TIL: Knifes do 0 damage to max units.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by lobe44, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. lobe44

    Well not like this surprised me much considering they are a walking hunk of metal but would of been kind of nice to know that beforehand.

    I know this now because I was in a NC spawn and saw a afk max unit ran up behind it and stabbed 15+ times for no damage what so ever.
  2. BoogieHegdehog

    15 knives until you realize it does 0 damage?
    Only on Planetside 2.
  3. Krona

    I've knifed maxes to death.
  4. Splatterbee

  5. SinerAthin

    Does it really do 0 damage?

    I always thought it did a small amount of damage, but damage nonetheless.
  6. ent|ty

    Tell that to the guy that was carving me up like a Thanksgiving turkey, and there is no sound or pain as it happens, while you stand there shooting at the sky...
  7. Ghostfox

    Eh.. it does one bar of damage. Takes 30 stabs to kill a MAX.. and if you can do that, then the MAX was AFK or you deserve some sort of medal.
  8. SinerAthin

    I wonder how you actually kill it with a knife in the first place :p

    Didn't think it'd be physically possible unless you had a blowtorch or a super-sonic screwdriver.
  9. MasterChiefette

    Knives do damage. It takes many hits to kill a max with one and if you are actually trying to kill a max with a knife you are playing the game wrong.
  10. Frosty The Pyro

    I knifed a max to death once, I mean I emptied a pistol mag or two into him first, and im pretty sure he got shot from some other sources too, but I killed it with my knife.
  11. Bill Hicks

    Maxes should get battle axes
  12. RayDrazon

    This is the future, remember? The Vanu's get force blades which I assume is much more than just a regular knife.
  13. GImofoJoe

    Knife does only 1 bar of damage to Max. It should do 0 damage. You're wearing 2 tons of armor, why would a little knife do any damage to you.
  14. SinerAthin

    Just give us lightsabers already :p

    Or Plasma Swords... /Drool
  15. Dusty Lens

    I believe it's due to them being classified as a vehicle? Or some variation thereof. Suddenly gives rise to the thought that one could, if the universe was aligned in the proper fashion, leap just as a flash barrels towards you and succinctly cut the driver down with a jab of your blade.

    At which point, of course, you would shed your corporeal form and be rebirthed as a being of pure light and energy with maybe some pizza or whatever nonsense you're downing as you sit at your computer reading an internet video game forum.

    But, yeah, sucks when you think you're going to have some fun getting in a last ditch knife slash on a MAX to do eff all. If my perceptions of the result are realistic.
  16. PieBringer

    It DOES do damage. If you aren't getting the damage notification (for damage done, not taken.) then it either isn't registering, you're not close enough, or it's just the dodgy hit-scan mechanic being itself.

    No, MAX units are NOT classified as a vehicle, as they can take damage from ALL sources, including those that would not even scratch a tank's paint job. The only exception being... Well, sources that don't damage to begin with. (Sensor dart, why don't you count as a headshot when I stick you in an enemy's eye!)

    Just to clarify, yes, I have done damage to a MAX before with my Force Blade. (The kill feed showed that it was via knife.) I have also been killed with a perfectly timed knife thrust while in a MAX suit. (The cowards tricked my engineers into going another way, and then swarmed me while I was reloading.) Just to clarify: The majority of the damage I took that life was from NC Carbines and Bolt Drivers. Exactly 1% (according to the death report screen) was from the actual MagCutter.

    Edit: My memory is a slight bit shoddy, so I'm not sure exactly what weapons were used, but I'm positive only an extremely small percentage of damage was from the MagCutter.
  17. Col_Jessep

    In my opinion you are playing the game right. It's about fun. What can be more fun than to knife a MAX? Unless they change it so that you can harm a tank with a knife... =3

    Everybody should get battle axes!
  18. Draxo

    NC Max: Battleaxe Arm (One single bit whack)
    TR Max: Motorized whirling Flail Arm (lots of chains with small spiked maces on the end)
    VS Max: A Forcesword (like forceblade, glows)

    All should be a 1 hit kill vs infantry and should even deal some damage vs light vehicles

    Make it happen SoE