"Threaded Optimization" in Nvidia Control Panel setting

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gammit, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. Gammit

    There is a configuration option in the latest Nvidia drivers for my 560 Ti named "Threaded Optimization." The description states "Allows applications to take advantage of multiple CPUs."

    Is this option better left on or off with Planetside2?
  2. TomoB

    I think best to leave it "auto", if game can use multiple cores then it will and disabling or forcing it ON doesn't make things any better.
  3. Sliced

    It's been there for a while.
    I personally force mine On as a glabal option, but I'm not sure if it actually helps at all.
    I have not seen any side effects from using the option.
    While on Auto it should do what's best for the game. However I never trust auto settings and that's the only reason why I changed it to force it on.
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  4. Gammit

    Thanks, guess I'll experiment both ways.
  5. BenYeeHua

    And what is the result?
  6. Kedyn

    Try turning it off. When I turned it off, I got a very significant performance boost. It may be worth your time to give it a shot.