To all those who want the gatekeeper nerfed into the ground...

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  1. ALN_Isolator

    You might like to know you brought this on yourselves. The GK wouldn't exist if you hadn't cried about the Vulcan. Now you cry about how you can be killed from further than 20m by the TR.

    I just think you're using your shiny close range weapons so much you can't hit us anymore, we've been dealing with that essentially since launch.

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  2. Campagne

    Actually, the Gatekeeper wouldn't exist if SOE/DBG knew how to balance things, such as the Vulcan.
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  3. Jubikus

    Based on performance and how the Vulcan preformed barely as well as the saron and both were slightly under the Enforcer they actually quite balanced people just wined because 1 was close range and had more dps for the trade off of Vulnerability and the others were long range now everyone has counterparts and well once again ours is under fire despite not over preforming its KPH and VKPH are in line with its counterparts but its Uniques are through the roof basically its killing everyone because its over used same thing that happened with the Vulcan.
  4. CMDante

    Thread number 99 on the same subject is go.
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  5. ALN_Isolator

    Darn right it is! Is the brass impressed?
  6. TechPriestess

    Only the copper is.
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  7. AxiomInsanity87

    The brass is impressed!

    Good work!
  8. Campagne

    Yeah yeah, we've all heard it before. Don't worry, the Vulcan is set in stone and will never be nerfed. You don't need to try and convince anyone otherwise. :p
  9. Movoza

    Wait what!?

    The feeling of a lot of people is that it is OP. When we get new weapons, there is absolutely NO justification for any weapon to be OP. So this thread is quite weird.
  10. SwornJupiter

    Stop reviving this topic! We've already established that the GK is performing as intended and in line with the other ES AV weapons, and does not warrant a nerf until reliable statistics can at least be established. Balance discussions would be appropriate in a few months.

    Please, let's go back to the bigger issues such as meta and territories. Also, I need to get my daily fix of "0.75x ADS OP", or else I'll go insane.

    Cheers, and much appreciated.
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  11. gigastar

    Meanwhile there are TR out there complaininag about VS having a close range DPS thingy.

    Goes both ways im afraid.
  12. Nogrim313

    **** like this is why the "TR victim complex" exists. you get an AV weapon with absloutely no draw backs and the rant and rave about how any adjustment to it will be the end of the TR as a faction, seriously **** already.

    the weapon is utterly broken and sit at 200 m/s higher velocity than both of its counter parts while ignoring bloom and drop almost completely.

    frankly i hope this thing gets nerfed in to utter oblivion the same way your long ****** rants got nearly everything to do with the magrider nerfed.

    and just for some salt in the wound i hope they increase the magriders forward armour by 300% in the same patch
  13. Nogrim313

    you just know you can trust some ones opinion who changes their avatar just to make it seem like they are a VS main
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  14. SwornJupiter

    The ad hominems are real.

    No seriously, I divide my time equally between TR and VS thank you very much. I am well informed of the strengths and downfalls of both factions and I try my best to keep my opinions as objective as I can, but I still post bulls*** from time to time for the heck of it.

    The thing is, though, most people on these forums come up with unjustified claims and baseless nerf calls. The Gatekeeer nerf requests simply have no reasonable backing. And you should know that I defended the 0.75x ADS just as much as the GK now.
  15. Haquim


    I've seen a single thread about the VS close range thing (Aphelion?) that also died rather quickly and about a dozen about GK, some of which are over 10 pages.
    I'm including "Buff Saron/Enforcer" & similar ones in that count.

    From the Mjollnir corner I've seen one UP thread and several "WTF is this thing" threads... which I'm of on what side they stand.
  16. Stormsinger

    From Mid August:


    MBT Primaries:

    MBT Secondaries:

    It looks to me like the TR already had things pretty good - Both of the top Harasser spots, the best primary overall. Let me refer you to the Uniques section for MBT secondaries.

    This includes ONLY AP / HEAT Primaries and ES AV / Halberd secondaries from mid august 2015, pre new-weapons release.

    VS used:
    Saron: 874
    Halberd: 290
    Total: 1164 AV Secondaries
    702 AP, 816 HEAT - 1518 Total Primaries

    76% of VS had a secondary gunner

    NC used:
    Enforcer: 670
    Halberd: 468
    Total: 1138 AV Secondaries
    934 AP, 1003 HEAT - 1937 Total

    58% of NC had a secondary gunner

    TR used:
    Vulcan: 494
    Halberd: 527
    Total: 1021 AV Secondaries
    907 AP, 1108 HEAT - 2015 Total Total Primaries

    51% of TR had a secondary gunner

    The TR already had a viable long-range secondary option. Yes, it was boring as snot, yes, a new thing was needed, but the option was there. It appears to me that the TR simply... used less gunners, more Prowlers rolled off the bad and into combat then anything else. Why, you ask? I see two possibilities.

    1: Halberds are boring, they are effective, but they aren't really all that fun to use - and in a tank that locks down at 400 meters and farms, Halberd gunners had almost nothing to do.

    2: The Prowler is already the highest DPS tank, it doesn't really need a gunner to be truly effective at range - so people don't especially feel the need to go hunting for someone to gun for them.

    Anyway, I digress. What's my point?

    The TR already had excellent ground vehicles, the Harasser was dominated by the TR for both AI and AV, and Prowler primaries reigned supreme. The VS have the worst tank primaries, thus it (previously) had the best AV secondaries, and the NC has been sitting in the middle.

    What did the TR need?

    Fix the fractures - they need higher velocity, less CoF, and potentially more damage. (Give them a secondary warhead that arms at 65-75 meters for additional damage at high range, this prevents them from being used for close-range AI, and gives additional punch.)
    Fix the Striker: It still kind of blows - Yes, it's currently intended to be best vs anti air, and it's better then it was, but it's still not good enough.

    What did the TR not need?

    The best long range AV potential, which it currently has due to lack of drop, lack of bloom, lack of recoil, 1.75 second reload, a magazine size cert option (when it's competition does not), and excellent anti infantry potential. It already had the best MBT primary / Harasser overall, and the worst Max AV / ES RL. This patch only makes the TR more dependent on vehicles to prop up their infantry, and grants them zero help in fights where vehicles cannot participate.
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  17. Mxiter

    Giving to TR a decent long range infantry based weapon wouldn't force em' to use AV vehicles that much at beginning...

    Sure, they have top kill (in number) but they have also way more vehicles user (Uniques) for a reason
  18. Cynicismic

    This is really getting old. Seriously, why people feel the need to discuss and argue relentlessly in thread after thread after thread on the same, dull and much over-debated subject is confusing. Moreover, why people posting in these threads also feel the need to repeat the posts they're making in either defence of or against these weapons is also beyond me. I've seen so many graphs in so many threads repeated, I reckon that I could state the patterns exactly off the top of my head, alongside the points the posters have been using them with.

    Don't question it, just deal with it. These weapons are here and they're here to stay. It doesn't seem that any amount of Community hype will change anything.

  19. Liewec123

    yeah, because striker's year and a half reign of terror never happened.
    because fracture's 6 month reign of terror never happened...
    because vulcan wasn't nuking down libs from 200m in 6 seconds for several months.
    because prowler isn't hands-down the best long range tank, right?

    other than ZoE's reign of terror (which only lasted afew months) TR have pretty much exclusively had the OP things that the devs refuse to balance for a ridiculous length of time.
    during the "World Domination Series" TR scored as much as NC and VS combined,
    that was during striker's reign,
    so please don't tell us you've had it bad since launch :p
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  20. ALN_Isolator

    Dealing with the Vulcan's AV range... Love how you quoted that post out of context and changed its meaning. Or maybe you just didn't understand.