TKed because you arnt playing the game right

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  1. Tasogie

    really mature, this is sort of post infesting the forums. No wonder this place is a cess pit :(.
  2. Athessu

    People may have heard my deep monotone growly voice from time to time asking for repairs/heals, and getting progressively more monotone the longer it takes the person to respond, occasionally this results in a deliberately obtuse medic/engineer/vehicle parked directly in the way being left at the wayside in a crumpled heap :/. Some of the time those people even fired at me first for daring to ask for heals or repairs off people doing nothing else.
  3. {joer

    No its true. If you are only getting 15fps you shouldn't be playing. Its not about maturity, its about reality. Your system is too weak to play. If you enjoy slideshows, hey fine, but if they make the game more infantry centric its going to be a your problem, not the games.
  4. wowie

    The majority of people are only getting 20 in the massive fights, so don't treat me like I'm an outlier in your statistics... because I'm not.

    Keep up the amateur trolling, it's fun to read.
  5. FigM

    if there are a whole bunch of people defending, then it's much better to let friendly infiltrator to do their work. Destroying and rebuilding terminal takes too long, compared to infiltrator. It's a bad practice, so TKing is used as a simple training method for the noob. Don't take offense, learn from it
  6. CrashB111

    Thats funny, I get 30-40 fps nearly all the time and the game runs fine and I get plenty of kills. All this elitism about needing 70 fps 24/7 is nonsense.
  7. FigM

    There's quite a huge difference between 15 and 30 fps. I'd say 30 is the bare minimum for decent playing experience. Under 30, even if you manage to get lots of kills, the visual experience will not be satisfying.
  8. wowie

    30 FPS tends to be the minimum "acceptable" framerate for FPS games. 60 is ideal, or 120 if you are playing in 3D. The last mini-update made my FPS more stable, so it's likely that the next mega-update will increase it. Bring on those optimizations. I'm not the only one that needs them. BTW, this game would have been better if it released in late 2013 instead of late 2012.

    Also, thread is derailed.
  9. CrashB111

    Which is fine with me because I was over generous in my estimate, I dip into 20 FPS in big fights but yet again it doesn't matter any. I am not lagging at all and I don't really notice anything different in the enviroment with my settings maxed.
  10. NCagent00kevin

    I had some other Squad leader crying about how I decided to turn my Sundy around in the safety of a base instead of going the wrong direction, then making myself a big juicy target as I did a 3 point turn outside the base.

    He said he would blow it up if I didnt move it off the pad, which

    1: it wasnt even really ON the pad (shoved up in the corner as I did the 3 point)

    2: I had JUST sent out a /re to tell people I was going to turn it around there

    3: it was OBVIOUS that I was simply turning it around

    4: him and his entire squad just enjoyed its presence and assisted my squad with capping a highly contested base

    But no, this guy comes over prox chat cussing and yelling if he dies spawning his flash he will TK me and my Sundy.

    Well, if you see the Sundy there, dont spawn a vehicle for a couple seconds. Simple as that.

    But no, he's on a rampage about how I should have taken it up North outside the base, where a few Mossies were intermittently rocketpodding anything in sight, and turn it around so he could have his flash RIGHT NOW at THAT pad. Nevermind the fact that it would have been simple to go to the North Terminal and spawn one there, flip it around and head south - and much safer, easier and faster than doing so with a Sundy. Or just wait 3 seconds for me to finish the turnaround.

    So this guy stops in the middle of the road on his flash to cuss me some more - the very same road he knows I am coming down in a Sundy. (which also shows he wasnt in THAT big of a hurry to get anywhere)

    Maybe it was immature, but he had it coming. I clipped him and sent him flying up a hill. Wasnt trying to kill him; had I wanted to do that I would have just F3'd myself into my Bulldog seat and shot him in the back.

    I LOLd a little and continued on my way while he whines about 'why did you try to kill me?' gee I dunno buddy maybe it was cuz you just cussed me in proxy chat and threatened to kill ME?

    Moral of my cool story?

    Well, for starters have a little patience and respect for your comrades. We all fight on the same team. Threatening to TK someone because you dont agree with their procedures is a bit extreme.

    Secondly, dont sit still then cuss and threaten to TK a guy barreling down the road in a 50 ton truck. :D
  11. SgtMeatwad

    I do both, i hack terminals and i gun them and rep them as engie depending on my circumstanses. if im shooting one and i see an infiltrator anywhere nearbye i stop and let him hack it. sometimes i stop and let the guy hack and he STILL tks me, so i write his name down on the list next to my monitor, and whenever i see any of these names i spend all my time screwing up their day. One guy who i used to go violently back and forth with in chat even went Vanu and now we fight each other legitimatly, lol. All in all the infiltrator is ussually pretty useless to his team, engies are reping droping ammo keeping bases together while infils lone wolf it doing noooothing for their team or squad, the majority of 5 yr olds are going to pick that class and the majority of jerks are also going to choose it.
    Anyone that just TKs someone without telling them what they are doing wrong has no idea how to play a game. period.
    If you have the time to tk you own teammate instead of an enemy your ******-ed, you just did worse for your team than the guy you tked, please find me and do it to me i live to make Your life a nightmare:) i am... TheEradicator.
  12. NCagent00kevin

    The real TK problem is when opposing factions send a guy in to TK when they are having trouble taking a base. Ive seen it several times and its REALLY cheap.

    I think that could be solved by not allowing connections from the same IP to a different faction on the same server for 15 minutes or so...a 'cooldown' of sorts.
  13. HyperMatrix

    I think TK'ing is justified at times. I brough a flash speeder to the base of the crown with the 100m radar.. Park it under a tree so enemy doesnt see/attack it. Then i see a magrider shooting it 3 times and blowing it up.. So i drop a couple C4's on his mag and blow it up.. Idiocy needs to be punished.. The grief system will weapon lock you if you are abusing the system. Other times it serves as a great way to punish those who dont understand how to play the game, and interfere with your ability to do so.

    I've also shot a decimator at a friendly liberator who keeps spamming and hitting friendlies including myself on a congested ground fight. Be smart, and be courteous, and you'll be fine. Otherwise you will be punished.. ;)