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    The Legendary Rebels Website

    The Legendary Rebels was originally formed on Planetside 1 as a New Conglomerate outfit on the Markov server. The Legendary Rebels was recreated within the first week that Planetside 2 was released and now we have over 200+ members. Our members comprise of casual gamers and hardcore gamers who have a lot of experience in FPS/MMO games.

    The Legendary Rebels are recruiting active players (MUST HAVE TS3) who are interested in organized FPS action on Planetside 2. We are a NC outfit located on the Connery server. We are also looking for veterans who played the original Planetside and/or gamers that had participated in various online FPS PC Games (Counter-strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc). Most of all, we want our members to be able to follow directions and stick to the current objectives, no matter how crazy they may seem. If you would like to join us on Planetside 2, feel free to visit our website and submit an application.

    Requirements for joining The Legendary Rebels:

    Battle Rank 10 or higher - We are looking for players who have a vested interest in Planetside 2 and enjoy the game. We believe that around BR 10 a solo player plateaus and starts looking for more organized play and coordination in their daily diet.
    Microphone and Teamspeak3 - Communication is key when we're out stomping mud-holes in the rears of our Vanu and Terran adversaries. Planetside 2 provides an in-game voice chat system, but it's sketchy. We Rebels took it up a step further and we use our own private Teamspeak3 server. Much more clear than the PoS we have to deal with in game.
    Willing to Follow Orders - Like all NC, a Rebel fights authority and oppression from "The Man". However, despite what we may all believe, Freedom comes at a price. Our corporate sponsors of this New Conglomerate designated some Rebels as leaders and when push comes to shove orders must be followed. Listen to your officers and NCOs when the meat hits the grinder and everything will be fine and dandy.
    Friendly Adult Attitude -- We're laid back. We joke. We talk about who had sex with whose mother and what not. We talk water cooler and talk trash. It's all fun and games. If you wish to be a troll, then you're looking at the wrong place.
    We are a 16+ Outfit - Our age requirement for players as a minimum of 16 years old. There are few exceptions brought in by nepotism, but that is VERY rare in itself. Refer to the previous requirement for more information.

    And most importantly, we're looking for players who have a SERIOUS hatred for communism (Terrans) and Scientology (Vanu). F- the Vanu and F- the Terran jack-holes. Join up with The Legendary Rebels and help us curb stomp these bastards!

    Those looking for an outfit, click on the link to our website above and fill out an application. It's quick and easy. Then jump on our teamspeak and ask for an officer or outfit leader.
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    I got killed by the outfit leader once, they must be good!
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    Hey, the link to the website doesn't seem to work, where could I sign up?
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    Considering Mr. Hibiki is in Recursion now, I doubt you can.