TKed because you arnt playing the game right

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KraggTheGrim, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Bitmap

    Ahh, so the mechanic WAS changed... but is buggy in it's deployment. Gotta go with the sure thing then (rehack) over the possibly bugged option (destroy-repair).
  2. Crywalker

    Yeah, I have to admit I TKed a guy today thinking he was doing this. Was my fault but he got pissed and killed me when he respawned. It'd be nice if they put a CD so faction switching wasn't a somewhat reasonable, if cheap, tactical decision to help your main faction.
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  3. Degenatron

    This is probably why. This use to be a very prevalent bug. The guy probably didn't know this has been fixed. It may happen from time to time, but I've killed over fifty hacked terminals since it got patched and haven't had this problem at all.

    Also, you get more XP for killing and then repairing.

    I have a pretty low threshold for stuff like this. I would have reported him.
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  4. Metran

    Similar thing happened to me. Do what I did, hunt him down and kill him until he /quits.
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  5. KraggTheGrim

    I did report him. Bug or not he could have done any number of things to get my attention like shoot me once or twice, but he went for the kill.
  6. Grotpar

    You still should've let him hack the terminal.
  7. WhiteWolf

    OPs post is defending, not attacking. Enemy hacked the terminal. Destroyed terminals belong to base owner. Defending engineer, unable to hack the terminal back to normal, was destroying the terminal to repair it. Not necessarily doing this for experience, but to get the terminal back to the proper faction. Allied Infiltrator TKs engineer, rather than saying "Hey, I can just hack that back, get it done faster."
  8. NightFall

    well, if you're in our base destroying our own terminals, then I'm going to assume you are one of those jerks that team switch just to screw over the other team.

    Plus, it's not like I can see your BR, so i'm going to assume you are a level 1 Noob/troll
  9. Hydragarium

    I don't think I claimed otherwise - just posted my personal experiences.
  10. WhiteWolf

    Oops. Misread. :B
  11. JokeForgrim

    Sure ronald... you earned it anyway :D
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  12. Adamar09

    Yeah, destroying hacked terminals in a defending base makes sense. Fairly quick to kill, and quick to repair back. Turrets, not so much. Send a friendly INF to turn them back over.

    Destroying terminals in a base you're attacking is pretty dumb, though. Being able to spawn a vehicle or swap class (without the help of a sundy) inside the base is invaluable.
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  13. wolfva

    Yeah, there'll always be idjits who think there way is the only way. Heck, look at all the people telling you to grief the guy. That really works. Yep. Right up until you get weapons locked, or get a visit from a nice CSR who bans you for griefing after the guy reports you. Of course, HIS initial TK won't get him in trouble; once isn't griefing. Repeatedly, however, is.

    Only thing you can do is report them. Though in that situation I'd ask for an Inf to hack the term at least twice before declaring I'm blowing it up.
  14. CrashB111

    Whenever I see a hacked terminal in my bases I always blow them up and then repair them back. Waiting for some random infiltrator to run by is just giving the enemy more time to spawn a Sundy off that hacked vehicle terminal. Hell even if I only manage to blow it up and not repair it, they can't rehack it until I fix it.
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  15. Azren

    If you just destroy it, it stays hacked and you can't repair it. He was right you know...
  16. wowie

    I preemptively blow up terms while defending and then leave them blown, then they can't be hacked, ever. I've annoyed many lone wolfing infiltrators by purposely TKing all of a base's terms so they can't pull sunderers and junk out of thin air for the rest of their team to use.
  17. Hydragarium

    Or you know - you could stop being a dick and guard the terminals. You could even spawn vehicles that way too.
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  18. wowie

    One person can't guard 4 or 5 terminals alone. You only have to be gone for 10 seconds for a sunderer (and a small army) to show up on your doorstep. I usually do it when defending outposts and such that nobody else cares enough to defend. When there is an active defense of more than half a squad, it's usually not necessary because there are friendlies using the terminal all the time anyways, and any infiltrator that stopped long enough to hack it would get him/herself killed.
    I do spawn vehicles. I have 8 different vehicles I rotate cooldowns between. Quit assuming things and you'll get yourself a lot farther in life... and in game.;)
  19. Hydragarium

  20. DeadAlive99

    I didn't know about this either. I'm still used to the old way where 'hacked and busted' means you have to wait for the base to flip, but also those bugs where it does not flip when the base is capped, as well as the bug where it does not flip when destroyed. Buggy and confusing.

    I still see the bug where it doesn't flip on base capture.