TKed because you arnt playing the game right

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  1. wowie

    May I mention that "your faction as a whole" doesn't exist when you're on a continent where you have 7% pop fighting against 81% pop? Basically one guy per facility, trying to hold off a squad each? Not everyone zergs indar, you know. When you're that outnumbered, you salt the earth, slash and burn, leave AT landmines in front of the pad, and AI mines on the cap point and spawn room doors, and basically try to fight dirty as much as possible, because you're going to lose, it's just a matter of when. Also: It's not the cactus faction, it's the amerish faction.:D
    As long as we're trolling each other on the forums instead of shooting each other in game, might I also mention that the optimal class for playing in vehicles is the engineer, so anybody that wants a vehicle probably has the tools to fix the terminal themselves anyway?
  2. Hydragarium

    I'm sure everyone just relishes the idea of having to stand around repairing terminals whenever they have to spawn a tank for quick defense response. And then you'd have to camp the terminals anyway to ensure they don't stay "up".
  3. wowie

    Hydragarium uses YOUTUBE ATTACK!

    Epic announcer voice: Let the troll war BEGIN! ROUND ONE!
    May I mention that you did a very nice job of surgically removing only the parts of the post you wanted so you could distort the context of the message? Good job, you are one of the more experienced trolls, I didn't even notice, at first. I just looked at your likes/post ratio... ouch.:eek: Yeah, stat tracking on a forum. Who'd of thought? I could write an entire essay about the art of trolling, but I'm not going to unless we move this to the off-topic forum.
    If this happens I'll usually leave the terminal up because, as I stated earlier, if I'm not the only person defending, then there usually isn't an issue with nobody being at the terminal to defend it, because everyone walks by them when they respawn anyways, like a one-way patrol route, and, if there's an actual defense, people will be respawning fairly often.:)
  4. Tasogie

    Report him as a griefer, though sadly the report function is a laughable joke..... All you can do si report him, an kill him till he stops.

    It happened to me tonight, this muppet on NC briggs was parking his Sunderer next to the edge of bridge so when you spawned you fell straight off the cliff. He would then laugh at you.

    So I told everyone what he was doing, an he moved it before anyone destroyed it. When I got back he killed me an ran off..

    I found his Sunderer again, n told Vanu exactly where it was,then sat there refusing to shoot anyone that came near it.... He didn't do it again.
  5. Hydragarium

    Atta boy. We'll have no problems.
  6. wowie

    Just out of curiosity if I was on your server as your faction and you saw me TK my own terms, would you TK me because "I'm not playing the game properly...?" Your stance towards this issue suggests that you probably would, but I'm trying not to assume things here.
  7. humpmasterflex

    If you think thats bad, try to destabilize some enemy generators, YOU WILL BE CONSTANTLY team killed by friendlys because they want that 300 XP.

    happened 4 times to me last night alone.... they need to punish team killing, a little message on screen wont stop people from doing this.
  8. iller

    Bad idea.... if you report people who don't have a history of absolutely rampant griefing then you risk being ignored by all GMs in the future as a wolf-cryer.
  9. Hydragarium

    If you toss a grenade down a hallway of our people, I will yell nasty things at you - but I won't bother shooting you. Hopefully you'll hit the enemy the next time. :p

    But if you run me over (where it was clearly your fault), shoot me (Stop running in front of the guy shooting missiles) or shoot a terminal I am about to hack (or someone else), you'll find yourself at the receiving end of my shotgun... repeatedly if need be. :D
  10. GrimReap3R

    LOL, you seems not to know anything about "How2Play" the game properly as a BR23 still, which is sad and hilarious at the same time, because you are even not smart = stupid enough and come up with your standup comedy complaint here in the forum.

    Why I can`t farm some tiny amount of XP while doing it wrong, I`m an experienced BR23 and only look for the fast farm, so let me be.


    (will tell the truth now)

    Engineers like you or even any other class in PS2
    which destroying hacked terminals, lowering the own empires strengh, even while I saw already some "Know nothing about PS2 but post my lack of knowledge" rumors in your thread aswell, like "Most of the time the terminal I destroy bugs out and I can`t repair it afterwards". Without words, I`ll once throw in my 5 cents and lighten these guys horizon up a bit, You can`t repair an enemy empire owned terminal, after you flatliner brains derstroyed it, because you`ve to wait till your empire will flip the point once totally and that`s the only reason, why people like you KraggtheGrim had to die by own empire forces, because believe it or not, you`re playing the game wrong, even as a hilarious BR23..

    End of Story, have a good one.
  11. HyperMatrix

    The reason is that if you destroy it, your side can't hack it to use it later. By destroying it, you're depriving your team of the use of that terminal. If it were a useful terminal, I'd TK you as well. This was an element present in PS1 as well. In fact if an enemy team was attacking our base, I would blow up our own vehicle terminal just so the other team couldn't hack it and use it.
  12. KraggTheGrim

    I have only reported 2 people since my account was created. I understand that TK's happen especially in a heavy fire fight, bad grenade toss. I have been TK'ed quite a lot, but i only report people who do so when there was no justification for it. Last night, that infiltrator went out of his way to kill me. Was he right to do so, that seems to be debatable, i think it was uncalled for, but others in this thread seem to agree that what he did was right.

    But he for sure cant say that killing me was an accident. There were only friendlies inside the facility at the time of the indecent. and using a knife as the killing method he cant say he was aiming at someone else.

    The only other guy i reported, killed me while i was on a Flash driving next to his tank on the way to the next battle. The machine gunner of a vanguard turned the gun on me and fired until i died. Another no excuse TK.

    So i think i have been using the report feature as it was intended.
  13. KraggTheGrim

    I'm not sure if people are reading what i wrote correctly. The base was owned by my empire. the terminal was hacked by the TR. I was attempting to destroy it so that the base would then revert it to a destroyed NC terminal (the empire still owning the facility) so i could repair it and make it again useable by my empire.

    This happens quite often in Tech plant fights. Infiltrators hack the terminals and turrets on the top level, and we destroy them so that we can rebuild them and continue to use them for defense. I don't know why people seem to think that if i destroy a turret or terminal i cant fix it. I do it on a daily basis. So do a lot of other engineers.
  14. Kracin

    um? not sure if you are just brain dead or don't know what game you are playing, but the only time you shouldnt destroy a hacked terminal in a base your team owns, is during beta when you couldn't repair them even after flipping it.

    nowadays, for the people that play the game, if youare defending a base you own, and an infil hacks something. you can simply destroy it, then repair it back as your own (it is flipped once its destroyed).

    why are you so misinformed?? it hurts my eyes to read your text
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  15. Kracin

    for the love of god, stop posting if you don't even play the game.

    if you own the base, and some enemy hacks a terminal, you can destroy it and then repair it as an eng, destroying a hacked terminal in a base you own flips it back to your own color so i can be repaired again.

    I am sorry OP. THESE PEOPLE are why you got killed.. mindless grunts running around that have no idea how the game works
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  16. Xivilyn

    The very first sentence you quoted specifically says he was DEFENDING the base. Meaning he CAN repair the terminal. Speaking of flatliners. jfc, get a life moron.
  17. HyperMatrix

    Nice. 1.21 k/d ratio calling me out on not knowing how to play. Problem is that sometimes when you blow up a hacked turret or terminal, it becomes unrepairable until the base flips to another empire. If you paid attention when you played you'd know about that bug. ;)
  18. Kracin

    ohhhh NO!O!O!O!O!!O!O! my 1.21 kd???? wait, ever think people actually play for objectives and not k/d????

    here, take a look, let that br23 show you how to play the game noobscicle

    never seen that "bug", post a vid or forever hold your tongue nubby has to be a VERY rare occurance, because it always works to turn terminals back. never worth TK'ing a teammate, like some new guy who has no idea how ti play such as yourself
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  19. Hodo

    I have TKed infs for not hacking once.

    We were defending a tech plant and all of the turrets on the top floor had been hacked. They stood around trying to snipe the one or two HA that were coming up the tube or drop podding in every few minutes. Several people asked them to rehack the turrets, and the air terminals. They stood there trying to be 1337 sniperz against tanks. So I killed all of them with one C4 charge because they were all clustered together.
  20. Uben Qui

    That has been changed, as others have stated in this thread. You can now destroy a hacked turret or terminal and then repair it to get it back to being functional for those who own the base.
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