[Suggestion] Tie vehicle speeds to numbers on keyboard

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gammit, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Gammit

    From PS1: One of the best ways to avoid TKing friendly idiots who were running down the middle of a road/bridge/etc. while driving a vehicle was to proceed at such a slow speed they would not be injured. This was easily done if you pressed 1 or 2 on the keyboard, because each number on the keyboard correlated with a percent in forward power (ex. 1 = 10% forward movement, 2 = 20%...) and was a consistent speed.

    You could then easily memorize which buttons would provide enough forward momentum to continue down the road, but not enough to injure the zerg.

    Can we get this implemented into PS2?
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  2. Eli

    It would be a nice addition indeed.
  3. Rodinvac

    Very nice addition indeed. Standard WASD for immediate acceleration when held down and maneuvering (like it is now), and some other key to set a preset amount of throttle would work well also when travelling long distances in general and for flying.
  4. Niv

    Yes Yes how long i wait they put the planetside 1 Key speed system again in planetside 2 already.
    also it be great if when we click M to see world map it wont stop our driving Tank like in planetside 1.
  5. Gammit

    oooo, forgot about that one.
  6. SarahM

    As long as sliding immobile vehicles are enough to kill friendlies, there is no speed whch doesn't kill.
  7. PrincessFrosty

    PS1 had this and I agree it needs to be added back in.

    They also need to make auto-drive in vehicles work while you're in the map so you can keep moving properly while you navigate via the map.
  8. Gammit

    It should be a function of the velocity of the vehicle; regardless of the source of the velocity (whether driving or sliding downhill).