To all PTS Players: Why do you play on PTS?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Levtech, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Levtech

    I do it because I like to derp around and test out new stuff. I also like the technical side of games so PTS brings me one step closer :). Share your reason for testing.
  2. Herby20

    My outfit does scrims with other outfits on it, I like to test and comment on new changes, and I do practice ESF duels with some of my outfit members and other outfits.
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  3. Aesir

    I'm no longer doing the as active testing. I used to do a lot from the start of the PTS to about a year ago, writing my concerns, submitting bugs and all that.

    But the fact that everything posted here get's ignored or just not considered kinda makes this entire subforum as important as the off topic section.

    Not to be to pessimistic and all that but it's pretty much the truth, everything I was concerned about and did gave my feedback about has come to pass and either is still in the game or has been removed/changed after it was 1-2 months on the live servers.

    So if feedback here is ignored anyway and things just get pushed live because the schedule says so ... what is the point of the PTS other than Outfit scrims or player driven events and getting a first look at things to whine about them early?
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  4. doombro

    I can see what's happening before it actually happens.
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  5. Pikachu

    To feel like I'm better than everybody else on forumside because I know stuff before most others do not. Because I want to know what new stuff is coming as soon as possible. :D
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  6. blueangleofdeath

    I totally agree. I have sent hundreds of bug reports on both live and test, such as the hitch that is STILL being worked on from the EFS update. The stuff that goes on PTS is suppose to be tested and get feedback on not just thrown up and then on to live with a few hours. SOE you crave for people's input as advertised but give us very little to no time test it I suggest giving us the time to test regardless of how much internal testing was done. This game is to please us the players not YOU! This game is suppose to have a 10-20 year lifespan, I'll be shocked if it gets past 5 years the way things are going. You guys are getting people mad and cancelling subscriptions rather then bringing them in. I've pretty much figured out that if you're not a popular streamer or video addict don't bother with feedback. SOE tends to show favoritism towards those for example the people that have been on FNO. SOE get feed back from everybody not from 5 people that spend more time videoing and streaming then they do playing.

    Currently I just keep it updated and then check it for 15 minutes and then close out of it because of above statements.
  7. John_Aitc

    I play on PTS because it is a much better place to test things and find out what new stuff is happening. You are in the same world that as in the Live game not the cramped area that the VR provides.

    If something seems very wrong like the quick-knife removal, I can find out about it on PTS and start begging earlier on the forums to not have a change go to Live.
  8. libbmaster

    Testing loadouts there, if I can find activity, is way better than the VR.

    Also, HOSSIN.
  9. user101

    Good place to practice flying . and test the new weapons over a long time.
  10. ShinBreaker

    Good place to have outfit 12vs12
    Good place to practice flying
    Good place to record machinimas
    Good place to test new weapons
    Pretty much that
  11. Godsmangamer

    look over new base designs to come up with strategies
    practice flying
    give feed back on Hossin
    I don't spend much time on it but I like to go and look around to get a feel for the what is coming this way but mostly I keep a eye on the this sub form for what is actually live as they rarely seem to announce what arrives on test.
  12. PurpleOtter

    - Test new stuff
    - See what the next Herp-Derp is that's going to hit Forumside
    - Outfit inter Battalion events
    - Preview Cash Shop Items
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  13. Astriania

    I like to preview new features and offer feedback about them, though the very quick push through PTS of recent patches and the ignoring of advice given here makes me wonder if there's any real point.

    (Things which should have been left on PTS and modified more before release: ABC amp stations with spawn points inside the walls, missions, UPGRADE NOW and ads, update to health/ability UI bars, coyotes and hornets, .... All are interesting ideas and most of them have already been modified since being pushed to Live, but should have been adjusted on PTS a lot more before they were released on live.)
  14. MajiinBuu

    I play on the PTS when the Live Servers are down :D