[Suggestion] To all PS2 Players who don't modify your game

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  1. Yavimaya

    I do actually wonder why people reference what was or was not in Beta as if it has bearing on what should or should not be in the game now. This is agile design like all games. Beta was like 7+ years ago. For better or worse **** is gonna change.
  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    That isn't how PlayClaw works. That isn't how RST works. That isn't how any of this works.
    RST reads the Planetside 2 API and tells you when the queried Player ID gets kills. PlayClaw puts a crosshair on top of all you active windows. That's it.

    I'll agree with you that they need to either somehow integrate or just advertise RST as a feature of the game already since basically every vet uses it, but pretending there's some correlation between a Stat Tracker or Crosshair Overlay and actual Wallhacks or Hitbox Modification is dishonest to the point of stupidity.
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  3. adamts01

    How can you enable solid tracers? I currently do it by setting particles to low, make my file read only, then change to ultra once the game starts so I can dogfight with solid tracers and still see them out to ultra distance. But I'd rather simplify this process.

    And you're talking about picking a lower resolution and then bumping up the screen resolution past 100%? Is this just for ease of seeing things or can you get a performance bump as well?
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  4. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    When it comes to the resolution part I am talking about the opposite in order to make the game look more pretty. In the GUI you can change a setting (can't remember name now) below 100% to make it go faster but you can't go over 100% You CAN however do that in the .ini-files. Basically you render the game in say 4k (good luck) and then you downscale it for say a HD res. The improved gfx looks better.

    If you wanna see examples of this in another game there is somewhere a post (maybe at NVIDIA's site IIRC - just google it) about doing it in GTA5 and the results are quite stunning. But in PS2 good performance is hard to acheive and a lot depends on it. Not only your ability to react to things but also your weapon ROF is relative to your FPS. There are a few posts about that as well - I think on reddit.

    I don't remember the ini-settings but there are posts about it and vids on youtube. I no longer edit mine as my pc can now handle my resolution with everything at max from ingame without dipping below 60 FPS so I don't care about the ini-file anymore. I'm not a competitive player.
  5. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    How is this relevant to agile? Changing a software does not equal agile processes. It doesn't exclude agile but I find it odd you say this IS agile design. For all you know the design process follows RUP. I doubt that but it could...
  6. adamts01

    Yeah, I'm just trying to squeeze out frames. I recently bought a g sync monitor and capped my frames at 133, but In the worst of fights my PC drops to high 70s. I don't care too much if things are pretty as long as everything is sharp, but changing resolutions always makes the scaling of everything goofy. My ability definitely increased when I switched from a laptop at 30-50 frames to a PC which can easily maintain 60, and increased again when I run potato and can maintain 120fps with g sync. I'm so tempted to upgrade my PC but I've recently become addicted to GunDeals on Reddit... So there goes all my fun money.
  7. entity009

    You can program a mouse button to fire for say 300 nanoseconds, release for 100 nanoseconds and repeat. Getting the exact timing depends on the weapon but can result in effortless nearly full auto fire with next to no cone of fire bloom.

    You can program a button to run an evasion routine of hit registry borking jukes and medkit use by simply holding it down.

    You can do a ton of these things with macros and its 100% legal and 100% provides an unfair advantage.

    My policy on third person crosshairs is that it needs to be part of the game. Allowing some people to run a 3rd person crosshair while others vomit trying to target with the flash in first person is unfair. Allowing people to run around in MBTs and mini tanks with full situational awareness while others are trying to look down the gun barrel is unfair.

    The game allows people to lag switch and VPN to gain connection related advantages over other players.

    This game rewards exploitation and I hate that.
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  8. That_One_Kane_Guy

    I can drive 100mph everywhere I go. That doesn't mean a cop isn't going to pull me over if he catches me doing it. Just because it's possible to do something doesn't make it sanctioned. You are allowed 1 button macros (i.e. press 'Mouse 5', trigger 'G'). That's it. Autobursting and Autostrafing will absolutely get you banned.
    I don't disagree. Doing this through a monitor setting, third party program, or physical modification is something that literally cannot be moderated. Might as well just give it to everyone.
    Of course they gain an advantage, they're cheating! A jewel thief has more spending money than I do, that doesn't mean I'm going to go off and pursue it as a career path.

    I don't disagree that certain features and niceties should be integrated with the base game. I also won't argue with the addition of better anti-cheat/anti-exploitation features, but pretending as if these actions not only have no consequences, but are actively sanctioned by the Developer does your argument no favors.
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  9. SikVvVidiT

    It's simple guys, just play this crap for free now.. My membership expired and I will never purchase another thing as long as I play this nor will I resub.

    Hit them were it hurts, right in the old wallet. So they either can try to fix this crap or face layoffs once enough of us man up and force their hand.
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  10. OgreMarkX

    [00]Recursion hardest hit.
  11. entity009

    In the past I have asked about people using mouse macros for firing and strafing. This was the response I got. Its weak I know but it's all I've ever heard. Pair it with no official post on the subject that I've ever seen...

    "I actually recall a dev saying that as long as your macro does not move the mouse and requires manual input, it's fine."
  12. DarkStarAnubis

    There have been several discussions in the past over macros... Let's distinguish between principles and reality:

    Macros provide advantages over players not being able to use them. Macros can be anything from QoL things like auto-spotting when firing, auto-spamming stuff/auto-repair, healing, to more useful things managing CoF/RoF, auto-firing till rather sophisticated scripts switching on shields automatically when under fire and finally to the extreme: aimbots and the like.

    Any kind of Macro/script is forbidden if I interpret the EULA strictly. The PS2 Eula says:
    use, post, host or distribute macros, "bots" or other programs which would allow unattended game play or which otherwise impact game play, including without limitation any program which enables or facilitates character kills or level increases

    The reality is that most macros are undetectable or they would require so much effort/monitoring/logging to be detectable that the costs versus gains equation is heavily unbalanced. I bet DBG/SOE acts only for the worst offenders when those guys are reported in-game by others (usually the aimbotters, because are so easy to spot).

    Why a macro is almost undetectable, especially the less sophisticated ones? It is very simple: you can write a program to inject timely mouse/keyboard actions in the input stream, or you can use a myriad of tools doing that or -if you own a programmable keyboard/mouse- you can program those devices to do that for you as well.

    BattleEye is unable to check those things. BattleEye will check what is running on the PC against a known set of "bad" applications and that's it.
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  13. entity009

    Yeah you are definitely right about that, Thanks for the breakdown.
  14. Efraim

    all i know is after the DX11 update and RST was **** up for almost a month the MLG pro Heavies who only use the NS-15 were suddenly getting slaughtered but after the RST got updated they were back to head shotting from across the base.
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  15. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    Well they said something else at another point in time - or rather wrote. I don't remeber if it was here on the forum or on reddit, and I can't be bothered to search for it but it went along these lines (in regards to macros):

    Any macro that allow you to do multiple clicks or actions with one click is not allowed.

    That excludes a lot of things actually - from refire macros (auto-beamer) to seatswitching macros or c4 macros for that matter... You know who you are... To more advanced macros not available to most gaming mouse (no spread, recoilpattern, etc.)

    Macros are very hard to detect though and probably one of the easiest ways to gain a lil bit of upper hand...
  16. ObiVanuKenobi

    That's simply not true. Having a dot in the middle of the screen or seeing your stats doesn't make you a good player.
  17. Efraim

    im far from the only one that noticed this so deny it if you want
  18. BoSeefus

    It's kind of unfair and a set up if you force players who haven't used them to try all of them not knowing what is against the EULA or not...
    Will DBG put out any statements or at least a complete list of macro's, 3rd party applications that are allowed?

    r will it just be left as it is leaving it up to the community to self govern the advantages that are allowed?

    It's really a simple request and would do so much to level the playing field
  19. Gravedigger82

    3rd person corsair on vehicle dosent give u an advantage. I got and built in corsair on my monitor. And if I aim were the corsair is. The shoot will go way to low or way over. It's totaly unusable.
  20. then00b

    There are many ways for third person crosshair, some monitors have a feature, you can use Rainmeter to create a static image in the center of your screen, piece of tape, etc.
    Really the question is why they don't just put it in game already. Well, besides the fact that it's not always accurate anyways, there is a delay in vehicle weapons centering on that, and I think they're often somewhat offset so if the target is close enough you'll be a meter or so off.
    Not sure what else people have managed to do to actually cheat the game though.