides against it. Its wasted development time that should have gone into the other continents.
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  5. Gustavo M

    I'd rather see new type of bases instead of new continents. You know, non-resource demanding things while adding lots of (needed) variety.
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  6. TR5L4Y3R

    there is no such thing ..
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  7. DarkStarAnubis

    "Roadmap" and "PS2" are mutually exclusive concepts.
  8. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    We've still got plans for it, and we're aiming to have it out later this year. Right now, we're focused on getting DX-11 in the game and the NSO, and after that we'll move ahead.
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  9. LineTrap


    Looking to extend my sub when that baby drops. How about some unique sidegrades for robot troopers. Hint hint, wink wink.
  10. elkikko92

    hoping Oshur is now on development ....
    #Missing air gameplay!
  11. DemonicTreerat

    If it plays out anything like the air-focused Battle Island did in PS1, its going to be a flop. The air ****** will spend their entire time camping warp gates in gank squads until one side gets so pissed they pull nothing but Skyguards & Rangers then they will come to the forums to whine about "overpowered AA!" Meanwhile the ground pounders will have to take long & completely pointless routes around contrived obstacles just to get to a base where they'll be wiped out in 5 minutes by a swarm of air to ground ****ters.

    Better use of the time & money would be first fixing all the **** Daybreak broke in this mess of a patch. Example? NC still can not equip sticky grenades. Yeah, VS & TR have no issues using them at all but NC can't even equip them despite the latest round of stats showing that the TR are the real Team Kill happy faction. In other words stop breaking **** because you refuse to fix the crap you already broke before adding more **** onto the pile until it blows up in your faces.
  12. FIN Faravid

    I agree with people who say current focus should be on making excisting continents more fun. One of the most enjoyable things in Planetside is to just move towards sound of the guns as infantry, maybe light assault. Go where the zerg is going, and you will find completely new places to fight all the time and it feels like there is real flow in the battles.
    But that contributes nothing to your team. You are being useless. Especially during alerts, unless you happen to be fighting over objectives.

    To be more specific, dont just go exactly where everyone else is going, be a flanker on edges of the battle. Try to constantly outflank the enemy, no matter how far it takes you from the base. Go in weird places, take your time to sneak from cover to cover as infriltrator and snipe enemies from weird places.

    At the moment fights are only happening in bases, and though bases are more different than they used to be, most of the continent is still unused. I don't think adding more bases is the solution, it still keeps fights confined to A, B, C or D instead of exploring the continent. Perhaps reduce amount of excisting bases and allow capturable player built bases. Instead of just destroying what players built, capture it and use it yourself, or force enemy to destroy their own base to prevent it from falling to enemy hands.
    Player built stuff is the future of Planetside i believe. More and better player built bases mean that every fight is on a new place.

    Least populated faction could also receive NPC troops that do not respawn. For example if VS has least players, 2 000 VS NPCs could invade the continent (propably in waves or else servers and my PC could not handle it) fighting for VS. Alert could be given with objective to kill all of them, and VS would have to do something to keep them alive for certain period of time or something. Not sure exactly how to do it without making TR and NC gangbang the underpopulated faction. But that is just an idea, though i understand many players dont like to see NPCs in this game.
  13. Machxin

    How about a mad max continent where the entire map is no bases but land and radio towers and cap points that are open. Tons of ramp stuff etc all over. so that everyone can just be running around max max style.
    that would be hilarious also add in mad max style costmetics for us and bam cash cow with a horn that says "ROADKILL" in the most annoying and loud gilbert godfrey voice possible.
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  14. heyturnkey

    How about replacing Hossin with Oshur?
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  15. Shadowdev

    I hope they add more player base building options for capture points and less system bases.
  16. Tarvaldd

    Man I'm still salty about Hossin. Fighting the VanuKong at night on that map is lame. The game however has inherent flaws.
  17. Tarvaldd

    Stop it, I can only get so excited.
  18. elkikko92

    Oshur idea is not bad; are they deleted it ?
  19. Blam320

    Why did you revive this old thread?

    But to answer (what I assume is) your question, no, they haven't cancelled development of Oshur, at least as far as we know. They've likely pushed the continent farther down on the priority list, in favor of reworking existing mechanics to keep players interested, and to encourage certain player behavior.
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  20. ican'taim

    Yes and no. Wrel said it's possable because of bigger dev team, but don't hold your breath on it. That being said, PSA is no longer a thing so it *might* come within the next 3 years or so.

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