TKed because you arnt playing the game right

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  1. Sebyos

    Humm from my experience if they hack a terminal inside your base and then you blow it up, it becomes an ennemy terminal that you can't repair. Would have to search more, but it would explain why he killed you.
  2. HyperMatrix

    It bugs out. I have video recordings of times that it happens. It "should" be set back to the faction that owns the building so they can repair it, but when it bugs out you're screwed.
  3. Yil

    I feel like there's the potential for you to learn an important lesson here...
  4. Commissar Gaunt

    ya, this happened to me at a tower, and the guy got pissy when I shot back and killed him... its a F2P game so assume everyone is like 10 years old and will throw a tantrum if you do something they don't like.

    PS I would have prefer to be gunned down then have my lighting C4ed from orbit because I was a lot of expletives...
  5. Snow Sheltie

    I've never heard of that before in my life.
    Killing a friendly engineer trying to destroy a terminal in a friendly base is called griefing/not thinking. Its another story if the terminal is in an enemy complex since that terminal can become completely unusable for your team if it gets destroyed and nobody repairs it for an infiltrator to hack.

    The most intentional TKing I see in my outfit comes from people in vanguards shooting and destroying friendly tanks and sunderers who park themselves in the middle of a narrow canyon road and block all traffic.
  6. Leer

    lol, for real. They have to do something because you call for it? Excellent reason to never provide support. In fact better to be a man down than have a play style like that around.
  7. Leer

    Fixed this for you. The Infiltrator should have hacked the terminal before the engi had to step in and do it the hard way.
  8. Zer0range

    Snipers have developed an emotional attachment to terminals. They need help, namely witnessing terminals getting destroyed and repaired as often as possible; the right way to do it. Hacking is for sissies. Real soldiers shoot and blow up stuff.

    It is obvious that a large portion of you people cannot read or did not read the OP.

    The OP clearly stated that the Inf killed him because "it is faster to do it as an infiltrator".

    You guys keep talking about "why".

    Why has already been established.

    And the answer to the OP is simple. No, it is NEVER ok to deliberately TK.

    If you think it is ok to TK, then send me your name and server. I will come TK you every time you spawn, and when you ask why, I will say, "Because I think it is fun." And I am sure you will say "Oh. ok cool."

    Just like in RL you wouldn't kill someone just because you say they deserve it. (Army Vets excluded)
  10. Steppa

    And then there's the lovely experience of having following the main group around Indar, seeing the same guy in ORDERS directing things, only to hear his whiny, tween voice in proximity at one of the stations, ******** about all the "mother****intkers! ******* MORANS"

    Yeah...had to log at that point. It made me feel unclean somehow.
  11. Zer0range

    I think it's OK to TK sometimes, but unlike you, not because it is fun.

    My in-game name is the same as my forum name, and I'm a Vanu on Woodman.
  12. BOOKEN

    Obviously it was a bit over your head. But yea you think it is ok to TK so your head is in the wrong place to begin with.
  13. Jaxxx

    I can see him getting upset, and knifing you if you started to destroy the terminal while he was hacking it, but to kill you and tell you that you're doing it wrong...???
    All he simply had to do was ask you to stop so he can hack it.
    I love it when Im hacking a terminal and a knucklehead with a Magmower comes in and starts blasting the terminal (and me along with it) so he can get a few extra points exp for destroying a terminal, and we now can't spawn a sunderer until the base is flipped
  14. Tasogie

    lol no people who dont give a damn say that. And people who know that a mindless stat has absolutely ZERO effect on gameplay. You funnily enough play PS2 like it was cod or cs..that is obvious. Where as I play as part of a team.. hmm which of us is correct, I wonder......
  15. Bill Hicks

  16. Spookydodger

    Either by glitch or by intention, often times a destroyed terminal doesn't revert to the owner.

    A hacking infiltrator was floating around under the ground at The Crown, which we owned. He hacked the terminal and someone else destroyed it. It remained enemy controlled and we couldn't use it for like 15 minutes till it finally naturally reverted.
  17. MeltingCPU

    He probably was on his way to hack it when OP started blasting it. Happened to me already and I got pissed but didn't shoot the guy. Engs should be more aware of that and people shouldn't TK for stupid reasons.
  18. Spookydodger

    I throw down proximity mines on friendly terminals to try to prevent that. Sometimes I even throw down double AT mines in front of the pad itself just in case there is more than one.
  19. wowie

    Maybe that would work if there wasn't an extremely high probability of people wearing flak armor. I wear it on my engineer.

    I have it certed up enough that I can survive proxy mines with a sliver of HP left.

    Usually this happens near unattended terminals, generators, and cap points.

    Nice idea, but I've already equipped the hard counter to that idea, and I'm sure many others have done the same.;)

    Also, when unsure about veh pads, pull your flash, jump off the moment it spawns, then pull your X after your flash auto-drives off the pad.

    You'll be wasting 25 resources every time,
    but this is usually made up for by the fact that it'll sometimes save you 200-400 resources and a long timer.
  20. Zer0range

    I appreciate your assessment of my intellectual abilities. Let me fill in what others might claim is obvious. I'm not very concerned with FF when going for targets of comparatively higher value. And it happens, occasionally, that I intentionally run over (or shoot) engis that are tailing me with their repair tool to remove an annoying distraction when I'm engaged in tank to tank combat since my manouvering will kill them anyway - better to get the inevitable over with sooner rather than later if the gain is eliminating an element of distraction; right or always wrong? The latter view is categorically kantian in its nature, while the former resonates with Aristotle. Kant is so passé, but maybe you're of a different opinion. I don't know, and I don't care.