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  1. Clipped!

    Clip size is 6, Firerate is 86, projectile speed is 40m/s with a heavy arc, impact is 200, and blast is 300 within .5 meters and 50 at 3m. Oh and the crosshair is very obscuring of the environment and enemies, and the impact desn't damage tanks at all like other GL's do.

    Personally I think the new GL isn't very good, and even as a suppression weapon it's piss poor. You ether manage to get a hit direct hit at the edge of lethal shotgun range or completely miss the target and don't get even a decent hit with the splash which happens more often than not and that's coming from an expert tanker who's auraxed all the lightning cannons (non-skygaurd).

    The fire rate and muzzle velocity would be ok if the inner blast was a full meter and ether the edge damage was 100 or the edge of the blast was 4m, but the arc/projectile needs to be changed as it currently very funky and hard to use compared to the halberd's arc (which btw goes slightly up before going down like a tank shell).

    The recoil is ok, but it since it doesn't invert like sniper rifles or other guns (ie the gun's aim doesn't go back down afterward), it makes the all of the rail attachments' massive increase in recoil just not worth using. Oh, and it shouldn't slow you down unless that's standard on other RLs.

    The impact HAS to be able to damage tanks and also deal decent damage to MAXes as it simply doesn't make sense for a GL's impact to be typed as small arms.

    As for the ammo types, the disruption ammo is genuinely a waste of certs as makes the

    Summary: If I were to compare the current Thumper to the Lasher, it would be like comparing dual mattocks (which are utterly garbage thanks to Wrel) to the starter shotgun: Completely and utterly inferior to the point it's in no way worth your time and effort trying to use, let alone worth the certs buying it.

    On another note, thanks daybreak for letting me waste two hours waiting to and testing out a weapon that is nearly as bad as a one of those joke pistols from events. (can you taste the sarcasm?)
  2. Liewec123

    I'm disappointed that it is NS, thumper is iconic for TR and should absolutely have been faction exclusive.
    Not the best way to celebrate the anniversary of PS1, to throw out the lore!

    We should have had 2 new faction specific splash weapons for NC and TR to rival lasher,
    And a cqc focused weapon to rival jackhammer and mcg for VS

    I vote missile shotgun for the NC!

    And give the silly pointless robot faction their own heavy weapon if needed.

    On the subject of Thumper being weak, good, I think splash weapons available to free infantry should be,
    I do agree though that a nade launcher should deal light vehicle damage
  3. MichaelS

    The worst thing about this thing is, that it can't damage Harassers or ESF. that makes it totally useless in my opinion. I'll better get a Crossbow with an Explosive Bolt, then at least I can use a good weapon in the main slot.
  4. TR5L4Y3R

    yea guess what, the thumper is the robotfactions HW
    ... cause (and i´m just going to take a leap here)
    everything else costs too much money and time ...
    otherwise we would have more vehicle aa options as well ...
  5. DemonicTreerat

    Ah the thumper was never a TR weapon. Not even close - it was always a common pool (aka NS) part of Special Assault along with the Rocklet rifle and later on the Radiator. You're thinking of the POUNDER which is in the game as a TR exclusive MAX weapon and went back to being anti-tank after they swapped it back with the Dual Cycler.
  6. Klondor

    I'm going to say the worst (balance wise) part of the Thumper is going to be disruptive ammo. EMP grenades are already a pain in the *** to deal with, why do we suddenly need to give heavies the ability to start rampantly EMP spamming? If it works out how i think it will, a single heavy could potentially wipe an entire room effortlessly by firing a few disruption rounds in, throwing a conq and (if ASP will allow a thumper and heavy secondary combo) chaingun/Lasher/jackhammer(?) an entire room. Not to mention deployables like mines will be next to useless with all the thumpers running around. I'm in a rush to get my claymores auraxed before they're made utterly useless by this new ammo type. They're hard enough after the double nerf they got, sheesh.
  7. Heini

    Before you start worrying about the Thumper being too strong you should probably go to the Testserver and test it yourself. Unless it changes before hitting live I would say the weapon will be quite weak, especially the EMP ammo that most people fear. The splash radius is really small and 50 shields (which is basically just a worse form of 50 damage which is already extremly low) and 10% ability energy are next to nothing and your target will be long dead from the actual splash damage before they notice that their ablity energy is being lowered. The only good thing about EMP might be the ability to effectivly kill deployables such as these annoying spawn beacons placed on trees, towers or other high things and insta kill turrets, walls etc...

    But still, the weapon is really unique and the sounds are just awesome and us NSOs will finally get a heavy weapon for our heavies. I wish it would be available for engineers since this weapon design seems to be better suited for them than heavies but I'm still really excited to get it but sadly we don't have any release date and the live server got a patch even before the Thumper incendiary ammo was fixed so I'm assuming I will have to wait quite a bit for it :/
  8. Klondor

    I have tested it, and i was wrong. im glad that distruptor rounds are not as bad as i expected them to be. they seem to be as niche as locklets albeit in a better capacity for removing deployables. Nonetheless i am still going to rush to aurax my mines before the thumper storm envelops the game.
  9. Heini

    Has the Thumper been forgotten? There have been two updates to the live server already and the Thumper was released to the test server quite a while ago already and not even the fire ammo bug has been fixed so far. I was so excited to use it in the future and to me it looks like an almost finished weapon besides the bugs with the ammo types like the fire not applying, EMP not killing turrets and not being able to damage ESFs and Harassers (maybe tanks as well).
  10. Døc_

    Tested this thing out, and I'm honestly not too thrilled with it. The model and the sounds are awesome, same with the effects, but everything else is so bleh. The crosshair is pretty bad, you can't really see the center of your screen - the thing your aiming at. The gun also shoots too far to the right when ADS'ing. The damage, along with the splash is underwhelming, albeit probably good in groups, but even the lasher has more solo point-hold potential than this. I was also super bummed out to see it does no vehicle damage. My hope is that they could allow it to do vehicle damage, perhaps give it a slightly larger blast range with fall off, or even add an additional grenade type that has 0% blast and 100% direct damage - high grenade "bullet" drop, but able to damage vehicles.
  11. Heini

    Yeah, this weapon just seems like it would be a good platform for anti-vehicle. Special anti-armor ammo would be nice, less splash against infantry but can damage MBTs and so on. But I also believe that the fragmentation and perhaps even the EMP ammo should at least damage ESFs and Harassers.