TKed because you arnt playing the game right

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  1. KraggTheGrim

    WTF is this?

    I am defending one of the NC facilities on the fight line with maybe about 20 other people, an infiltrator sneaks through the lines and hacks our class terminals. So being an engineer i plant down an ammo box and start to destroy it so i can repair it and make it ours again.

    I get it down to about 25% when i am knifed in the back by one of our infiltrators BR 35. So i send a tell to the offending player asking him why he killed me for attempting to destroy an enemy terminal with my rifle. The reply i got back was that I was supposed to change my class to infiltrator and hack it back. and that i was wasting my time doing it as an engineer.

    Who the heck do you think you are for telling me how to play the game? I'm BR 23, I know how to play. Yes its not the fastest way to do things, and you don't get the most exp, but F U if you think your way of playing is the only way to play the game.
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  2. Ronaldspiers

    He was probably a Vanu Spy
  3. KraggTheGrim

    Didn't seem like it would be. I would suspect that if he were level 1-10, but to have devoted that much time to reach BR35 to be a troll don't seem likely
  4. serenekaos

    Someone almost always knows how to do it better than you sometimes.
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  5. Flarestar

    If you blow up terminals inside a base you're running a very high risk of being TK'd. The reason for this is because some totally awesome players have this fun little tactic of swapping to the opposing faction briefly during fights to relatively safely harass the enemy team. If someone sees you shooting up a terminal in a friendly owned base, they're going to immediately assume that's what you're doing, and introduce you to a hail of lead.
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  6. The Rogue Wolf

    So you got killed by an Infiltrator for not switching to Infiltrator and hacking the terminal back.

    Why the futz didn't HE hack the terminal back?

    Some people exist only to turn oxygen into stupidity.
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  7. DeadlyShoe

    no, the infiltrator was clearly pissed you were destroying and repairing the terminal instead of hacking it. Infiltrators sometimes have a stick up their *** about how the engineer gets more xp for that than they get for hacking.
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  8. smokemaker

    kill him.
    hunt him
    screw with every aspect of his game that you can
    follow him into his hiding spot
    blast at enemies hes trrying to kill
    set off his explosives
    destroy the terminal before he can hack it
    make him rage quit
    it can be most fun and rewarding
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  9. XanderF

    Yeah, I'd seen that once. Infiltrator was standing around, just staring into space. Walked back inside of the watchtower, walked out. Did a few laps around the top. Walked back inside. Enemy spawned a lib, which we managed to kill before it wiped us ALL out...infiltrator just kept...busying himself in the corner or something.

    So I blew up the air station (I was engy, couldn't switch class as we had no nearby spawn or terminals hacked). Infiltrator FLIPPED OUT on chat about not hacking it, and why I blew it up, etc.

    I was, like, "WTF, you are the infiltrator, ******, why didn't you hack it at any point in the previous 5 minutes...particularly, before the enemy had spawned that lib and killed half our team including the medic!"
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  10. Bitmap

    Did they change the mechanic?

    I was under the impression that a hacked and subsequently destroyed terminal could only be repaired by the faction that hacked it. That being the case, the Inf was correct to shoot you to stop you from destroying a team resource that could not be returned to our control by your method.

    If the mechanic HAS changed to where you can repair the hacked term to return it to unhacked status then I agree with you that killing you was the wrong way to go.

    Anyone confirm the correct mechanic?
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  11. iller

    I've done this AFTER they already destroyed it just to drive the point home.(b/c they were hitting me in the process)
    Also walked around in a Bioloab shooting engies in the Back b/c they wouldn't turn around and repair my MAX nomatter how much I yelled at 'em.

    Don't like it?? I guess you should be WATCHING YOUR BACK instead of getting stuck in tunnel vision for 22xp (base value). You were also robbing that Infiltrator of basically the only thing he's good for (besides popping 2 lousy betties somewhere) during Defense. So of course he's gonna slap ya in the back of the head, you're takin' his only job away.

    I've also seen atleast a Dozen Terminals by now that were hacked and destroyed but weren't returned to the Base-Owning faction's Control meaning they couldn't even be repaired. In those cases it's better to be safe than sorry b/c resupplying at them is really important to Defense.

    XanderF's example on the other hand.... yeah THAT particular Inf deserved to get Spawn-Camp TK'd for that crap.
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  12. Ronaldspiers

    Well done for being selfish and ruining other peoples fun just because your fun is slightly hindered.

    What do you think everyone? idiot of the week?
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  13. KraggTheGrim

    The facility was ours to begin with. The terminal was hacked by the enemy. Destroying it and fixing it would have given it back to us. The mechanic has been that if a terminal is hacked, the facility owning team can destroy it and repair it. I have done it many times.
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  14. NoctD

    I'm not sure if the mechanic has changed - I can only tell you for sure that if you own a base, destroying the terminal should return it to your ownership. So the engie just needs to repair the blown terminal.

    Now if you're capping someone's base, I'm not so sure how the outer control points work. If you had a control point, but blew up a hacked terminal, it could return ownership to the owner of the base instead of you... its been a while since I've seen a terminal blown up that couldn't be repaired because of wrong ownership.
  15. Veri

    Power tripping loser.
    There are a fair few around Planetside 2 who have acquired a high rank in a short amount of time who think they are a Planetside 2 god.
    Therefore think they have authority to TK someone.

    If an engi is working on it in the way he has to then I would let him do it.
    Not immediately kill them without response and a troll faced grin then hack it.
  16. iller

    ...right because waiting 5s to respawn totally ruins all of their Progress up to that point...

    I get TK'd constantly. Last night I had a 500m walk back after being TK'd by some idiot in a Lightning who thought he was Helping by shooting the AA Turret that I had just laid a Betty in front of and had snuck around to hack from the other side of. It's not that he couldn't see me either. I shrugged it off. TK'ing is going to happen even when you did absolutely nothing controversial to bring it upon yourself.
  17. Ronaldspiers

    Yeah and not hacking a terminal totally ruins your entire progress as well...

    It's not really about ruining their progress, its about ruining FUN. Some guy could be having a blast destroying hacked consoles and repairing them. Then someone like you comes along and TKs him ruining his fun because you believe you are more entitled to hack the console.
  18. Hydragarium

    I tend to shoot people who are destroying important terminals while we are attacking - especially if I am an infiltrator, or an infiltrator is on his way to the terminal.

    You'd be surprised how shortsighted people are - Galaxy full of people dropped on an enemy tower? Who needs somewhere to respawn anyway right!? (Someone just blew up the tank spawn for sunderers)
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  19. D0n

    Some people still do not know you can destroy and repair terminals now instead of having to hack them back like back in beta.

    See, during beta, when you hacked a terminal and the enemy destroyed it, the terminal never changed faction until the base flipped, that is why you got killed to avoid losing a terminal.
  20. Ghostfox

    In my experience, half the time you destroy a hacked terminal to repair it, it bugs out and you can't repair it until the 'hack' time runs out.

    Had this happen tonight at Ikanam Biolab on the eastern satellite base.
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