To all you dedicated light assault's come on and join the thread!

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Redwave, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Redwave

    More like been killed 10 times and died 5 times.
  2. stalkish

    Well yes, totally.
    But either way this small amount of action, and score if you look at it, means a conservative player, not a front line rusher.
    Want a high k/d? Play to get 1, although it has no meaning tbh, it certainly doesnt show how effective you have been during your play time.
  3. Redwave

  4. DaveyJ

    for some reason i cant rez so I ust cower behind maxes/vehicles to gain certs constantly;only doing it because i need C4
  5. Iridar51

    Have you tried right clicking with the Med Tool to res people? :rolleyes:
  6. DaveyJ

    no because I'm a #N00bz hazno MLG36porquick-scopeskillz
  7. Coltorl

    I love the light assault.

    If only C4 was our ability so I can carry medkits and C4, but heavyside 2 doesn't appreciate any class being good unless it's the heavy assault.
  8. Iridar51

    Erm, regen implant? I'm using regen rank two 24/7 on my LA and I don't have to worry about my health. I don't even have to think about it. Implants received very negative feedback, but in truth, regen implant is the best thing that happened to LA in a loooong time.
  9. Coltorl

    Battle hardened is just too good to not use (at least as NC)

    Plus as a F2P player I barely ever have implant energy for some reason, am I doing something wrong? I usually average 1+ kpm and 400-500 SPM
  10. Iridar51

    There no implant to good not to use besides regen implant :p

    Are you crafting the ultra chargers (rank 2 + rank 3 implant)? Because they are more efficient to craft.
    I don't believe they ever gave us a statement on whether SPM has any effect on implant drop rates, and how the drop rates are determined at all.
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  11. Coltorl

    Oh, I didn't know you could craft chargers! Is there a guide somewhere that shows me these recipes?
  12. Iridar51

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  13. Haquim

    Actually its in the help, right there at the top of the implants page.
    All recipes for the lazy ones:
    3 Level I -> 1 Level I (If you use three times the same implant the resulting one will be a different one)
    5 Level I -> 1 Level II
    1 Level I + 1 Level II -> Super Charger
    3 Level II -> 1 Level II (If you use three times the same implant the resulting one will be a different one)
    5 Level II -> 1 Level III
    3 Level III -> 1 Level III (If you use three times the same implant the resulting one will be a different one)
    1 Level II + 1 Level III -> Ultra Charger (More energy/implant than the Super Charger)

    Guess I was too slow :D.

    Only took a peek into that guide - TR has generally higher DPS? Strange I always had the feeling we get around 8% more RoF and 15% more recoil and sacrifice about 12% damage per bullet for it.... o_O
  14. Iridar51

    If we take a look at the default weapons:
    SAW: 200 @ 500 = 1666
    Orion: 143 @ 750 = 1787
    CARV: 143 @ 750 =1787

    Gauss Rifle: 167 @ 600 = 1670
    Pulsar VS1: 143 @ 698 = 1663
    Cycler: 143 @ 750 = 1787

    Carbines are same as ARs.
    If we take a look at TR ARs as a whole, then the one with the lowest DPS will be Cycler T1S with 1663 DPS.
    While the VS AR, the Corvus, goes all the way down to: 167 @ 526 = 1464.

    TR default sidearm, the Repeater, has DPS comparable to some primary weapons.
    TR have Armistice, the SMG with the highest DPS.

    Overall, TR have more dakka than other factions.
  15. Haquim

    True dat with the default - but you already mentioned the one speficic thing that makes me feel like that:

    Armistice: 896 RPM @ 125 dmg = 1867 dps
    Serpent: 845 RPM @ 143 dmg = 2014 dps

    Of course I won't bother comparing each and every weapon to find out how often my perception of the things actually hits the mark.
    But I think you can understand that the Armistice, which is THE! TR SMG, being outperformed like this makes me kinda sad :(.

    BTW: Recoil according to dasanfall:

    Armistice: Horizontal: 0.347-0.376 Vertical: 0.15-0.15
    Serpent: Horizontal: 0.25-0.275 Vertical: 0.255-0.255

    And we can propably agree that vertical can be compensated - unlike the horizontal one :(.
    The only thing the Armistice does better (faster) is emptying the magazine.

    PS: I didn't even check the exact stats before, I just knew that the Serpent was the far superior weapon - from getting shot with it
  16. Iridar51

    Since the Lynx revamp, I don't really see Serpent/GD-7F as a problem. Yeah, they have several percent higher DPS, while the Lynx has better handling, but TR now holds the record for the fastest firing carbine, as it should be. There's no real mention that TR should do the most damage per second in their faction traits, just that they send the most bullets down range.
    The fact that we most of the time do, in fact, have higher DPS, is a boon.
    That's an unfair comparison, Armistice is an SMG, Serpent is a carbine. All SMGs have lots of horizontal recoil.
  17. Haquim

    ARGH BRAINLAG! Sorry for that.
    Goddamnit, of course I meant the LYNX and the Serpent.

    Although the Lynx DOES have the better recoil it still gets outdamaged...
    The Lynx has 909 RPM @ 125 dmg equaling 1893 dps
    Which is slightly more than the Armistices 1867 , but still less than the Serpents 2014 dps
    The recoil is: Horizontal: 0.1793-0.1986 Vertical: 0.34-0.34
    Compared to the Serpent: Horizontal: 0.25-0.275 Vertical: 0.255-0.255

    I think the NC also have something that outdamages the Lynx, but I can't remember the name right now.

    PS: Theres a reason the Armistice and Lynx suck even more for me: I'm one of the 20% the hitdetection likes to mess with, and the highter the RoF, the worse it gets.
  18. Iridar51

    Well that's why I wrote "generally". There are some fringe cases where other factions have higher DPS. And I find this fair, there is nothing in TR traits about having a higher DPS than others.
  19. Haquim

    I guess thats true.
    Serpent ist just one weapon that caught my eye because I get killed by it so often - since its better than others more people tend to use it.
    The one thing I am 110% sure that has A LOT more dps is the Prowler. And I'm still trying to figure out why I'm having trouble dueling a Magrider in CQC, so DPS is definitely not all there is to this game.. Because let's be honest - Anchormode gets boring. I wish I could trade my Anchor for the NCs shield, on forumside I get the feeling a lot of them would seal the deal.

    PS: I know its quite off-topic, but when I started this game I imagined the weapons being more like this:

    TR: 1600 RPM 50 dmg 700m/s 100/mag, minimal recoil
    NC: 600 RPM 160 dmg 300m/s 25/mag, recoil: kicks like a mule
    VS: 800 RPM 100 dmg 500m/s 40/mag, medium recoil
    Special effect: Flashburns the target, reducing heal/increasing revivetime or inflicting a DoT effect .... or some other weird alien ****
  20. Arsonix

    I love playing with my faction's fastest/2nd fastest firing carbine and putting an advanced laser sight on it. Anytime I run into someone in close quarters I just press space and float over them while pouring shots into their head from above. Nobody even stands a chance against me unless they have a good shotgun.