Tired of being called a hacker- Life of a heavy on Helios

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  1. jagisama

    Hello freedom fighters,

    I have recently noticed a disconcerting increase in the number of Vanu players calling me a hacker, in fact, it occurs at least once or more a day. I wouldn't mind it if these were just newly brainwashed Vanu cult initiates, but these slanderous harangues often come from elite Justicars and Centurions. Although I respect many of these soldiers for their battle prowess, it saddens me to read fabricated stories of "lag hacking" or cries of "that shot would never have hit me". In fact, I have only seen one instance over the past month and a half of a NC fighter using a third party program to gain an advantage. However, I have seen no less than 5 different Vanu players develop such a heightened visual acuity that they can land consistent headshots on multiple NC freedom fighters in a row, from 100 meters out. These players consist of veterans who likely want to perform better than their experience allows, or low leveled Novus' who create long stringed names that are purposefully convoluted, for difficult reporting. I won't name any names but you know who you are, and yes you have been recorded and reported ;). But I digress, I would greatly appreciate it if all of you Vanu Veterans vowed to not spread rumors.

    Shoot you later,

  2. Dulu

    Only a cheater would feel the need to make a thread like this.
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  3. Whet

    you should stop ************ while looking in the mirror over the fact that your occasionally play "so well" that other people think your "hacking".
    maybe then you'll have time to buy a better connection so you don't teleport around the screen giving the illusion of hacking.

    Oh and vanu doesn't hack bro it's called technology. #poundhashtagswag
  4. jagisama


    Actually it happens on a daily basis, what really annoyed me the day I posted this was the fact that a VS screamed that I was hacking after his liberator was destroyed. Yet I was on the ground as an infiltrator. He specifically had to apologize for the fact that he called me out due to his prejudice against my screenname.
  5. jagisama

    Because cheaters like to draw attention to themselves by posting on the forums. Right.
  6. Bill Hicks

    Technique7 or something is a definite toggle hacker
  7. Hot Kinky Jo

    ROFL, this post is so SAD!!!

    Perhaps the devs could do a mod for you on the Killed By screen the other player sees
    It could say:
  8. Finkin

    I wish i was a good enough player to be called out as a hacker, alas i remain safe and at the bottom of the score chart :(
  9. jeuvisage

    OP is a self absorbed narcissist who thinks hes better than he really is
  10. ChampagneDragon

    I'm right there with you Finkin. No need to worry about being called a hacker when you can't hit the broadside of a barn ;)
  11. Grotpar

    Freedom fighters. Hah.

    Fighting for the freedom to exploit the masses for all they're worth.
  12. Deavonere

    Not really. To be honest, every time I've got a big streak of kills I feel that maybe someone will rage/report for just being killed. I'm also worried that most of the hackers are not even reported, because they do it smart and are simply not obvious. I can't count how many times I've been dropped by pinpoint head shots. It's frustrating, but you can't do anything.

    PS. And no, I don't use any hacking software. Too old for that and too much money spent on char. Not to mention that I actually enjoy it just the way it is.