[Guide] Tips for new players from the community

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  1. Tcsisek

    1. To improve accuracy with tanks use snipers, they have similar drop and that's how I get the ability to pull of headshot with my vanguard on moving targets.

    2. Flying is not the first thing you should learn, start by playing medic, move to engineer and use some tanks, than start playing other classes.

    3. AMS and ammo upgrades for the sunder pay for them selves fast.

    4. Press b when holding the mana turret and it turns into a level three ammo pack.

    5. As a medic, use the Area of affect heal in combat to take a few more bullets.

    6. Don't shoot at everything you see especially when playing LA or infiltrator

    7. As a light assault trees are great for ambushing with C4

    8. As a light assault never attack from the bottom door, if your jump jet isn't upgraded and you rant using it, play as an engineer.

    9. If you want to shoot on the move with a vehicle, practice shooting in 3rd person in the VR it has no bounce when you travel over a small bump.

    10. Last, to get in the VR you need to use the relocation terminals in the middle of the first room at the warp gate.

    Please add more tips below, and this thread was created for ken photon from corrupt a wish.
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  2. Ken Photon

    Thanks bro. Really needed this, especially the second one.

    People of Forumside, please contribute so the newbs can suck a little less. ;)
  3. Verviedi

    Get Engagement Radar for your ESF ASAP. It helps you run from aces.

    Upgrade your healing tool and repair tool to level 4 ASAP.

    Get a new vehicle secondary ASAP. As a rule, nobody will gun a basilisk or drake.

    Get sights on your vehicle secondaries

    When gunning for someone else, the following weaponsndo not damage vehicles except for flashes and harassers. Kobalt, PPA, Marauder, Canister
  4. Verviedi

    This is quite important.
  5. Levtech

    I agree with the hold off on flying. I would hold off until you're about BR 30 before you start flying as you will die quickly and not have any certs in your infantry (therefore be less competitive).
  6. Horrida Messor

    1. Don't stand in the open space or you will be oneshoted by enemy sniper.
    2. Don't run in a straight path or you will be killed very fast by enemy.
    3. Check your minimap in some short intervals to see enemy movement.
    4. Check your minimap before entering the building or throwing a frag into it.
    5. Both elevators (yellow and blue) can be used to negate fall damage - each time you use them they will give you approximately 6 seconds of invulernability to fall damage. Same goes for Instant Action drop pod.
    6. If you are using Laser Sight/Advanced Laser Sight attachment,press X to turn off the visual component of those attachments, but you will keep the benefit of laser. This will allow you to be less obvious to the vets.
    7. NEVER run infront of an Infiltrator who are ADSing from sniper rifle - there is a chance that he is using BASR that can oneshot you.
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  7. Tcsisek

    Thanks for the laser sight tip, that's going to help me stay alive as an infiltrator.
  8. Hoots

    1. Find an outfit. Many outfits are more than happy to show you the ropes. Hit P and you will see a list of public squads to join.
    2. As a medic, hit F to activate your area heal. You can do this while healing a buddy with the med tool to heal them even faster.
    3. Don't stand in doorways, in front of MAXes (the really big armored guys), or in front of windows. You will die.
    4. Liberators outside? Go inside.
    5. Watch some videos on youtube. Wrel, ItzMurda, and others upload often and can provide excellent insights into game mechanics, performance enhancements, and stratagems.
    6. Be humble in victory, and magnanimous in defeat. The last thing this game (or the internet) needs is more trolls. You will die a lot in this game. You will lose. So will the other guy.
  9. Danath

    This may be the third thead about tips I see...

    -If you are infantry (including MAX), you REQUIRE things that go BOOM to damage base turrets and vehicles except for Flash (quad), Harasser (buggie) and ESF (fighter class aircraft). Damage will be low, but enough bullets will at least scare them.

    -Somebody shoots bullets at you when are in a tank, then hides as you look at them? Probably he's either trying to have your attention so someone else can get close and plant C4 on you, or trying to lure you to his explosives.

    -Shooting with Anti Air turrets to vehicles is a waste of time. Against infantry... do it only if they are within 5m.
  10. Wobulator

    Watch Wrel's videos. They are very helpful and informative.
  11. Walrus308

    *By default the [ and ] keys will zoom your minimap in and out.
    *Ultra quality textures actually result in a better frame rate since the game doesn't have to also process the compression for lower quality textures
    *Bind a key to throttle toggle if you ever plan on flying. Air brakes.
    *The enemy can hear you Q spot them or use voice macros. They cannot hear proximity chat. Don't spot enemies if you're trying to be sneaky close range.
    *The most useful part of the VR training is downstairs with the cardboard firing range. Spray 10-15 clips at various ranges, and you'll know where your bullets are actually going. (Hint, its not where your red dot is)
    *You are probably aiming too high.
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  12. Whatupwidat

    My only tip would be if playing as an infiltrator and in a position where the enemy already can't see you - DO NOT CLOAK - the sound of the cloak going on and off is loud, and vets like myself take great pleasure in playing "hunt the farty cloaking sound" with bullets.

    Oh - and don't bother trying to grenade windows unless you're super ******* accurate, the grenade throw dynamics in this game are a bit derpy and 9/10 you'll just hit the frame and bounce the grenade down on you and your friends :p
  13. Tcsisek

    Another tip is get behind the enemy to snipe, I generally prefer being parallel because a tank might spot you when it drives up to the frontline.

    Also if you're LA through a grenade through the main entrance then fly through a window and ambush them while their looking at the explosion.

    Last you might want to know that you can fly through open windows by holding the crouch button (control) and flying to it or just jumping through it if it's on the ground floor.
  14. Tommyp2006

    Lots of good points on here. If any TR on Waterson ever want some one on one lessions, send /tell in game and I'd be happy to run around with you for a while and teach you how to better play some of your classes, assuming I have time that day of course. Only thing I really can't help THAT much with is flying, as there are far better teachers for this than me.
  15. Kid Gloves

    Am pretty sure this got fixed; it now spawns an ammo pack of the level you have ammo pack at.
  16. Tcsisek

    Oh it does now? Thanks for the info.