[Suggestion] To all Infiltrators that snipe

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IronMouse, Jul 7, 2015.

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  3. IronMouse

    I'm sorry I have to call you either delusional or a liar. But there, choose one.

    I haven't played a sniper class since... Well, a year? Or more? At the moment I'm playing my TR HA, leveling him up from the start. Name IronMouse, server Cobalt. Check it out if you don't believe me.

    Also, check my SPM. And don't tell me to "s.t.f.u.". Remove yourself from the conversation, it's difficult enough to deal with all the jibber-jabber without people blatantly, shamelessly lying their mouths off, being rude and insulting. Shame on you, seriously.

    Edit: and no matter what class I play, I NEVER camp. Ever. And if I ever start playing a sniper, I'll do my best to practice game-play like some of those who impressed me on these forums. Elusiv1 or what's his name, and a few others. Not try to be a *****. Not my character trait. ;)
  4. Whatupwidat

    No, I'll call you how I see you - someone who's demanding the game change to fit their preferential style of playing. That's an elitist - someone who thinks they know better than other people.
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  5. The Rogue Wolf

    I have to salute you, IronMouse. I don't think I've ever seen quite so many words dedicated to the mindset "anyone who doesn't play how I say they should is bad".
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  6. Maljas23

    Lol.. this thread... just really OP?
  7. IronMouse

    Fine, call me what you see me.

    Aren't forums filled with suggestion of people who want things tweaked to how they see/feel would be better?

    My attitude is not elitist. My attitude is solidly based on day-to-day concrete game-play. I write what I see and experience. Now I realize that the campers/stat-padders in question don't want their world to crumble... But I can live with that. :)
  8. pnkdth

    That's where you go wrong. You consider your experience to negate other's experiences, despite them being other infiltrators who use sniper rifles. You refuse to listen to them when they tell you, you are wrong. You expect the devs to remove all play styles which the 6x+ scopes afford, and the only qualifier you have is your limited experience and your loose opinion that these scopes are problematic.

    I think this is where you lose people, because this isn't about campers, you want to remove these scopes for everyone. This is why you're getting such a backlash here, as it becomes some sort of capital punishment because campers are annoying you.

    I wouldn't mind if there was an option to go down to 3.4x-12x scopes though on all sniper rifles, as the default 6x scopes does put a limitation of where you are effective as a new player. However, I do use the T1 BASR with 6x scope at fairly short ranges so I really do not wish these scopes to be removed just so new sniper can be more effective. Being right in the thick of it really limits my ability to hack terminals/turrets/lay down darts/use EMPs effectively. That being said, T3 BASRs are going to be very powerful with 3.4-4x scopes due to high velocity and no scope sway.

    Least that's why I think people are reacting quite strongly against you in this thread.
  9. IronMouse

    I am not wrong.

    I don't really care about the backlash. I expected as much.

    Snipers who stay at a distance ARE campers and cowards. Fact. Isn't it cowardly to choose a style of fighting where others don't get a chance to shoot back at you, or have a much lesser chance to do so as opposed to situations where you are actually INSIDE the base being captured/defended? And what would the motive for choosing of the long ranged sniper be, other than a relative safe-play, with rare deaths while you rack up kills to boost your K/D and certs? Granted at a much slower pace, but hey... It certainly isn't because snipers give any meaningful contribution to the fight, as already covered in the past here...

    So yeah.
  10. CJLogan

    Armor can wreck infantry and/or armor from a comfortable distance keeping ample cover. They're cowards.
    Aircraft can wreck infantry and vehicles with ample escape routes. They're cowards.
    Heavies have extra health to make sure they overcome skill by brute force. They're cowards.
    Maxes can wreck a boatload of infantry without requiring much skill other than general aim. They're cowards.
    Engineers can wreck maxes/vehicles from a distance where they can't retaliate. They're cowards.
    Light assaults evade direct and fair confrontation by taking up unlikely positions, making them hard to reach/see. They're cowards.
    Medics constantly wear you out by using healing and hiding behind others they keep rezing. They're cowards.

    I've never been a huge fan of FPS games, mostly due to accent being on reflexes, experience-based learning of movement habits of players within given levels and occasionally some luck. I've played pretty much all of the popular once in the last decade or two and had there not been for immersive singleplayer or addictive friend-mutilating multiplayer, I don't believe I'd even recall them. It's just how I am and I thought that would never change.

    And then came Planetside 2. It had quite probably the highest learning curve I've ever encountered in a game and the sheer scope of it was so frightening and confusing, that I understood many of my friends quitting after 20 minutes and not coming back. However, while they were thrown off by the chaotic, overwhelming and often demoralizing nature of the game - they failed to see it tries to accurately portray actual warfare. Real life war is inherently chaotic and unfair, with no guarantees of getting out in one piece, even after superhuman feats by individuals giving their absolute best to stay alive. Unfair? Of course it is. Does it happen? Well, it's a commonly known fact in war.

    Means of war are inherently designed so as to gain an upper hand in combating other means, with fairness and ethics being outright ignored. There's no merit in competing here - it's about winning by any means necessary. It just so happens that laying suppressive fire over great distances is not always viable, nor wise from a logistics standpoint, when using conventional small arms - and that's where the sniper comes in.

    Snipers are unique in that they instill fear in soldiers by using infinitely less resources and, when done right, can cover an immense area, making it safer for own troops to maneuver onwards. While easy to overlook and underestimate, it can make or break an attack and is an invaluable tool in any military leader's arsenal. A sniper on the far hill using distance to his advantage may seem cowardly to you, but it looks heroic to the 2-3 soldiers you would've killed by using maneuverability to your advantage.

    So you see, in essence, this is not a game design flaw but rather a thing inherent to any and all wars ever fought. Superficial views on broader aspects of warfare lead to superficial conclusions - such as that using jetpacks to your advantage is fair, whereas the enemy pushing his advantage (that may or may not negate yours) is unfair. Emotions are understandable but claiming them to be facts, while circumventing your unwillingness to out-think the enemy, is an automatic ego defense reaction that tries to soothe the burn and escape responsibility for own negligence via an attempt to impose moral criteria into an inherently immoral act such as warfare. If you're looking for a game with mathematically ensured chances of fair engagement, then I'm afraid this is not the place. This is war. This is Planetside.
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  11. BrbImAFK

    I applaud your attempt, and agree pretty much completely with your post... but you know you're typing in vain, right? OP's a narrow-minded monomaniac who, with religious-like fervour, is attached to his "opinion" beyond all reason and logic.
  12. Iridar51

    You forget that planetside is a game without victory, not a real war, and not even a good war simulator.
  13. pnkdth

    But it is fair for you to use a jetpack going to places I cannot and shoot me from unexpected angles when I am engaging the enemy? Sorry but come down to the ground and fight me on MY TERMS you friggin' coward. Stop pretending your precious kill streaks mean something as you're always fighting unprepared people. You need to announce in proxy chat when and where from you are attacking, otherwise it is not fair!

    This is how you're sounding right now.
  14. CJLogan

    Unfortunately for the OP, he will eventually learn that when emotions walk through the door, reason goes out the window.

    Well you see, victories are also quite a subjective thing. In my personal case they can end up being anything from a single memorable kill to snatching a close alert - I'm here to have fun so I pretty much always win. While I understand the cries of the community towards more meaningful rewards as testament of a victory, I simply choose to focus on what the game offers atm and derive my fun that way. I find this approach infinitely more practical and way less stressful than being discontent or bummed out over unfulfilled expectations and/or desires of what the game should be, regardless of how realistic, necessary or beneficial I may find them to be.

    Not all wars end in victories or defeats, in fact my country went through just such a conflict, and the cease of hostilities was what I saw as a victory. Heck, short of not dying, life has no victory per se - it is WE who CHOOSE what our "victory" will be. See where I'm going with this?

    P.S. OK, Planetside may not be "a good war simulator", but it's the closest I've seen in any game ever. Adapting it to a game format naturally required certain sacrifices and concessions, but I assure you that the essence of the chaos of war is as close to the real thing we've ever got - there are so many dangers and things to think about that I can't help but get immersed over and over. War is hell - but only if it's done right XD
  15. Whatupwidat

    Aye, and part of that is dealing with people who disagree with you ;)

    I'm not a camper, nor am I a stat padder - this has nothing to do with that. Snipers have their purposes and frankly if it's stat padding you're after, sniping from long range is one of the slowest and most boring ways to do it...so if someone is trying to stat-pad doing that? Pity them.

    If you want stat padding, look to sky knights and HE spammers, not snipers - who frankly given the mechanics of the game have a hard knock life... for us, a hard knock life. For us.
  16. Iridar51

    That's very touching, but misplaced.
    My point is - either treat this game as a war, with a real common goal at the end, a victory. Then everything is allowed. Cheese, sabotage, dishonor, suicide attack, you name it. All for the win. Obviously, PlanetSIde 2 is not that.

    The second option is that the game is a casual team death match to have fun, and the "objectives" in form of capturing territory only exist as a reason to gather people in one place so they can fight each other. PlanetSide 2 feels like exactly that.

    But there are also lots of "war tools" available that create situations where fighting just isn't fun anymore: sniping, vehicle farming, MAXes, mines, etc.

    These "war tools" would have a place in a war game, not in a casual shooter PS2 really is right now.
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  17. CJLogan

    See that's what I was aiming at - we both have our view of the game and our perception of victory (or in your case lack thereof). While I understand your attempt at this clear cut differentiation of how the game should be viewed, the only actual argument you offered is that the game "feels exactly that", which is entirely subjective. While I fully respect your opinion, it is not a fact - it is your opinion and perhaps should be presented as that.

    The thing is, the war tools that you (and the OP) see as detrimental to the fun factor are something I view as a mere challenge that actually contributes to my fun factor - the more difficult it gets, the bigger my reward is if and when I manage to counter them. I thoroughly enjoy pitting wits against intelligent human players, even if I do not win all the time. The OP apparently reached the point of frustration, and I'm not immune to that either - the actual difference is that I address the situation relying on myself and any means available to me, whereas OP chooses to blame game design, devs, and anything other than himself.

    I am not under illusion that everyone sees the game as I do. However, I will also not pretend that getting punished for complacency or losing a bet where odds were clearly unfavorable is something that should merit anything other than questioning own decisions. Openly advocating to dumb down the game reveals selfish insistence on diluting advanced concepts so as to appease ego, diminish own responsibility and almost certainly ensure stagnation. There are plenty of simple corridor shooters around - no need to ruin a perfectly good game just to feel better about own laziness.
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  18. Maljas23

    Sounds like an opinion to me. Learn what a fact actually is...

    L2P issue
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