Time to nerf Magrider Roofclimbing/Flying Capabilities

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Arpheus, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Arpheus

    MBTs are ground vehicles not Rooftop or flying vehicles. It is time to nerf the possibility of the Magrider to get into every base and especially on many rooftops or other areas where they should not be. The double Turbo, low gravity effect when they boost through the air, no fall damage and it seems even possible accelleration while flying in air? and their chassis not being stopped at low obstacles like small walls lets them do insane stuff.
    They have far better in combat mobility than a harasser since they can accellerate like a harasser with turbo, can strafe turbo and change directions insanely fast which a harasser cannot at all - and that in a MBT chassis.
    Here two screenshots I took while playing vanu. I'd say there is no need for explanations and I see such stuff quite often.


    Here is video that shows the insane superiority that mobility offers. At 6:20 you can see a flying Magrider - This just can't be allowed to happen.
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  2. Arpheus

    And if the Devs think this is cool and intended behaviour I ask for Vanguard and Prowler to get some kind of built in short duration jetpacks that boosts them like 6 meters into the air so that they can get on rooftops too - but I'm sure noone would like such stuff. And even then they would be far worse than the Magrider since they can't dodge at all on a rooftop without strafing and would be sitting ducks.

    I think a solution to fix getting on all roofs and such stuff would be to let gravity instantly kick in so that it pulls them down to the ground almost instantly. That way if they charge over a hill instead of flying through the air they would always keep the 0.5m distance to the ground and just "drive"/hover over the hill and not lift off.
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  3. iller

    you're missing a Picture....

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  4. pnkdth

    Best part about a Maggie on a rooftop is just how easy they are to take out, much like the moment you in the video at 6:20 mark. Notice how the tank immediately start taking damage because its position is 1) exposed 2) limits the mobility the Magrider relies upon. Just thought that needs to be stated to since the lifespan of a Maggie on a roof is measured in seconds. It looks cool though, and like it is fun and we really cannot have fun in this game, can we?

    But if it really means so much to you, it should be fairly simple to add objects and barriers to strategic spots to limit the silliest of examples (a Maggie in a Bio Lab, for example).

    TL;DR: Stop trying to make this game boring and make the other vehicles more fun instead.
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  5. Arpheus

    At least you are trying to not blatantly defend this as a good thing but package it into "its fun and cool and also has some drawbacks"...

    Onesided fun (for VS) means frustration for the other sides. I am always for a balanced game where same rules apply to everyone.

    And no magriders don't always instantly die on rooftops. I often had the situation that they stay there for minutes until the base is captured and force the enemy back into cover or to chose other ways while farming infantry with HESH or at least HEAT Splash. Getting rid of a tank (especially a highly mobile dodging Magrider) that is defended by enemy infantry is really no easy task and requires coordination which is not always at hand and even then that Magrider won their team a lot of time - more than 2 more infantry would have done in most cases.
  6. Johannes Kaiser

    That is highly dependant. If it sits there, exposing itself, then yes, it's rocket launcher food. The better drivers will hang back after eac shot, repairing up, having Sipitfires around their location so LAs have a harder time getting to them, and maybe a few teammates (but generally not more than 4-5). Taking out the latter can be a real pain in the *** unless some real luck comes into play.
    Vehicles should generally not be in Biolabs, but for two things: When one first sees it, the "WTF???" moment is too good to miss out on, and they get stuck so easily that they can be taken out with little to no problem unless the owner's allies divert some serious fighting power to guard it. However, Magriders climbing on top of buildings eliminates this weakness and makes it from "can farm easily, but lifespan is generally really short" to "ooops, guess with a bit of support it will survive everything now and kill but about any LA ever using the roofs". At least there they should definitely be forced to stick to the ground. Little buggers don't care for general vehicle ground rules anyway, but there it matters just a tiny bit more.
  7. Pelojian

    biolabs shouldn't be much a problem with magriders with their changes.
    any magrider that climbs on small buildings is asking to die because they can't dodge around without falling off.
    smarter magrider users use natural terrain to get firing angles on walled of areas rather then try to jump in close quarters on buildings where they can be C4ed.

    being carried on a gal to mount a bastion is a pretty badass idea, they can basically get some bonus AA guns for above while being able to shoot horizontally with their main guns on any heavy aircraft that isn't dodging around.
  8. Towie

    Ok I think we need a bit of a reality check here.

    Firstly - the guy in the video has almost 1400 hours in the Magrider and appears to have a pretty dedicated Halberd gunner. No matter how good you are in your ******-up Prowler or Vanguard, you are going to have a hard time.

    One thing we need to agree on is that OP stuff gets pulled often (more so than the lesser options, otherwise why bother pulling it ?)

    So how often is the AP Magrider pulled ? WAY less that AP Prowler or Vanguard, often 50%:


    The HESH and HEAT variants are pulled less across the board.

    Trying to demonstrate the 'OP stuff gets pulled often' argument - let's check out the ES Harassers:


    Vulcan Harasser pulled more than Mjolnir and Saron combined. I've chosen the most-pulled ES options (Halberd is a popular if not more popular choice for NC and VS).

    The statement that 'They have far better in combat mobility than a harasser" is somewhat ironic as the Magrider is uniquely weak to a Harasser adversary - it's the only tank that can literally be pushed around by a Harasser.

    As to the 'getting on top of Bastion' etc. etc. - this is a very time consuming and somewhat skillful exercise and certainly not worth it except for the fun factor. Into a Biolab is more of a problem but I honestly haven't seen that yet.

    Don't get me wrong - Magrider has some definite advantages and is certainly more 'fun' than the others (Vanguard especially) but i'd struggle to suggest it needs a nerf. May as well just remove it from the game considering the numbers pulled in its current state, no matter how OP you believe it is.
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  9. pnkdth

    We should be seeing this happen all the time if it is an effective strategy but in practical terms those spitfires will be in the way (or easily targeted) and friendly support will be run over (just like what happened in the video). It looks flashy and cool but as a tactical approach is more "for the lulz." Plus, I didn't even mention just how much of a sitting duck you are from air vehicles (not in a Bio Lab, of course).

    I also do not think a very brief period of time where you might amass a high quantity of kills constitutes as farming either. More like a rush, except more awkward and clumsy. It stands out like a sore thumb though so gets all the attention. When a MAX does it, no one bats an eye.

    But like I said, I'm fine with some obstacles and such to make it even more impractical or pointless to jump up on some buildings since it won't affect anyone very much.
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  10. JibbaJabba

    I see "magrider crap" from times to time. I never see it used en-mass though. Why is that?

    Because generally that crap doesn't work. You can cheese a magrider on a roof and it looks scary and "OMG what do we do?!" but then the next time you spawn at that base it's gone. *poof*

    The video you posted was a *highlight video* from a guy with at least 1k hours dedicated purely to the mag. He's probably better than most. But again, *highlight*. For all you know the guy got dunked on 3 out of 4 times he tried that crap. There was certainly some pathetic gunnery on display from the TR drivers....fancy cosmetics or no.

    And he walked away very bloodied from every encounter. His tank lacked the armor and firepower very obviously and every win required skill.

    General advice anytime you think something is "OP". Go try to do it yourself. (please tell me at this stage in the game you are not still playing a single faction)
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  11. JustGotSuspended

    The magrider is arguably better than the other two mbts when used correctly, especially since the prowler and vanguard nerfs. I have nothing against the vs getting some cool party tricks, but i'd like the other factions get looked at too. The hovering magrider would be fine if the other tanks didn't flip at the slight encounter of a pebble while driving over 10km/h.

    Rooftop magrider is whatever, not many people know how to do that, and it usually gets a few kills then dips unless it has a zerg to back it up - in which case it doesn't matter what it's doing anyways. But i'd like to see the other factions get something that looks like it took more then 10 minutes to design.
  12. JibbaJabba

    The prowler took 10 minutes to design? With that big bag of tricks it has? c'mon man.
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  13. Scatterblak

    This. Unless and until a prowler or a vanny experience a harasser getting up under them and shooting the crap out of them while you're trying to get off and get a shot off, they really have no idea what they're talking about.
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  14. Towie

    Agreed - it's like JibbaJabba said - you really need to try them to understand just how incredibly susceptible Magriders are to (insert pretty much anything here but Harassers in particular) to realise that they are a very long way from being OP.
    Strongly suspect it's the prime reason why they are pulled so rarely - if you are a 1/2 Magrider and come across a Harasser, you're pretty much dead.

    It's just the same with Magrider on Bastion, takes ages, it's difficult, and achieves nothing except the lols.

    Sooo - create a VS alt, pull a Magrider, bask in the unbelievabe OPness (or die horribly and quickly while being pushed around everywhere on your magic carpet). I know damn well which option my money is on !
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  15. Blam320

    Pretty soon we'll be able to do that; ditched vehicles are on Esamir on the PTS, and they can be reclaimed so TR and NC can zip around in Magriders if they wish.
  16. Pelojian

    C4 will probably become more common for tankers, ****** storm disables tank?, hide behind it and plant C4 so nobody can reclaim it and then detonate.
  17. V43xV1CT15

    I use the magrider to the extreme and yeah I hop on buildings and parkour the heck out of anything I can. Takes skill to work the buildings properly and to grind and strafe to not get killed by every threat in the area.

    Would like you to use the magrider for a while and experience all the OP insta deaths from terrain I experience daily and be that comes with magging
  18. JustGotSuspended

    bag of tricks?

    they completely mutilated anchored mode, and LOL to vanguard drivers. They prolly spent more time designing the mag than they did the other mbts combined.

    Also the directives for NC and TR and NSO for that matter are evidently less thought out that the vanu ones.
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  19. Blam320

    You misunderstand. That and you clearly haven't been paying attention to the PTS at all.

    Derelict vehicles just spawn at random around the continent, predominantly in "abandoned" bases that are no longer part of the lattice. Player-spawned vehicles do not become derelict, nor can derelict vehicles be destroyed by C4. You use a special tool to convert a Derelict vehicle into one useable by you, whereupon it gains the "reclaimed" tag. Reclaimed vehicles all have rank 1 items, HEAT cannons and an ES top gun, as well as a unique "discharge" ability which resets overload progress on your vehicle to 0 and deals damage to enemies in a short radius.
  20. iller

    That's a good point too... I was on a killstreak in my Vanguard last night, powersliding and ambushing VS with obviously Less than 100 hours tanking experience ...then I drove off the road over a 9ft drop that I could do blinfolded in my Ant or Sunderer and the f***in' thing flipped like buttered toast


    That's not true at all, that shot was taken right before we met up against FEAR's bastion and obliterated their bottom and side hardpoints in 90 seconds flat
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