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  1. NewSith

    Empire Specific Tips:
    • Mercenary Carbine:
      Laser Dot + RDS/IR
      Primary Way of Firing: Zoomed Spray
    • GD-7F Carbine:
      Foregrip + RDS/4x
      Primary Way of Firing: Bursts
    General Tips:

    ACE (MANA Turret)
    • MANA Turret can not only be used as a weapon, but also as a temporary, but rather effective cover.
    • ACE (The MANA Turret Spawner) spawns ammoboxes. You just need to switch firemodes while holding it in your hands.
    • ACE ammobox lasts exactly 3 minutes.
    • Always leave ammoboxes in your wake. You may not need it, or the people around you, but sooner or later, somebody behind you will require ammo. Free XP and good deed are always appreciated.
    • Due to the class, basically having unlimited ammo, you should always be first to use your primary weapon on enemy ESFs. Don't be greedy.
    • Carry C4 with you at all times, preferrably maxed out. Mines can easily take out vehicles, but are harder to use as immidiate AV means.
    • Engineer dispenses ammo to himself, so never cert into ammunition armor upgrade.
    • If you use the class for combat, - use shield regen speed upgrade.
    • If you use engi as a pilot, or, especially driver, - use flak armor upgrade. Because usually you find yourself repairing a tank in a middle of tank combat.
    • Never let your gluegun overheat, if not overheated it recovers faster, plus it can be used to start emergency repairs in the middle of cooling down.
    • Never repair manned vehicles from their back or front for NC and TR. For VS Magrider I'd advise repairing it from the front.
    • Repair tanks ducked, because for some very funny reason, a tank can run you over with its cannon.
    • Repair Phalanx (Stationary) Turrets, terminals and generators before you are leaving for a new fighting place.
    • When you are inside a Phalanx and it is under heavy fire, hop out of it and let the enemy destroy it. Don't try to repair it until it's fully destroyed, otherwise you will be killed by a blastwave or else. It will also drop some attention from your turret and you can relatively safely repair it afterwards.
    • Don't repair MAXes at night during their engaging a heavy enemy. You make them light up like a christmas tree.
    Terminal Interaction
    • If you are an engineer and see a hacked terminal, but you have no way to switch to an infiltrator to hack it back - kill it and repair it. After dying it will switch back to the original ownership.
    • This one is general, but if you are near a terminal and you are damnaged - switch to medic, hit the ability button, heal yourself and switch back.

    Any extra tips from other engis? Or, perhaps, feedback?
  2. Figment

    Repairing from underneath a Sundy can be handy too. :p Just watch out for grenades.
  3. Dvine

    First of all

    Youre not an Engineer!

    Youre a Repairbot and a Suicide Bomber/Explosive specialist.

    Forget bouncing betties, sticky grenades or infantry/claymore mines!

    Spend 100 Certs on Anti Tank mines and LET THE EXPLOSIONS BEGIN! You can carry 2 of them to battle and those 2 will take out EVERYTHING including MBTs,Lightnings and Sunderers!

    Your tactics are very simple, either on offense or defense YOU as an engineer got one and ONLY ONE DUTY! That is nothing else but to take out armor and sunderers, of course its needless to say that sunderers are priority NO1. You need to go and search for them around your or the enemys base, when you found it you go and toss 2 AT mines under it then watch the fireworks.

    Its awesome frantic hysterical fun, to dodge enemies, gunfire and whatnot just to make it to the tank/sunderer then toss the mines under it and enoy the explosion of tanks,people aaaand a ******** of XP!

    Most fun I had ingame so far!
  4. Lankey

    I do this a lot if I see a Sunderer parked somewhere, you can often get at least 2 kills from it, more if it is being heavily used to respawn. Most I got was 7 in one blast. It is even easier to do if they park under a ledge you can drop mines from.
  5. Dvine

    I got a full one and a Flash that was next to them! 11kills+sunderer+group kill bonus+streak bonus+flash+flash driver
  6. Sienihemmo

    Uh no, that would be HA's job. HA is much more suitable for active anti-vehicle roles. The best an engineer can do is take out one single vehicle (if even that) before having to run back to a terminal to resupply.

    But I do agree that C4 is useless, 3 C4 to barely destroy a Sunderer? No thanks, I'll rather have the AT mines, 2 of those take out any vehicle in the game. Including aircraft.
  7. Dvine

    Nop! HA is useless for armor unless there is 2 or more, as the rocket launchers 4 charge is not enugh. On the other hand an engi can run up toss 2 AT Mines under any veichle and destroy it in seconds.

    I wonder how many AT mines you need for a Galaxy :D
  8. TheEvilBlight

    If the mine problem ever gets bad enough, any chance we can get mine-clearing charges?
  9. Sienihemmo

    Well HA can just have an engi with him and he has unlimited ammo, where as an engi needs a terminal close by where he can resupply mines from. So HA can use the rocket launcher for as long as it takes to whittle down enemy armor by popping in and out of cover, where as an engineer needs to take a risk by running up to the vehicle, and still run a ways back to a terminal until he is combat ready again. Which might take a while if on the offense and the spawn Sunderer is discovered.

    Besides, that's what squads are for, right? It's not hard to organize a squad to have 1 engineer, 1 medic and the rest HA to create an anti-vehicle squad.
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  10. sladuog

    One of those c4 in the video did no damage, I tested this yesterday and it takes 2 c4 to bring a sundered to about 5% hp.
  11. NewSith

    First C4 charge did not do any damage simply, because it disappeared right after I placed a new one. That's actually an annoying fact.
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  12. SecondWind

    Thank you NewSith for these tips and video. Keep up the good work.

    If i understood you well, it means that C4 is not worth it to blow up tank. I better go with Anti-tank mine?
  13. Marzipanzer

    I wasn't aware that the effectiveness of an HA/Engie duo was even remotely comparable to that of a lone engineer, a flash/ESF, two anti-tank mines, and roughly two to five seconds of life. See, the key word in your paragraph is "as long as it takes." :rolleyes:

    HAs can be stopped by enemy engineers, and going by pretty much every tech plant battle I've been in, killing an enemy Sunderer that is spawning people non-stop is sort of hard as an HA, especially if they're all trying to kill you and have the good sense to notice the Sunderer is smoking. On the other hand, dropping onto the Sunderer with an ESF (or approaching from behind before anyone notices with a Flash) and throwing two mines under the damn thing solves the problem entirely with only one man, and in the ensuing confusion (assuming the engineer isn't dead yet) the engineer can gun down a significant number of people.

    Engineers will always be the most effective vehicle killers, because unless it flies, there is always a way to sneak up to vehicles and throw mines under them or trick them into driving over said mines. It's not as efficient as an HA with unlimited free rockets, sure, but nothing matches an Engineer's TTK or ease.

    Yes. Anti-Tank mines are amazing.
  14. Pashgan

    I don't get it - turret spawn ammo boxes while I'm holding it? How? (i cannot switch firing modes while on turret0
  15. Sienihemmo

    Seeing as how Planetside 2 is a team game, let's compare a couple of different squad layouts. Let's assume for both squads that the number of players is 6, they are communicating using Teamspeak or the ingame VoIP, and that they have all at least certed the necessary explosives to their maximum ammo capacity. Let's also assume that the squad leaders have unlocked the squad spawn beacon, so that spawn locations are not a problem.

    1) AV squad focusing on engineer explosives
    - 2 medics for healing and reviving squad members. (2 so that they can revive each other)
    - 4 engineers for AV duties using C4 or mines, and for mediocre AI with their carbines. Each engineer can take out 1 vehicle before running out of explosives (forced to die to resupply if on the offensive without friendly Sundie support). Also, repairs for possible transportation.

    2) AV squad focusing on HA rockets
    - 2 medics for healing and reviving squad members. (again, 2 so that they can revive each other)
    - 1 engineer, ammo resupplies for HA and repairs to possible transportation.
    - 3 heavy assaults, for AV duties using rockets (either guided or nonguided), and for good AI with their LMG's and shields. Each HA has an unlimited amount of rockets as long as the engineer is alive.

    Squad 1 has to rely on close combat with enemy armor, which might well be successful if pulled off correctly. Taking out enemy Sunderers amongst enemy infantry might be a challenge if spotted. Even if the Sunderer is destroyed, the squad still has a bunch of angry infantry to deal with.

    Squad 2 has more freedom as to what range and direction to engage the enemy armor from, of course preferring the rear since 3 simultaneus rockets to the rear quarantees a destroyed tank. Taking out enemy Sunderers amongst infantry might be a challenge for this layout as well, but with the LMG's and shields along with proper aiming they can easily dispatch at least 5 soldiers if they have the element of suprise. After that, the Sunderer is not much of a challenge if flanked from the rear. In addition, they of course have unlimited ammunition from the engineers ammo pack. Also, if they so wish, the heavy assaults can still carry C4 with them since they don't normally have anything in that slot.

    What I'm going for here is that yes, engineers can get the job done, but the HA is just that much more versatile with the rocket launcher, LMG and the shields. And that with a proper squad the lower damage isn't really a problem either. Though for the solo player I would suggest the engineer instead, unless traveling with the zerg that always has enough HA's to amass multiple rockets on enemy armor.

    What he meant was that you press 5 to take out the ACE tool which is used to deploy turrets, then press B to change fire modes (before deploying the turret that is), and the turret hologram switches into an ammo pack. Then press mouse 1 to deploy the ammo pack just like you would deploy the normal ammo pack from slot 4.
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  16. SixVoltSamurai

    Nope but you can get a mine guard.
  17. TheEvilBlight

    Want 'em for infantry. No time to wait for a vehicle.

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