Tmg 50, it's attachments and should I even bother?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Tanatos, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Tanatos

    I play as TR, currently using msrw and mostly love it, even figured how to use it at about 50-70m (A magazine on a moving target, but sometimes you got to do, what you got to fo) but for me it sucks at open spaces between bases. So I read about weapons and the TR longer range lmg is Tmg 50 and I have a few questions about it.
    First of all, do I as a HA even need to engage at that long distances? Isn't that a role of the scout/assault/carabine rifles?
    Second question is about attachments. The hva and the compensator. In a thraed about the NC SAW some one posted stats for them, basically the HVA moves your minimum damage range farther but increase recoil, the compensator nullifies that but adds more bloom per bullet so u basically gain nothing even bursting coz u bloom faster and loose the acuracy at those 80-90m rangers. That's my theory based on my understanding of the stats. I would really appreciate hearing how it works in real life. Should I use only hand grip, hg+compensator, hg+hva or the full set. About the scopes I thought to use the 3.4 one to leave the sides open for general awareness purpose, advancing enemy, ally crossing my line of fire etc.
    Any further information would be highly apprieciated, your personal opinion/expirience etc.
  2. LenaQuin

    I´m using both the tmg-50 and the msw-r, both played to auraxium.

    If i know i´m fighting a lot at distances between 1-40m, i´m using the msw-r.
    If i know i´m fighting at distances around 30-70m i´m using the tmg-50. In my opinion the tmg-50 starts getting the advantage at around 35m.

    My Tmg-50 setup:

    2.0 reflex
    forward grip

    I tried a 3.4 scope, but it shakes too much and i really dont want to use a lmg as a single shot, low dmg sniper rifle. Also you cant avoid closer combat distances all the time, so 2.0 reflex is a good allround scope.
    I also tried hva since it sounded pretty nice to have a bit more dmg at longer ranges, but i´m not using it anymore. The weapon already has a lot of recoil and it felt like the additional recoil made even short bursts inaccurate. So instead of helping me kill faster the ammo made it harder to kill anything at longer ranges.

    Preferable distances to fight: ~20-75m, maybe a bit more but at even longer ranges it is unlikely to kill anything fast, closer and the disadvantage against cqc weapon will start to show.

    I suppose you are using a 1.0 reflex or HS/NV on your msw-r? Then using it at 70m is pretty impressive, i couldnt hit much at this distances with it.
    Since your aim is most likely a lot better than mine then, your range with a 2.0 reflex and the tmg-50 would probably be higher than the distances i´m comfortable at using it.
  3. Mxiter

    Carabines are quite weak at long range (damages fallof) , long range AR and LMGs are much more effective, even if LMGs have a bit larger COF while moving, while immobile, i get the same than AR, and larger magazines are great for supression by its large magazines.
    Long range LMGs are generally also quite versatile (okay at close range and great at mid range) contrarely to Battle rifles/snipers.
    It's very useful during fight in open between bases if HA is required and/or it is your favorite/main class (overshields + Rocket launcher).

    IMO, the TMG is certainly the most versatile TR LMGs (better DPS than the T16/T32) and is the best at long range (tighter COF while immobile and less damage degradation).
    I use it with forward grip+Comp+Hva+2X scope (i find that scopes over 2X shakes too much and are too strong for mid-close range).

    Compensator reduce the vertical recoil: it helps to handle the weapon while ADS but don't increase the bloom as drawback, it increase the starting hip firing COF but hip-firing with LMGs is mostly viable at CQC with (ADV.)laser sight or at knife range.

    HVA add vertical recoil (that can be compensed by the compensator andt also by the mouse) but increase the bullet velocity and do this:

    That is nice for mid/long range.
    It's not a must have, but is a bonus if you can hadle the vertical recoil.

    Forward grip reduce the horizontal recoil while ADS. This recoil is lower on the TMG than other TR LMGs (167 weapons trait) but the grip is still nice becase there's no other way to compensate it.

    Few advices:
    Keep in mind to release the trigger from time to time to reset the COF even at close range every 15-20 shots and especially at long range where small burst are necessary (there is also 3 different modes avalabe by pressing "b" if you prefer)

    Also staying immobile during a burst improve a lot the initial COF: useful for longers range but take care to snipers/tanks shells ect.

    ADS everytime but at knife range

    To conclude, TMG+MSW-R is all what you need on TR LMGs.

    If you have issues with the vertical recoil, you can also try the T16 Rhino that is the second TR LMG for mid to long range but i find it less effective. Try them both in VR.
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  4. TheBloodEagle

    I feel happy when I see people use the screenshots I took for the weapon graphs. =D
    I use the TMG-50 now at ranges below 50m and use iron sights (feels more accurate with irons now). I've had it for months and have over 1000 kills but after the attachment changes in one of the GU's and the tracer changes in GU10, I stopped being a medium towards long range player with it. Instead I really go for headshots at close towards medium ranges. So my setup is iron sight, suppressor & grip, sometimes HVA.
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  5. Kaon1311

    TMG- 50 was nerfed not long ago so its very jittery while firing, so for long and medium range, its intended role, its crap. Try the Rhino for medium to long range and keep the MSWR for CQC.

    Everyones different, trial them / spend a good while in VR to get the feel. I find getting hits on target / ease of use / handeling trumps all other weapon bonuses, but again, just my opinion.
  6. CleanUpGuyCZ

    I use the TMG-50 as my univerzal weapon, and with succes. My attachement are: compenzator, fordergrip, high velocity ammunition, Only when it comes to optics it starts to get a little bit more complicated. I used a long time 1x and IRV I also tried 3,4x but they really suck, but then i started to use 4x optics and no i use them nearly everywhere. Optics are about personal preferences, so try them out at the VR training.
  7. BuggerRat

    When I first got my TMG a long time ago; it was expressly for med long engagements using Comp+Grip+HVA+4x Chevron scope. I also found that it could be used in cqc in a pinch where more often than not you could trust solid dmg, 75 rounds and your shield to pull you through; you'll be hurting bad but still alive.
    Now, post nerf and thanks to another TMG thread here, I found Grip+Comp+2x Scope gets you a reasonable jack of all trades set up and you can swap to a higher magnification scope for long range duties. HVA makes the gun kick around more so you may want to think about that if you're using it at closer ranges.
    Overall, despite the nerfs, I still like my TMG enough that its on one of my HA loadouts.
  8. Kyouki

    TMG is decent but I feel the rhino is just overall a better weapon. Since I already got auraxium with the rhino I'm using the TMG now. There is no reason to use a sight larger than 2x. Vertical recoil is very easy to compensate for so there is no need to use a compensater.
  9. Iridar51

    I used to run with TMG-50 a lot, but now I favor CARV more, because of how much more important CQC and medium range is.

    If you slap a forward grip on CARV and learn to control the vertical recoil real good, then CARV turns to a laser beam up to 30 meters (maybe 40 with bursts), and that's all you really need as a heavy.
    I believe you can't afford low dps/high accuracy gun as a heavy, because your job is to run around, soak the damage and kill people, not to snipe from behind cover.

    TMG-50 maybe hard for MSW-R user to adjust to, because it stands out as only 167 damage LMG, meaning it shoots slower, and barrel jumps stronger - TMG-50 has the strongest kick of all the TR LMGs.
  10. Sossen

    Actually it's the CARV-S. It has as much vertical recoil per shot, but a higher first shot recoil multiplier and a higher recoil per second.
  11. Iridar51

    Yeah, you're right, I didn't take a careful look, and taking into account rate of fire didn't cross my mind either.
  12. Unblest

    When I first started the TR, I was told to get the TMG-50. I like the weapon, I just died a lot in CQC. I have learned what I did wrong, but still I blamed the TMG. I don't use it much anymore, only when I know I will be firing to a medium to longish range. I use the Comp + foregrip + 2x reflex or Infared scope. Most of the time I use the CARV S because I like it more. TMG is a good gun, would use it more if it shot faster.
  13. Runegrace

    The TMG-50 is basically a giant SABR-13. A lot of people seem to miss the 2x burst that you can toggle it to. It has less accuracy while moving but 2.5x the clip size. Damage is completely the same between the two guns. If you like long range guns like the SABR then the TMG-50 should speak to you.

    The low fire rate is offset by higher damage per bullet than other LMGs, and that makes that 2-round burst deliver more power. Keep it on 2x burst while outside, and use full-auto when you have to go into tighter spaces. If you prefer to run full-auto all the time, the T-16 Rhino is likely a better fit. Compensator and FG makes sense for the TMG-50, and your call if the HVA is worth the recoil increase. I find HVA is more useful for leading targets than any damage increase.
  14. GSZenith

    after the nerf get t16 instead just better.
  15. Tanatos

    Thank you all for the help. I tested rhino and tmg in the vr, they both are good, and somehow rhino feels better. Can't decide :( Any way, sniping with msrw is not so hard, drop on a roof, find a semi stationary target, tap, tap, tap, drop. You'll burn trough your ammo in minutes, but it is fun, the surprise on the faces of la when they come to get you and you pop a shield is priceless :) Stock on medkits tho. Thank you all again. If someone have anything else to say, I'll revisit this thread for about a week or 2.
  16. Cromell

    TMG-50 with forward grip, compensator and (in my case) 2x scope, NO HV ammo, works amazingly well. It has a devastating damage and with a bit of practice, can be controlled pretty easily.

    I'll be getting Rhino once I hit auraxium on TMG. In VR it seems like a nice, controllable and accurate LMG. Lack of 2x scope isn't nice, but the adv. forward grip and extended mag capabilities make up for that. The price tag is also very nice. I'm actually very pleased with most 250 cert guns in Planetside, at least for TR, they are all pretty damn good.
  17. Balrogos

    TMG-50 Forward Grip/Compensator for long range the best is Iron sight for others x1 or x2 only dont use the rest of crosshairs becouse its useless.

    Anyway T16 Rhino and T32 Bull are useless and bad weapons.

    TMG-50 gameplay:

  18. TheBloodEagle

    Uhhh what? T16 is the best all-around LMG for TR.
  19. Sossen

    I'd rather use the CARV - it may have worse performance at the longer ranges but on the other hand the T16 really doesn't cut it in CQC.
  20. TheBloodEagle

    Compared to 750 doubt. I wrote best All-Around LMG though, a.k.a. for the certs/sc it works good for short, medium & long and has access to advanced foregrip which makes it super stable.