To all Miller's NC

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  1. 4JlEH30CM

    Hi, dear NC!

    1. please never try to sit in my harasser! i play with wife only and car doors always locked. a little gas pedal and you can be accidentrly killed.
    2. if you see vehicle on your way please give way do not run in front of vehicle or jump under the wheels you will be wasted then. use jump it's helpful, seems like a lot users don't bind jump and try to go through my car.
    3. be patient when any harassers accidentrly kill you because when car have speed and in case of little lags and big amout of players then driver can't see you, you just appear right in front of car.
    4. if you see that vehicle is firing at the enemy then you can be sure that this vehicle may start back movement! do not stay behind becayse if you are infantry then you will be wasted if you in vehicle then you will be guilty in death or your mate because you will stuck him.

    Hope a lot that these tips will help you to stay alive longer.

    Thanks in advance and do not stuck eachother...
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  2. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I can relate. I play with a friend and no matter what faction we play, or what server, there are always teammates who run up to the vehicle trying to grab a seat. Even when there are Sunderers nearby or we're trying to drive away because we're taking damage.

    The slightest movement ends up with us accidentally TKing someone. It can be horribly frustrating at times.

    Unless a Harasser specially calls out for a gunner, I always do my very best to stay far away.
  3. 4JlEH30CM

    maybe its a good suggestion to make sign on nickname in vehicle like
    [OUTFIT] Nickname [1/3] Status (unlocked/squad/locked)
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  4. InexoraVC

    Are you really that guy what your nickname means ? 30 cm ***** ? :) Lol
    Go play other games with your woman :)
  5. 4JlEH30CM

    yes its me and yes nickname mean this)
    no thanks we will play in PS2. as you can see from her killboard we love Vaaanuuu a lot)) so thanks for your patience and keep respawn 4ertov vantyz))
  6. adamts01

    My wife wants to start playing this game and I just got her her own PC today but she's never played a shooter before. PS2 is brutal. Harasser gunning would be a good place to start.
  7. 4JlEH30CM

    my never played too. yea i bought new PC for her too because of PS2. her good statistic is long way full of teammates pain. some advices
    1. colors. for her is no matter difference between two enemy factions that is too difficult for females the matter is friend-or-foe identification that is why i set color to RED for all enemy factions.
    2. never scream on her when she did something wrong! your voice always should be full of love even if she kill bunch teammates demolish sundy and all mates are dead because of you.
    3. when teammates realize that your machinegunner killing tmates then your vehicle will be attacked. after VR training is better to practice in low populated base or be in zerg but do not shoot just looking for a while how its going.
  8. adamts01

    Haha. This is the best advice. We recently moved to the US and she only drove a motorcycle in the Philippines. I bought her a car a few months ago and I'm slowly teaching her to drive. Teaching her to gun a Harasser can't me any my terrifying. If I can handle her almost killing us on the road, I can handle anything she does in a video game.