TMG-50 serious buffs

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Zica96, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Zica96

    Seeing as i Auraxiumed it a couple a days ago, i think i know it's weaknesses and frankly only SOME of it's strengths. This weapon does not in any way fit the TR niche , first off it's freaking ROF is 577 RPM! It should be increased to 650 or 700 rpm or anything else that works, and to go with that it needs a mag size and ammo pool increase to about maybe mag. size: 90, ammo size: 290, 300 or again, anything that works, i'm obviously in no way a tech guy.
    The other solution would be simply to increase the damage and decrease the COF bloom, buff the accuracy. Those are the only solutions i could think about for this weapon to fit the TR niche or unique behavior in the TR arsenal.
  2. vanu123

    700 RPM and 167 damage? Totally not broken. It is supposed to be something that gives TR something that hits hard.
    I guess you could make it into an anchor but TR already have the MSWR which is an orion copy.
    I say just change the Ursa into a 167 damage 600 RPM gun.
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  3. task_master

    "serious" buffs

    pls stop
  4. Zica96

    I specificly said ANYTHING that works. And what the hell does the Ursa have with the TMG?
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  5. ATRA_Wampa-One

    The only buff that I think it should get is access to SPA since the VS/NC counterparts (Flare/SAW-S) have that attachment option as well.
  6. PastalavistaBB

    TMG-50 definitely needs some "serious" or at least "half-serious" buffs. But the OP obviously doesn't have "serious" enough knowledge to define what he actually wants. "Anything that works" is just "joking", even the Spiker "works". That doesn't mean that it's a good weapon.
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  7. Auzor


    577 rpm really isn't "awful".. the NC has the GD-22-S, the Gauss Saw S, ..
    600 rpm is the NC "CQC" weaponry, for LMG's at least.

    If anything, I'd be more in favor of TR getting "TORQ" LMG's. (another poster in another thread)

    TMG-50 vs Gaus Saw S:
    -2x burst fire mode, on a weapon without a huge recoil multiplier (lower than the gaus Saw S..)
    -15m/s slower muzzle velocity. eh..
    -same short reload speed
    same accuracy

    ermagerd, it's as if the weapons are almost the same!
    Just fyi: the flare has a higher FSRM, and more horizontal recoil, and more horizontal tolerance too, and again, 15m/s slower muzzle velocity than the TMG-50. then again, no bullet drop.

    SPA ammo: fine by me.
    I wouldn't mind "TR-ing" the TMG-50; give it 85 rounds magazine or something.
  8. Zica96

    The devs know, i don't, and i don't go around telling nurfffzzz that and buffzz that and then going on with the tech stuff because i don't know it, i SPECIFICALLY said that.
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  9. vanu123

    Nice sig.
  10. Bhudda V1

    all the tmg can really get is more rounds...that's all the dev's can do with it.
  11. Robertooooo

    The only buff TMG-50 needs is a better firing sound. The one it have now is just horrible to listen to.
  12. Maljas23

    Rof buff is all it needs. Give it the TR's faction trait. Let it have its own tier of RoF like how the TRAP has it's own dmg model tier.
  13. Zica96

    Yeah that would be awesome, cause now it's a really weird gun to use if your'e a TR. It's like when u use the Cougar, it just doesen't feel TR in any way possible.
  14. Zica96

    The sound is horrible too, but i used it often in order to Auraxium it, and i see the problems that i pointed out to be a bit more troubling than just the sound, that's aesthetic the specs are a hole other thing.
  15. Zica96

    I'm up for that! As long as it's some kind of "buff" or change, because IT JUST DOESN'T FEEL TR.
  16. Zica96

    It's not "awful", it just isn't TR at all, idk about the idea of TORQ LMG's (still and AWESOME weapon though!).
    SPA ammo would be an improvment, and i would accept it with open arms, but a ROF buff is really needed, in my opinion.
  17. Zica96

    Explain to me why they aren't serious buffs? Just cause i'm not a tech and spec guy doesn't mean i don't see the problem with the TMG. I Auraxiumed it after all.
  18. PastalavistaBB

    I really don't know who used it on the Forums first, (Definitely not me) but it keeps evolving.
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  19. wickedhell3

    (sich) every faction has different weapons that are suited for specific roles:

    carv: all-rounder (750 RPM 143dmg)
    TMG-50: heavy hitter long range(meant to keep at distance same as cougar)(577 RPM 167 dmg)
    T32-bull: fast velocity accurate shots reasonable fire-rate (Preferred head-shots for max potential) (652 RPM 143 dmg)
    T16-rhino:"bull" like gun with increased potential against groups (by having bigger mag than bull ) (652 RPM 143 dmg)
    MSW-R: CQC LMG (750 RPM 143 dmg)

    so in that regard changing the so called "under-performing TR niche "(your words) TMG-50 is preposterous, cause it would fall out of its specific role.
    If you can't handle the gun in a certain situation go for a different gun that fits the scenario.
  20. Zica96

    The CARV is hardly an "all rounder", that would be the CARV-S.
    TMG-50: it's accuracy is not that good compared to the CARV's (yes i'm more accurate with the CARV then the TMG). And i proposed TWO solution not one.
    I'm ALMOST fine with all of the other weapons you listed but then again, some other post, some other time.
    And of course i don't use the TMG as an all round, "good for every situation gun", i just used it a lot because i Auraxiumed it.

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