TMG-50 Could use a buff on its accuracy

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by raffa2, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. raffa2

    As titles says, specially on the burst and single fire modes, if not removed completely.
  2. AlcyoneSerene

    If the Ursa and the Saw are its counterpart, both are vastly superior to it. It is so underwhelming that one can see it even in VR testing.
  3. OgreMarkX

    Yes, it needs improvement. At release it was highly accurate on single fire. Then they "balanced" it, aka, nerfed it into the ground. But that made the NS15 so much more attractive to players. The "new" gun that came later...

    Think Apple releasing OS updates to improve your experience but they really just nerf your phone, thereby increasing sales of new phones.


    <double finger gun, mouth clicking noise>, "Cya on the links, Tiger!"

    "Buy low, sell high!"

    <drives away in his camero>
  4. DarkStarAnubis

    Problem is that the TMG-50 is very weak after 60m even with HVA, leading to have a loooong TTK compared to many other LMGs.
  5. typnct

    just use the watchman as it gives the same dmg, but in higher rof and less recoil
  6. blackboemmel

    Burst and single fire modes are useless on most guns in this game.
    It seems like the TMG-50 is a clone of the NC's Gauss SAW-S... - for my taste the worst NC LMG.
    I can feel your pain! :D
  7. raffa2

    Yeah, i'm trying it on VR training, feels very similar to the SAW-S, which has horrible horizontal recoil
  8. Crash Bandicoot

    I agree, it needs a buff. Either on its accuracy or its rate of fire since it's a TR weapon.

    *Burst and single fire modes don't really matter though
  9. typnct

    imo it just needs its minimum dmg changed to something like 150 164 else rof
  10. Erendil

    The TMG's issue is its high Horizontal Tolerance.

    For those who don't know what that is, it's a number used to determine how many times a weapon's recoil can "hop" in one direction from center before the game mechanics force the recoil to hop back in the other direction.

    The TMG-50, SVA-88, and EM6 all suffer from an unusually high Tolerance for their respective Horizontal Recoil, which allows each of them to hop up to 3 times to the left or right of center. Most weapons in the game will only allow 2 hops.

    This is what causes them to feel all squirrelly during sustained fire. All 3 weapons snake all over the place, and they all need their Tolerance reduced.
  11. raffa2

    The SVA-88 is definitely the least controllable of the bunch due to higher fire rate.