Tired of aircrafts domination.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kristan, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Goden

    If you want to follow that logic and while keeping the balance of AA the way it is then the ESF needs to be totally useless when used solo.

    Because that would make it balanced with the Skyguard.
  2. ZuraZaru

    dont worries the next skyguard II and sunderer would look like this:
  3. Camycamera

    hehe, ironic. SOE just announced a new air vehicle called the Valkyrie. even though it looks ******* amazing, you guys here will still be complaining about it..... :rolleyes:

    seriously, if you were spawn camped by a bunch of tanks, this thread would be called "tired of vehicle's domination." god damn forumside.
  4. Paisty

    "As one person I can do a lot as infantry. As one person I can do a lot as Lightning against other tanks and infantry. As one person I can do a lot as air against tanks, air and infantry. But for fighting against air it happens that I need masses? This is BS!"

    Fixed that for ya.
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  5. MykeMichail

    It will if you're in a Burster MAX suit.
  6. Meeka

    Yeah, try Mattherson for a few weeks. You'll find Miller and Cobalt to be a serene, calm, vacation paradise, where war plays out in slow motion.

    Sometimes the air is so thick with Liberators on Mattherson, ESFs have trouble flying.

    And the solo ones you encounter will two shot you with a Dalton before you can escape into a spawn room or one clip you with a Shredder.

    The Liberator was OP before the patch, and it was made significantly worse; and most people agree with that sentiment. There is NO counter to a Liberator except a Liberator, and that's not how PS2 is supposed to be... at least, not according to every other vehicle.
  7. IamnotAmazing

    well that's a general solution for any problem, but yeah
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  8. axiom537

    That is because you are not a team player...You are a lone wolf, no outfit player that runs around in an HE Lightening farming infantry most of the time. The reason you are so hung up on Dalton Libs is because your HE lightening is a prime target for that weapons platform...Same can probably be said for everyone else in this thread that holds the same views as you regarding Air, they are either bad players in general, play solo and/or refuse to learn, let alone fly an ESF which is more then capable of killing a liberator, 1 vs 1...

    Those in this thread that think Liberators are fine in general, say that because they do not have an issue with liberators, because they are willing to do what is necessary to remove the threat or coordinate with other players to do so and they do not find it to be that incredibly inconvenient. That is why they don't have the same issues as you and most everyone else in here complaining.
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  9. SShocK

    Also getting sick of all the liberator spam.
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  10. axiom537

    As one person you can pull a burster MAX or Skyguard both more then capable of killing any ESF 1 vs 1 and killing or seriously damaging a multi-crewed Liberator. Do not tell me they can't, because I do it every single day...

    In fact as one person you can also pull an ESF, which also can defeat a Liberator 1 vs 1. Again do not tell me it can not I do it every day. You can also pull a Liberator with a tank Burster and kill a Lib in a single clip, again do not tell me you can't because I do it every single day. You can even pull a Galaxy and the only thing you need to do is crash into the Liberator and it will DIE...And for the last time...I know you can because I do it all the time...
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  11. WyrdHarper

    Looking at your stats it looks like you're pretty ineffective in general, and primarily farm infantry in your lightning. Your stats and demeanor scream "lonewolf" player in the worst possible way. If you want to get better at the game you need to play with the team, and you also need to actually train. I think I have 30ish or so hours flying on the PTS doing training in addition to my livetime, and while I've improved a great deal, I still don't consider myself a good pilot. This isn't a game where lonewolves really do much (every lonewolf of course "knows" that they are the exception, the one true hero, the one guy actually able to make a difference for their empire, above all the other grunts, etc. etc., but they are not)--battles and alerts are decided by squads and platoons, and primarily ones run by outfits. To not be playing with a group makes you a hayseed in a tornado, at the mercy of the gustings of the organized groups. This isn't Skyrim--you can't just solo the baddies, you need allies. There is not a single thing in this game done solo that is not better done with a team.

    I can recommend some good tankers if you ever want to train with people on Mattherson TR, whether it be Skyguard or MBT, but yeah. In this game you either work with more experienced and skilled players to get better and have support, or you get burned out because people not in your group don't care about you. To get better isn't a matter of leveling up and spending certs, it's about putting time and effort into badaxe friends, learning from them, and having fun kicking some serious axe. Plus, being in a squad basically gives you a free exp boost on squad support stuff.
  12. Kristan

    Which only will scratch paint on a Liberator on that distance. Please.

    Stop thinking of me of what I don't do. I don't have HE Lightning in the first place! Only HEAT one.

    And again, with that HEAT Lightning as a lone wolf I can kill both infantry and tanks, MBT's as well. That means because Lightning HEAT was created to KILL THINGS. But for fighting against air I happen to need MASSES, because flak weaponry, the only solution to fight high altitude Liberators from the ground, for some reason doesn't mean to KILL, but only to SHOO AWAY! And that's what I call BS!

    And why in the world flying an ESF is the only solution to fight Liberators in your opinion? That again, shows the flaw in balance, because for some reason 1 ESF can posses threat to Liberator, but Skyguard don't! I call this BS twice!
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  13. Kristan

    Gee! How do my kill stats show that weren't tank kills? :)

    My stats show that for every third kill with my Lightning it was a vehicle! So sod off!

    Edit: Also, PS Players killboard doesn't shows any Lightning HEAT kills at this moment. So you sir are a liar. Or show me other "stats" that you're looking at.
  14. Scientiarum

    I agree. They needed a bit more survivability against ground based AA to be viable in larger fights but they are too tanky vs ESFs and take out ESFs WAAYYY too easily. ESFs should be a hard counter to liberators but the Liberators are better at taking out ESFs. ESFs may be a tad bit too effective against tanks but at this point I would touch the ESF A2G capabilities, they aren't too bad. Liberators are definitely the main imbalance factor of the air game and in combined arms at this point in time. We have to remember though that all vehicles my get 'resource balanced' with the pending resource revamp.
  15. WyrdHarper


    Your stats for the lightning alone are heavily focused on AI (1/3 is not a great ratio), and your MBT ratio is even worse. Additionally the only nosegun you've used is the ant-infantry nosegun(which is pretty hilarious for someone making a thread about air killing infantry). But yes, please ignore the constructive part of my post to rant about stats, because that totally does not indicate a player who is still very much learning the game.

    Of note, you are also not using heavy very much, and you're not using any AA, so really, it just looks like you're someone who wants to complain that air is preventing them from farming, without wanting to adapt to deal with it yourself. There have been many posts here suggesting ways you can learn, and there are many people who would be happy to help you get better with those things so you have a more enjoyable game experience. You can stubbornly continue to ram your head into the wall until your nose bleeds, or you can accept the advice and offered help from dozens of people and jump over the wall.
  16. Kristan

    Now you warped everything.

    Fist of all I can't watch those stats being unregistered, so you can say like anything, like I even eat babies, and there are stats showing that I do it. Tsk!

    And this thread wasn't created about aircrafts killing infantry. I remind you, that thread was about futility to kill high altitude Liberators from the ground. And for killing infantry with nose gun it takes skill, and low altitude, that means a burster MAX can kill me in a heartbeat trying me do so. So I don't know what "constructive" dialog you're trying to bring there while having no clue what we are talking about here. Go out and read whole thread, return, and then we should talk.
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  17. LT_Latency

    Just make fighting planes from the ground fun.

    Hanging back for the front lines pointing a buster max into the sky or AA turret is really really boring.
  18. foesjoe

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble but Mattherson doesn't matter, son.
  19. McToast

    Your DA stats show to me that you know next to nothing about the airgame. Don't take it personal, but I won't take you serious in a discussion about air-ground balance based on your stats.
    That is, if this
    is you. If not, provide us with your real stats and I might draw back my statement.

    I get killed 1 out of 100 times by aircrafts while playing on the ground. Ground troops simply are not supposed to counter high altitude libs, but in bigger fights they do a damn fine job at this.

    I think you are the one having no clue what we are talking about here. Go play the game for a while. Come back when you have at least auraxiumed one weapon on lib and ESF each. I'm pretty sure your point of view will have changed at that point.
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  20. Kristan

    Stop pointing at my stats, there is no use of it. I'm a casual player, I have a life and job, that means I don't have time to go "auraxiuming" weapons. And I don't have time to spend it on learning how to fly, because of huge skill gap in aircrafts, that requires moths to become decent. Also flying makes my game to CTD even frequently.

    And so you say that ground weapons should not be effective against high altitude Liberators while they screw everything that's below them. Mhm. I see your point. And I see that you're biased pro-lib player, with videos in signature that display how you snipe aircrafts with Dalton that trying to kill you, that shows again how Lib is unbalanced and able to deal both with ground and air (that as most people say is the only effective way to kill Liberators).

    So you get nothing, you lose. Good day sir!

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