To any Dev out there with a conscience, add diasable AA to your roadmap topics

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  1. Vertabrae

    I've gone on a 102 killstreak in a biolab, from the catwalk around the spawn room. Using the UGL to nade the endless flow of people coming out the teleporter room. I had a bunch of people reporting me for hacks. I could gone on for a lot longer, but I have also heard of being banned for long kill streaks so I decided to let it go.
  2. Neovius

    Hmm, after reading PS2G thread I seriously consider trying sweetfx.
    Also it would be great if SOE finally fixed the damn vehicle FOV, when we can't use the community fix...
  3. ExarRazor

    im SHOCKED at the amount of people you hooked with this one

    +5 points for a successful troll
  4. WalrusJones

    I never play with anti-aliasing, I would like to be able to turn it off, SOE.

    I have been trying my best to figure out how to shut it down.
    Still no beans.
  5. MisterBond

    I just sent Higby a message asking about anti-aliasing and why we can't turn it off after four months since release.
  6. Rhinzual

    Let us know what he says by asking him if he can post a reply in this thread, without banning anyone, hopefully.
  7. MisterBond

    I will, unless I get banned
  8. WalrusJones

    The only post in this thread claiming that it was bannable was an SOE employee saying that it was "Difficult to test for." OR "A difficult situation."

    The closest thing I saw to an official "Do not use SWEETFX" SOE is this:

    It warned that they may have trouble differentiating you from real hackers.
    If you do not farm infantry, and are not particularly good, you will probably avoid the ban hammer.
  9. Leo Di Caprio

    Agreed, the flak melts your performance as well.
  10. MisterBond

    I think I'm somewhat above average, still not great but above average, but even I get accused of hacking sometimes when I get a kill streak of 5-7 people in a row
  11. WalrusJones


    I just noticed something: "Graphics.INI"

    It gives options to disable various shader layers, however on booting the game with any of these options modified, the game just resets them.... Unless you set the INI to read only. In which case.... Well, find out yourself.

    Can't we just screw around in here until we find the shader layer that contains AA?
  12. Nocturnal7x

    SOE needs to add MSAA to the game. This game currently has no anti-aliasing. Unless you count the ridiculous oversampling or whatever by setting higher render qualities (1.5 or 2). But thats guaranteed to cut your FPS in half.

    If they are using any kind of bs fxaa (which doesn't do anything compared to msaa) they should just get rid of it.

  13. WalrusJones

    Its apparently very resource demanding FXAA they use, too.
  14. MisterBond

    Actually that's the specific .ini you used to be able to change a single line of text on to disable the games built in AA

    And like you noticed, since the game went live that file is now locked.
  15. WalrusJones

    Try setting it to read only after you edit it, even though the game will protest and edit it if you don't set it to read only..... Doesn't mean it can do much if it can't be edited.

    I would like to know which line was for disabling AA.
  16. MisterBond

    I wouldn't attempt to edit the graphics.ini file, that one is locked and guarded and checked by the games .exe

    That's how people were fixing their FOV with multi-monitor and when in vehicles
  17. WalrusJones

    The game guards its USERoptions.ini file from me too.....
  18. MisterBond

    You're allowed to edit userOptions.ini

    I dunno why its locked for you
  19. Being@RT

    If you set preset graphics settings ingame ('Overall Quality') to 'custom' and never touch the presets for low, medium or high, the game won't automatically reset your settings in that .ini even if you leave the file without write protection.

    You can achieve the custom setting in the .ini with "OverallQuality=-1" (minus 1, in case the - is hard to spot). Basically the game checks if this setting is something other than custom, and if it is, resets the rest of the options.

    I personally keep the file write protected anyway, so I can change settings ingame (they get applied for the current session even when the file does not get modified) and easily revert them by restarting the client.
  20. MisterBond

    I am asking politely.

    Why are SOE Planetside 2 coders willing to only talk in some threads, and not all threads?

    My PhysX post had a response by page two, in less then 5 hours

    This thread is five pages now, and its been up for over a month, and no response from Planetside 2 devs

    Please respond.

    *EDIT* Talked to that dev in question, and he says he is not on the graphics team. Thank you for answering me.

    I am going to ask him to ask the graphics team for us in the meantime.