[Suggestion] To all Infiltrators that snipe

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IronMouse, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. Goldmonk

  2. TheDarSin

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  3. IronMouse

    Be my guest. But that's the point. Camper snipers aren't even a threat. You're completely useless.
  4. Goldmonk

    We shall see, we shall see. I'll just be hiding in my bush.
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  5. Rikkit

    i love you all, thanks for testing your entertainer skills
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  6. Whatupwidat

    Wow, OP is kind of a ********, huh?
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  7. Jubikus

    In the end this entire thread is just someone stating their opinion like its a fact reasoning and debate are useless they already believe what they believe soooooooo..................

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  8. MonnyMoony

    LOL at OP talking about growing balls. You are playing a game where death doesn't really exist and 'getting killed' costs you nothing more than a few seconds of redeployment.

    If OP had a hefty pair - they would be out doing **** in the real world - not sitting behind their computer screen showing off their skillz to a bunch of high school kids.

    Some people take this GAME far too seriously......:D
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  9. Demigan

    I'm first and foremost an LA player, it was the first class I took, and the class I've played the most (aside from Engineer when I use vehicles). So I know where I'm at with the LA. And I'll tell you: dealing with snipers is just something you have to do. I think that if you add all your LA hours on all 3 characters together, you might come on similar time played as me. (you: about 16 and a half day, me: bit more than 17 days, I say we are equal)
    Just think about this for a moment: you are doing your utmost at causing havoc amongst your enemies, you are a menace, you say it yourself: you get 20+ kills and kill a few people in one go, then a sniper kills you... Why would that sniper necessarily be trying to get cheap kills? Isn't he killing a menace? Hasn't he just done something ultra-teamwork by killing off a guy who makes entire squads weep?

    Look, you seem to love your KD, otherwise it wouldn't be so high, but there's no reason for a nerf call just because a sniper blows your balls off.

    A good sniper in PS2 isn't some "cheap kills" camper, only the terminal-campers are cheap kills campers, and even then they can only kill so many before they are tracked down and killed. Because the good snipers keep moving, they don't sit still. Any bad sniper looking for cheap kills won't be killing me much as an LA. And if they do? I either hunt them down, which is usually easily
    As an LA, you should always be able to find cover, or to be moving. So if you get shot by a sniper because you stood still for a moment... too bad for you! It sounds harsh, but isn't any death that's could have been prevented by a second longer moving to cover your own fault? Whenever someone tells me "you typekilled me", I'll happily tell them they decided to start typing, not me. You stand still anywhere, for whatever reason, always be sure you are safe. And unless you are behind a shield, there's nowhere you are guaranteed to be safe. That's the price of an MMOFPS. A sniper isn't the only thing that can surprise OHK you, aircraft are much better at it, other vehicles are also incredibly capable of that.
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  10. Vivicector

    Every single time I kill somebody with 200 m silenced Phaseshift headshot, I think that my enemy is a noob. Cause, you know, standing still for 1-2 seconds sucks.
  11. Baracuda

    Looks like this child has be touched a bit by the 'Nam syndrome, stay clueless to your surrounding buddy.
  12. Taemien

    You have a 20 kill streak. Then get sniped. This means only one thing. You were not on point. You were not defending/attacking the base. And were going for personal glory. You are no different than the camping sniper you are complaining about.

    Think about it, how many of those 20 kills were from the same people? You didn't kill 20 people all by yourself. You killed the same 2-3 people probably 3-4 times each with a smattering of other people. You're farming kills and certs and sending people back to their spawn only to return in 10 seconds. Great job, /golfclap.

    Cert farming zerglings should disgust everyone. I don't give a damn about kill streaks or KDRs. You want to be impressive? Lead a squad or platoon and win an alert. Let see how many bases you can capture.
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  13. Ballto21

    Theres no reasoning with him Taemien, OPs just 2mlg4us. I honor his pain by playing him a song on the worlds smallest Airhorn.

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  14. SamReye

    Not going to read the rest of this thread, but it seems to me that you just want people to conform to your play-style. Answer me this: if everyone did the same thing, would you still be interested in the game like you are now? Not sure about you, but I prefer variation. If that includes snipers that distance themselves from the battle, bring it on, because there are plenty of ways a player can deal with them.:D
  15. Taemien

    Meh I want to see how leet he thinks he is. Lets see him win an alert. I've done it at least 3 times with my small squad. Lets see what he's got.

    Course even on his terms, my primarily LA playing member would probably eat him alive. Bastard got the LA and carbine directive in like two weeks on a brand new TR character.
  16. IronMouse

    I suppose only agreeing with you lot would mean "seeing reason"? You, somehow, know you are reasonable?

    How did I deserve to be told sarcastically that I am 2mlg4u? I am not showing off. I speak for ALL LA, played well. And I speak for ALL snipers, when not played well. I speak principally.

    Wait a minute, is that just one of those fake accusations based on nothing that serves to discredit me, thus what I say as well? Oh, you devil, you... :rolleyes:
  17. IronMouse

    Dear Tamien, your post, as well as many others, show how little you know. But you defend a lost cause nevertheless.

    Let me give you a little insight, then: after taking an enemy point, or clearing a friendly point of enemies, the dumbes thing any LA can do is stay inside the room. LA has literally zero advantages inside buildings, and is therefore less useful. LA's job is to stay outside, where it has more flanking/surprise opportunities. Since we have no HA shield/turrets/stealth/mines/cannot revive friendlies, we rely on our Jet-Pack to surprise people. Basically outplay them, outsmart them. Hence, the opportunity to get sniped as well. Yes, I am WAY different from campers I complain about.

    People I kill are of all BRs and experiences/skills. I encounter my server's most skilled/famed enemies every day. I win many of those encounters. So no, I don't camp spawn-rooms for clueless BR 1-20 players.

    I don't lead platoons because I am a lone-wolf. Which doesn't mean I play for myself. I play for objectives.

    Your assumptions are wrong.

    FYI, never compare LAs and snipers (snipers, not Infiltrators in general). You're confusing camping with work of art. ;)

    As for your ultimate, indestructible squad members, I welcome anyone to try and eat me alive. I am not the best, but I am good. And I am not here to compare strengths. In the lack of real arguments, you people start being defensive and then this happens. Off-topic, incorrect, assumptions out of desperation.

    As I've said, I get killed by snipers rarely. If I wanted to "flame" and "whine" because "I mad bro", it would be on HA forums or would "whine" about Air vehicles. I am not complaining because I've had my *** handed to me by some poor sniper sod once or twice for the last two weeks. For the 4325343th time, I am merely drawing attention to your unfair style of play, insufficient team/faction contribution, cowardice and general game fun-killing factor.

    Snipers should be, somehow - honestly I don't have a concrete suggestion/solution - "discouraged" to stat-pad and stay away from the battle on a remote location, farming easy kills, but forced to be a more active part of the battle. That, my clueless defensive friends, is the point of my OP. I don't think snipers are overpowered. I think their style of play is a design flaw of the game.
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  18. Taemien

    That says volumes right there. Its just like any solo player in any MMO. Not getting much done.

    Everyone's allowed to make decisions, they make them just like you do. They or you can make good ones or bad ones.

    You see, I think lonewolves are useless. Not much you can do to convince me otherwise. Its a multiplayer game that requires teamwork to be effective. You just can't do that while playing solo. Sure you can help the zerglings by popping people off the rooftops. But the zerg doesn't know what to do. They're there to farm.

    But.. the difference is, I've never made a thread showing my distaste for solo players. I've made my opinions known in other related discussions, but I've never felt the need to come out and make a thread with the sole notion of judging another's playstyle. You did. And now you are being judged in return.

    The opinion is clear. Solo players should stick to solo games. Sure you have the right to play solo in PS2. But don't expect to be respected for it. KDRs, Killstreaks, or whatever doesn't interest or impress me. Taking bases and winning alerts does.

    That can't be done solo.
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  19. Iridar51

    Fierce win :) Flame for the sake of flame, a man after my own heart <3 :oops:
    Why? It's an absolutely arbitratry goal to pursue. With how unrewarding, meaningless and un-personal these victories are, they don't mean particularly much. At least KDR and killstreaks or whatever can be used to judge a personal worth of the player. Yeah, these stats can be farmed, like anything else. But it's not like we can't know if a player farms or not.

    And your mindset of "streaks are useless and one has to spawnfarm BR1 players to get them without playing for the objective" is wrong. Just take a look at my recent killstreak video where I boast my MLG skillz. You'll notice that most of those streaks were done while aggressively fighting for the objective, or clearing an enemy encampment on the way to objective. Even when I was using the most selfish loadout ever with a single goal of farming kills for specific weapons.

    The class naturally has guided me to where I could do the most damage and kill the most people - when fighting for the objective.

    And unlike ground infantry, LA doesn't really require super organization. Sharing intel is enough, otherwise LA plays independently from the squad, and just clears the path for them, and flanks enemies contesting them.

    Yeah, in general unorganized players are less useful than organized squads with voice communication and teamplay. But LA is less hurt by lack of that, and stating that "all lonewolfs are useless" is just an opposite pole of farming KDR. Truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle.
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  20. IronMouse

    Good God...

    For starters, I'll quote myself from another post entirely:

    "As a lone wolf myself, I confirm that you are right when you say I enjoy smaller fights. IMO, smaller fights allow for one's strategy and wits to truly shine. Your actions matter. You are not just a part of the huge zerg with anchored Prowlers, farming Libs etc. There is less randomness, there is more planning.

    I enjoy everything from 1-12 to 24-48 battles.

    Unfortunately, they quickly escalate to 96+. Literally in a matter of minutes."

    Here is a link: https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps...ease-stop-locking-2-cont.229464/#post-3227116

    I hate zergs. And LA doesn't function well in zergs. They aren't needed in zergs, you have all the explosions you'll ever need. We simply haven't enough C4 to compete. ;) Dude, you're more and more wrong with each post you make. Seriously, stop making incorrect assumptions.

    I don't like being told where to go, when to go. Also, that kind of micromanagement is IMPOSSIBLE when it comes to LAs, from the leader's perspective. No platoon or squad leader can know the best time for an LA to act, or where to send him. Playing LA you find yourself in a hectic world of random, sudden opportunities - you work with what you've got at a given moment. Not even you can predict what happens next in larger battles. While playing the tank-game, or basic infantry you more or less know your path. With LA you are given the Z axis, and you solely depend on surprising people. There are too many factors to take into consideration in order to make your next move.

    If you are a good team player, you'll know how to help your team. Even if you don't have a squad/platoon leader yelling into your ear. No, especially then.
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