TKed because you arnt playing the game right

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  1. D0n

    I think I am not making myself clear.

    IF you have a tower and the class switch console is at the bottom next to the vehicle spawn, WOULD you allow someone to destroy it if you think it can't be repaired back to normal?

    That guy who killed him only acted on beta mechanics there is nothing to blame him for, if OP had a clue he should have told him "hey it's not like this anymore".

    Bad TK but very well excused.
  2. KoooZ

    I think the sad thing is, after just reading page 1, seeing people defend and try to justify it. This thread is about exactly what happened to the OP, which was ********.
  3. Believer

    I like the part where the guy just went right ahead and killed you instead of even bothering to chat to you about it. I'd say he sets the bar very high on cowardice.
  4. Kracin

    ohhhhh lol, im sorry, showing that it allows you to turn a terminal back to your own factions after destroying it when it was hacked.

    ya. pointless... lol what are you 10?
  5. Kracin

    acting on a beta mechanics? how f-ing long has it been since that has been changed? VERY VERY Long, it was a bug in beta and it was fixed in beta. theres no excuse except that the guy who killed him wasnted the exp for himself like the first infiltrator was trying to defend him about "taking his job" like some union dolt
  6. D0n

    Did they post patch notes? I don't see any patch notes anywhere, some changes aren't even there if they did.

    The problem is just that, patch and have EVERYONE read patch notes as you download, drowning in a glass of water is what SOE does best.
  7. idclev50

    You can't destroy an enemy (hacked) terminal and repair it.

    The person who killed was right in saying change to an infil then hack the terminal but he didn't need to kill you to make his point. It sounds like he was the noob

    EDIT: After reading the rest of the thread, has this been changed?
    I havn't seen anything in any of the patch notes
  8. Kracin

    oh for ***** sake

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  9. Kracin

    ya know what, i'll give you that one that a lot of people are just plain lemmings when it comes to paying attention to the thing in front of them, prime example, yet another guy ^ right above me here, saying that it doesnt change back.

    the problem is not SoE posting that they fixed one of many bugs that people were constantly complaining about in beta (by the way it was fixed for release, so anyone playing from the start wouldn't even know the difference, so its not a problem for the majority of players, just the few and far between who are just ignorant to their surroundings).

    there were far too many fixes to release patch notes about bug fixes during beta, but at this point in the game any changes and bug fixes would have to be documented, but we know that isn't going to happen.

    so TL:DR for the new guys, pay attention to whats going on , you'll learn something and won't end up being a dick when you tk someone for something you think is right, but is wrong
  10. {joer

    I blew up a "friendly" sunderer in a base cap because they parked on a mountain that only LA could hope to get up and the rest of the sunderers couldn't deploy on the nice flat base area.

    I'm such a bad man.
  11. Garakan

    if there would be enough GMs in this Game to solve such issues, i would say, give him a 24h Ban.
    but there are not enough GMs.. so just accept that hes an Idiot and go on. Kill him, if you want to, but its a waste of time to deal with idiots.
  12. KoSGunny


    Not to mention, stop being a pansy. If someone kills you, kill him 3 times back. FFS do you have any idea how many people i've made cry by doing this? They turn on their McDonald's manager god-syndrome and TK me, so I shoot back. And usually, they can't play for **** so I TK them every time they look at me until they get the point and move on with their tail between their legs.

    Regarding PLAYERS not doing their 'job' right.. This is a video game. You PLAY it. For fun. What 'job' does a PLAYER have?You don't like how someone else plays it? Too bad, SOE might sell some tissues eventually. Until then, cry your eyes out that the bad man has his sundy up and you can't place yours.

    But if someone TKs you because they don't like how you play, get the paddle out and make them cry more. Goldun rule children, golden rule. The problem most of these little kids don't consider is that you're on the same team: You can find them and track them, often across the continent.
  13. Adamar09

    I saw that in the video, too. How the hell do you guys spare infantry resources for a goddamn terminal? I can barely keep up with all the tanks to blow up.

    You're a ******.
  14. KoSGunny

    I see I made you angry by posting useful information. Self Esteem +1.
  15. Adamar09

    Escalating a useless conflict is not "useful information". It's petty and stupid.
  16. iller

    I also find this perfectly acceptable. TK'ing is just another way to get people's attention when you have a major disagreement with their methods or they simply weren't paying attention. It would have been disabled long ago if there was any sort of real penalties inflicted through it (such as having to walk for 5 minutes back from the nearest spawn like in some games....which is almost never ever the case here)

    Or other continents as well...

    It's amazing how many Pro-"OpenPvP" proponents you'll find in a lot of RPG's out there but but as soon as an FPS allows it you get a thread like this? ... Nah. I don't buy it. There's WAY MORE carebears in RPG land. I think a lot of people here are just bored and looking for an argument :D
  17. Azimaith

    Best way to avoid those situations is proximity chat. As an engineer myself I often leave "parting gifts" in super camped spawns. As in 3 AT mines, 2 C4 and 2 bouncing betties, all set up to detonate the moment some fool rushes into the center of the spawn room with his pack of cronies behind him. He hits the betty and the whole room goes sky high destroying everything, including the terminals.

    But the number of times people I have explained this too start shooting because I'm setting it up is almost beyond counting. Luckily proximity chat usually straightens it out.

    In an earlier fight we were defending a tower that was just about fallen to the enemy. I blew out one terminal (we only need one terminal in the spawn room) and explained we only needed one at low health so we could scorched earth it as soon as the tower flipped. Got Tked once, but after explaining again that the tower was lost and we should deny the enemy resources they got behind the idea and helped to make sure the tower was utterly useless when it finally flipped. Also the first two people who spawned in their exploded but that's not really the point.
  18. Tasogie

    LOl bang!! right there is the only thing we need to hear....

    You believe KD means something...
    As a cod player your opinion on how to play PS2 is limited. (thank you fro your insights)
  19. GrimReap3R

    I only can say, I don`t need to defend myself, I know things changed at time the base is already owned by the empire that BR23 engi noob was playing for, still do I think some people don`t know that not flipped base terminals stay unable to repair for a long time (TILL THE BASE GOT CAPTURED BY THE EMPIRE YOU PLAY FOR) till you wannabe engineers are able to repair it back to serve your empire needs with it. I can tell you I saw boatloads of destroyed terminals I was unable to repair back, because of nice guys like you, going for cheap exp instead of making Infiltrators able to hack it back, so I still don`t believe the dam.n thread starter that he got killed by an friendly Infiltrator, while defending, that`s what OP said, while I believe the story were a bit different that time.
  20. HyperMatrix

    People with low K/D ratio's would say that.