Time to remove the C4

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Celtin, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Halkesh

    Great, so people will finally start using the dedicated anti-C4 armor instead of nanowave. Or just complain on forum until explosive is nerfed.
  2. Corezer

    bullets are still more prevalent, so most likely they will keep using nanoweave and push for a nerf...
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  3. CMDante

    If someone kills you with C4 and you're in a vehicle -you- ****** up. It's way too easy to simply drive around and make C4 completely useless to be able to declare OP.

    It's not exactly the same case with using it on infantry. But if someone drops a brick of it in a crowded doorway and clears a stalemate I'd say it's working as intended.

    The only thing that it might be too effective against is MAX, but since MAX are absolutely awful and just victims in the current state I'd say that's more their problem than C4's

    ***** less.
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  4. Moz

    This post again....
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  5. Ryo313

    time to remove c4... by pressing a button
    works as it should be (even tho it could do a bit more dmg to vehicles)
  6. Bojangles02

    Are u a max main?
  7. Corezer

  8. OldMaster80

    Come on how many times have you been C4ed by a non-flying class?
    In my opinion the real crap is the C4 is too easy to use for a class that can flay so fast (Ambusher jets anyone?).
    It is basically a super anti-everything remote controlled grenade.

    C4 should have never been an object you throw, but an item you drop on the ground like spawn beacons.

    Rocklet instead is.... just a stupid thing. LA have been asking for years for a TOOL. Devs could make Thermal Vision a trait of all LA soldiers, or they could implement a spotter jammer (another thing players have been asking for ages). We just got instead a weapon that synergizes too well with the super grenade.
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  9. LordKrelas

    Ambusher Jets are new considering: As well, it was never asked for.

    Okay. Now imagine how the LA is going to get this on the tank, unless the driver is sleeping twice.
    As well, you have to then place the explosives twice, then manually detonate - A grenade is throw & done.
    So while the LA is trying to place an explosive on the hull of a moving Tank, does this twice, what is the driver doing?

    Rocklet Rifle, is useful. It's a close-range light anti-armor, around the same range as everything else the LA carries.
    How in blazes is a thermal vision device useful for a Light Assault? We have scopes that achieve it.
    Spotter Jammer? How would that even work? And would that not literally annoy vehicles more? Or would it be useless.

    Ah yes, the tank lit on fire, and still alive entirely, can be finished off by the same light-assault if the LA survives.
    After all, the goal of 2 C-4 on a Tank, is to leave it burning, and pray a Heavy, another C-4, or Tank-mine manages to hit before the Engineer repairs the vehicle in under a minute to full health.
    Rocklet Rifle ensures, if the LA is alive, the price of 2 C-4, doesn't leave the thing alive, and gives more options for infantry to handle vehicles -- with & without nanites.

    If the C-4 is required to be manually placed.. the Moving targets it is used on, even while tunnel-visioning to hell, would be near immortal to it.
    Without the Rocklet rifle, Anti-vehicle options are more limited, and of course, C-4 Armor entirely removes the threat of LA's regardless of what the operator does.

    Ambusher Jets: Kinda situational. Very gimmicky.
    Let alone screwed, if C-4 is manually placed onto a moving target - since they have no possible escape or means to stay in the air.
  10. Fishpoke

    Make sniper / infil separate classes.

    Give infil c4, give sniper jetpacks.

    No more cloaking snipers. You can already engage targets from safe distances, you don't need to go invisible too (you are getting jetpacks instead).

    Allow infil to hack vehicles (and cert to hack vehicles with enemies inside). Make infils 100% invis standing still like they are supposed to be (not this 90% crap we have now). Allow infil to use spitfire / all mines / all c4 and give them shotguns for primary weapons. They are designed to be a "surprise!!!!" kinda class... not "I'll sit 200-300 meters away and go invis!" you should be getting shanked, blown up, or shot to pieces by a cloaker from short distances out of nowhere.

    You should have a reason to use darklight (who needs it now when you can see cloakers anyway without it).
  11. infilallday

    What about mid range snipers. Those of us that are only 100-150m away. We would be sittting ducks without cloaks.
    Not sure how i feel about shotgun primary. Stalkers would still not be able to use it. Infils can use smgs so i guess shottys would be ok.

    I would love to have C4 for my infil. Certainly give us some AV power. Take it off LAs so theres no more fairy bombers.
    Although a stalker with C4 would probably still be as cancerous, just have less luck hitting moving targets.

    Completely invisible infils would mean everyone would run flashlight.

    Why is this in LA?
  12. Ragnarock

    In my humble opinion, engineers should be the only class capable of carrying c4.

    Speaking of c4, it is completely ridicilous in its current state. OHK's almost anything close to it. Which makes it so easy to abuse it with a LA.

    As of right now anyone with c4 can sneak up (or just spam ambusher jets in LA's case) and blow it up without any team effort. All it takes is a good c4 and the tank is done for. It also wrecks infantry,maxes.. anything really.

    %99 of the time when I get c4'd from a hill I literally checked 2 seconds ago, it is a light assault that popped out of nowhere. the other %1 is when I'm literally too lazy to check my back while sniping defenders with a prowler.
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  13. typnct

    instead of removing c4, they should make 2 variants for c4 - for vehicles and for infantry(2 different versions)
    each version is seperate progression and cost 50% less per upgrade
    vehicle - no splash damage at all, only works if installed on a vehicle(like a magnetic one) - range up to 4 meters afar
    option - throw it - 10 meters range(inaccurate like a shotgun)
    3c4's are required to kill an mbt
    infantry - cost 80, range nerf
  14. Who Garou

    So unless you haven't been playing long.

    Basically, C-4 was nerfed.

    You used to be able to take out a sunder with 2 C-4.

    Now you have to hit a non-deploy or non-blockade-armor shield sunderer with two c-4 and more than 12 rocklettes to take it out.
    And that's if someone(s) are working on repairing it and there are no spitfires around.
    So yeah - the rocklettes are there to make up for the damage that they took away from the C-4 - basically extending the time to kill.

    Near misses with C-4 on tanks could take out a tank with 2, and now you have to land both on top and there is armor you can buy to make your tank more resistant to C-4.

    C-4 is not the "I win" button for a light assault that so many people think it is.

    It's rock-paper-scissors like everything else in this game.

    All you really have to do to defeat a light assault is to look up. The don't move that fast if they are setting up a c-4 drop.

  15. Twin Suns

    I don't have any problem with the enemy using C4. If I get caught slipping, so be it.

    It's the NO SKILL teammates that are horrible with that stuff. The padded helmet Gary's.

    Padded helmet Gary doesn't care who he team kills.

    *Queues* Metallica - "fight fire with fire". *presses play*

    *puts C4 down*....Upon seeing padded helmet Gary exit the spawn...*detonates* C4.

    Sorry, my bad yo, my bad.
  16. P149U3

    You should also make it your last.
  17. Corezer

    I said something a long time ago and have come full circle to it after kicking the can down the road over years...

    they should merge LA with another class. I'm thinking engy, then u can get rid of C4 cause mines aren't anywhere near as easy to exploit mobility with (you have to get close and shoot to detonate or they take so long to arm even a prowler can easily unlock and move off of them)

    Just move engy abilities into the tool slot. It strengthens LA into a real class useful for a lot of things but keeps it toned down by putting the mix of the engineer's tools and abilities all in one slot so it can't do a lot of different things simultaneously. AI turret doesn't need buffs when u can get it on the crescent building in a bio lab, BR's aren't dog s*** when you can get them on some rocks (if infiltrators jumpsploiting up mountains or drop podding on top of towers didn't break the game, you can calm your t*** about this) and all sorts of silly buffs like free auto repair and ASC can be reverted since they were given to help the class compete with LA (which it no longer needs to do)
  18. Fishpoke

    Remove c4 from LA and give them AI mines instead. C4 is fine when its not in the hands of a solider with a jetpack. If a heavy can hoof it long enough to get to an MBT to c4 it. cool. LA doesn't have that same difficulty, add in the ranged AV of RR and there's just too much going for them with no downsides. LA spam c4 in biolabs, it ruined fights this weekend several times. People avoid maxes; 1) because they want resources for c4 themselves and 2) MAX easily dies to c4 or anything else [you might get rezzed if lucky, if its a heavy firefight like you'd want to use MAX in, you will die before you can move after rez]

    It's that or flanker armor needs to be made available to all vehicles, and be made useful please.
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  19. Fishpoke

    You also have to hit this flying toothpick with slow moving tank shells with a 2-4 second reload time while backing over awkward terrain shaking your camera all over the place making the shot even more difficult, in most situations, if you have a good gunner cool you might be ok. Most people will die to LA with c4 in a tank without some kind of light machinegun available.

    If I had the choice of taking on a Heavy with C4 and deci or LA with c4 and RR. I'll take the Heavy any day of the week, I stand a much better chance of surviving because the heavy can't fly into the air where my guns splash damage can't hit him anymore. It's a very stacked affair.

    The effort that the LA puts into killing a tank is far less than the effort the tank driver has to put into not dying to the LA, and remember the tank has a resource cost over 2x what it takes in c4 to kill it. That's not balanced man.
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  20. Pacster3

    LOL...if LAs don't have C4 then you can scrap C4 from the game right away. It's so useless on other classes aside from attacking parked sundies or throwing it through windows(or maybe waiting for a Max to run through a certain door). I don't remember when I saw some other class successfully using c4 on some tanker that was actually a bit aware of the area around him. The only option you then have is abusing an other vehicle as transport to get to the tank...which is like the crappiest gameplay possible("I drive there to jump out and drop C4"...really?).
    The reason for seeing so many LAs with C4 is that almost all other options are bad. Neither rocket launchers nor AV turrets nor Maxes work well vs vehicles these days...

    The only thing to discuss about is ambusher jump jets. They are really a problem in combination with C4(tho as a VS Max it does not matter much to me...I can't instakill anyone anyway...so the C4 usually usually hits me no matter what).