TKed because you arnt playing the game right

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  1. KraggTheGrim

    Thank you very much for this video. As i have been saying, I play an engineer almost exclusively, and I see this daily. I destroy them and fix them back to our faction. I know the difference between a facility we hold and one we don't. I have almost never destroyed one when on the attack except for those rare ones that are already damaged and my grenade takes them out.

    I ask that if you don't play an engineer regularly, do not assume you know more about fixing things at a base than the engineer keeping the guns, terminals and shield generators up and running.
  2. Meiu

    Anything is possible when dealing with ******* and trolls. You know really probably happened? The guy rolled your faction FIRST then got tired of "insert something op here" and switched factions to the one he perceived was stronger. Now he has a level 10 what ever faction and his other high level BR and because of that he is spitefull and mad anytime he loses cause he thought he switched to the OP side.
  3. Rothnang

    I asked a friendly engineer for ammo 10 times in a row yesterday on my heavy, he just kept shooting his carbine at the enemy tank I needed two more rockets for. So I shot him. He deserved it.
  4. AnnPerkins

    nah, I destroyed a hacked terminal last night and it didn't switch back. For any SOE that actually read these: The southern satellite base for the vanu tech plant on Indar. If you hack the vehicle terminal while another faction controls the satellite (but not the entire base) it will stay vanu. Please, actually fix things.
  5. fastdak255

    people just want more certs/xp for themselves. They don't care about TKing. One plague on my server for VS is people C4ing friendly sundys so they can place their own, no ***** given to the 4-5 friendlies they TK in the process.
  6. bPostal

    I would imagine he was going to but someone destroyed them. IMO the best option is to switch to infil, hack them back and then switch back to your main class. Terms should really only be destroyed as a last resort when a base is overrun and you no longer have control of the terminal area.
    Otherwise people might think you were an empire hopper who just wants to blow **** up before their team arrives.
  7. Hydragarium

    The only time you should ever blow up a terminal is never (except in the case of multiple terminals present such as aircraft and tank terminals in towers). Destroying "your own" terminals while they are hacked is incredibly stupid.
  8. Uben Qui

    Yea, that sounds like a bug. Report it fer sure. :(
  9. Boomschtick

    I'll smoke a term if it's our base and an Inf hacked it so 1) we get the term back, 2) I get the xp. Typical Infs on my server will run up so you notice them, then I stop and let them hack it back.

    As for TK'ing Engies over ammo packs? Screaming into your mic for ammo usually won't net you anything if the guy is like me and has his VC turned down so I don't have to listen to someone else's ****** choice of music while we are fighting. Or maybe, like me, they aren't watching chat like a hawk to see who needs help. Press V then choose AMMO. I hear the game calling out for ammo and I look for the ammo icon over peoples heads. Otherwise I tune everything out that isn't on my outfit's vent server.

    Random TK of the day, we put down a Libby to repair and some jackhole in a Lightning decides to pound away at us. We lifted off and turned him to dust while he screamed in chat and voice chat about being on the same team and how he was going to report us. Have it it, buddy. Should have checked fire once you saw it was a friendly instead of lobbing **** at us. lol
  10. Compass

    If I see a terminal that's hacked, I whip out one of my trusty AT mines, plant it, and shoot it. Good for those half-tower terminals where there's two right next to each other, both hacked.
  11. TheShrapnelKing

    It's like a real war - there's spies everywhere. Thus, do not be afraid of TKing someone who's shooting at you.

    In regards to the OP, that guy was a ******* and I would have killed him right back.
  12. UzumakiW

    Lol, screw that. If that guy expects a person to run back to a terminal to switch to an Infiltrator, then run back just to hack the terminal back, that guy needs to be tk'd a few times.
  13. Kracin

    excuse me, please watch this, educate yourself, then stop telling people wrong.

    have a nice day bud

  14. Shockfrosted

    I've done the same thing with my engi and received the same "response".
    But in a game like this, you always have fools trying to tell you that you're "doing it wrong" I guess. Just shake your head and move on, you can't take away people's rights to be douchebags.
  15. D0n

    So they didn't fix it? then OP knows why now.
  16. Matti

    Actually, the guy who TK'd you was right and you were wrong. Learn from it and you will do better next time
  17. Kracin

    doesn't matter, it isn't even hardly "half the time" it may be more like .0000111% of the time considering how many terminals there are, and how many may not still do it (as far as i know, 1 terminal in 1 base on 1 continent still doesn't)
  18. D0n

    The key is location bro, all about location.

    Many things can be attributed to TKing someone doing it.
  19. Kracin

    "bro" it was clearly an infiltrator that was thinking like the other noobies in the thread and assumed he couldn't turn it back once it was destroyed, so he shot him like a noob.

    that's all there is to it, and people need to stop being ***** and learn the mechanics of the game before they run around tk'ing people for no reason.

    i'm an advocate for proper tk's.... ie... getting rid of idiots who ruin things for large amounts of people, like the guys who place a sunderer outside of a protected area, just to get xp from respawns, even though his team is now dead in the open when they respawn due to lib fire that is farming around the sunderer, instead of parking it inside the protected base., and now no other sunder can deploy inside.
  20. Hydragarium

    Indeed.... education. *cough*