Tickrate or "netcode" problems are killing the game. Video inside.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheBlazing, Jun 15, 2014.

  1. hawken is better

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  2. Tito

    Fix the game Soe wee dont care about your update tank
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  3. Tito

    its not max op its ******** netcode timedelay enemy still see you and you in the corner this its hapents to mee a lot
  4. hawken is better

    Yes, it is.
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  5. Key Pusher

    Fix your goddamn game, SoE. You don't fix game, you lose players, you lose money.

    All of you with subscriptions should cancel them until SoE get their $hit together. Vote with your wallets, tell them this game performance is unacceptable.
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  6. Kunavi

    5K Certs more and I will cancel, it's a shame but I can't support this crap any longer.
  7. JesNC

    Can you guys even read anymore through all of your tears?

    1. bad hit detection/lag is spotty at best and doesn't happen to everyone. We ran an ops night yesterday and hit detection was spot on even during platoon vs platoon engagements.

    2. this whole "they changed the server tickrate" thing is bull...

    3. they're working on a fix.

    But hey, I get it. Just rabidly complaining on an internet message board is infinitely easier than informing yourself before you form an opinion.
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  8. Inex

    It's also easier than admitting that the game actually works fairly well, and your death wasn't because of "hax" or incompetent devs... you just got shot.
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  9. TheBlazing

    "You are correct. We never changed the server framerate." - From Reddit. This is why I say we need an official statement. I am not going to scavenge for info about server tickrate in the comments of a random Reddit video. The devs should be more open about these issues and post a nice big thread "PSA: Server Tickrate Unchanged!" on the actual game forums.

    And even then, not changing it does not mean that it was not low to being with. Many things hint at an excessively low tickrate, regardless of whether or not it was recently changed, beginning with mutual kills or "kill trades", which are physically impossible except in some very particular cases (such as two snipers shooting each other in the head from very long range), and 95% of the time caused by server problems (most likely tick rate).

    In addition, the reason why I say that netcode is crappy, is because there are a bunch of other issues which cannot be directly related to tickrate but are almost certainly server problems. Taking damage in large chunks (2/3 of your health or shield) and then seeing 100% damage from a 143 dmg carabine is a server problem, just like being ram-killed by an enemy figther while in an ESF yourself despite him being 10 meters below you is, just like dying behind spawn room shields 1 second after you walked past them is, not to talk about how having extremely slow connection or experiencing lag peaks actually leads to an advantage due to all players and vehicles "pausing" on your screen (since your client stops receiving updates from the server about their position), allowing you to easily damage them without them being able to see you (since your connection is so slow or the lag peak is so bad that your PC can't send info about your whereabouts to the server, and thus the server can't inform other players that you are in front of them unloading a clip in their face).
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  10. JesNC

    Why the bloody hell would they make an official announcement because something did not happen?

    [PSA] Today SOE is not cancelling Planetside 2.

    [PSA] Tomorrow at 1pm the Developers will not be giving away free kittens on twitch.tv


    And yes, server framerate might be on the low side, but it's one thing to calculate 8x8 interactions per tick or 200x200. This stuff takes time, imagine that. You basically have the choice: If you want a 100% lag-free FPS experience, you can play CS 5vs5 on a LAN. Or, if you want massive battles over a huge map with a few hundred players, you'll have to live with some form of lag compensation. And it's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.

    PS: On killtrades: They happen in any game with physical projectiles (aka non-hitscan). They are totally physically possible. Deal with it, or move on.
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  11. Sekone

    oh wow another truly intelligent contribution to planetside 2 forums, why are you so pissed at people wanting an ok fps experience?
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  12. TheBlazing

    There is another option which is called buying better servers or, even better, optimizing the game. And it is not lag compensation - lag compensation is simply clientside hitboxes, which is in the game, but things like getting killed a whole second after taking cover behind a shield is a server problem, just like ESF vs ESF rams without any physical contact are.

    Also, while bullets are physically simulated in PS2, at close range the travel time is almost instant, thus they should not happen - the moment one of the players fires a shot, it hits the enemy almost at the same time. Kill trades due to physically simulated projectiles can happen when said projectiles are slow (rockets, grenades, Lashers etc...), or in sniper vs sniper duels, where the great distance between them makes bullet travel time actually matter

    In a typical infantry vs infantry encounter, kill trades can be caused by tick rate more than they can be caused by physically simulated projectiles. Battlefield 4 had this problem, and when the tickrate was increased from 10 to 30 hz, the problem was mostly fixed. Surprise surprise. Realistically, it is very rare for you and the enemy to both fire the killing shot almost at the same time, so that both shots are in flight against their respective targets with both of them still alive, and for both of those those two particular bullets to hit their target and not miss. Kill trades in PS2 happen way to often to be caused by physical bullets each time.

    What's tragic is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Think about all the other network problems: revivals not working, grenades magically disappearing, the radar showing that the enemy ESF is not facing you while you take tons of damage from his nosegun anyways... Networking problems are very subtle, but I bet that increasing the tickrate to 30 hz (assuming it is lower, which it very likely is) would improve the overall experience.
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  13. Key Pusher

    Not a factor in CQC where kill trades most often happen.
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  14. Sekone

    yea people here don't seem to understand how important a decent tickrate is to basicly EVREYTHING in game! nooo let's argue about how many shots was fired in the video, as that clearly show's it's not important...

    Those against it probably know nothing about games in general(the technical side), becaue if it's possible, why not up the tickrate?(huge improvement to gameplay) if it isn't possible for SOE to up the tickrate?(might be to much of a strain on their servers/bandwith) then fine don't do it but don't come out against it without knowing it isn't possible when it clearly is really low, I'm not saying they lowered the tickrate but it IS LOW
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  15. TheBlazing

    Probably they are not increasing tickrate because their current server hardware would not handle it... but in that case, they should buy better servers or seriously optimize the game's netcode. It's an investment that's probably worth its money, players will be more motivated to buy Smedbucks and subscriptions if they know that the game they are playing is 100% reliable and 100% accurate in all its simulations.
  16. ohmikkie

    I get killed like this about 30-40% of the time and I know I am not lagging (60ms to Ceres). It's a right pain.
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  17. zSkunk

    Those kind of situations or this issue is supposed to be better next patch, after all the hours I've put into the game without spending a dime I'd probably make a gesture if it felt right.
  18. JesNC

    And that's exactly the problem. You said yourself, BF4 encountered the same problems and they were able to alleviate those by increasing their server's tick rate aka computing speed by a factor of 3.

    But I honestly doubt that it's feasible or even possible at all to "OC" the PS2 servers like that, considering the increased load compared to a typical BF4 game. And while I don't know the exact technical specifications, I doubt they can simply go and buy the next better/faster server hardware either.

    So instead they're probably trying to optimize the way data is handled between the server and the clients, to make these issues less visible on the client side of things. Which, quite obviously, doesn't always work and is prone to setbacks once other areas are tampered with.

    So there's your 2 possibilities again: Wait for the devs to improve the code while being content with what you got atm (which is IMO still a great game - except for really late at night I hardly have any issues like those you described), or leave for a smaller sized game for an improved FPS experience.

    You see, I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, I'm just of the opinion that with a bit more research and a bit less drama this thread could have went places, but instead it just became a magnet for all the worst complainers on forumside to post their "I quit..." messages.

    Because I usually come here to read about the game, but at the moment this board is simply ripe with heartbroken rants and empty threats towards the developers , and the whining almost completely bowls out all the interesting threads.
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  19. Fenrisk

    JesNC. The threats are not empty. Server Populations have significantly dropped and will carry on dropping so long as game breaking issues like this remain unresolved.

    Even the "I'm quitting for X reason" threads have posters supporting the OP instead of just criticising him/her for posting the thread because everyone is feeling these issues themselves. Infantry combat is a mess because the the tick rate / server net code issues. It's just not fun to play infantry anymore because of the double kills, poor hit detection and random deaths behind cover. Ground vs air combat is a mess because of the lib buffs and libs having no hard counter.

    Both of which will discourage fps gamers from staying as it causes major frustration. Players log out in disgust when encountering situations where they die one or two seconds behind cover or when their shots don't register.
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  20. Canaris

    This really needs to be sorted out, it's my biggest QoL issue with PS2