Thoughts on the NS-66 Punisher?

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  1. Campagne

    Why not? :p


    Firstly, stop releasing starkly better alternatives once I've finished with the direct alternatives please. Sure would have been good to have had this as an option when doing the SMG directive... :p

    Anyways, it's a funny lookin' thing ain't it? Not sure if I like it.

    Stats wise the Punisher (stupid name BTW, also a bit too close to the Vanquisher) is quite good. I can't help but feel they're just trying to bait sales with a bit too good weapon for all factions and classes, especially because they've tried to incentivize it's use on all classes with the launcher. More players will have more reasons to buy one.

    It features a solid damage model of 143/769 RPM with very good hipfire and extremely standard SMG accuracy. Bloom for both is 0.05. It of course also has a built-in grenade launcher firing HE grenades by default. Against infantry these 'nades do 750 damage with bodyshots and can OHK with a headshot. Bug?

    Even the "ironsights" are suspiciously better than pretty much everything else's.


    A built-in 1x red dot sight? They're trying too hard with this one. It's a bit too thin to be better than an actual attachment sight, but where's all the bits sticking up in front? What, no needles posts next to the reticle? No janky nobs and pointless dials anywhere? :rolleyes: Just take a look at any ES sidearm's ironsights for a comparison.

    With attachments it tries to be a very versatile weapon, featuring a compensator, suppressor, flash suppressor, darklight, 5-round extended magazine, laser sight, and both high velocity and soft point ammo in addition to the unique adaptive class underbarrel launcher.

    However, the lack of a forward grip is quite evident with this weapon's horizontal recoil. Given this, HV ammo is pointless because the recoil will cause too many misses at long range for it to matter and makes the suppressor even more of the obvious choice with really no practical downsides at all. Not as versatile as intended, perhaps?

    The adaptive class underbarrel:
    Interesting, but probably less useful and too niche to often choose any over the base HE grenades. For the few situations where some of the grenade types would be useful I'd probably have just chosen another weapon instead. These grenades deal no damage even with direct hits.

    Final verdict: It's a pretty good SMG but if I were to use it personally it'd be for the damage model with a suppressor and SP ammo with GL & LS combo, not for anything else. Compared to how I played the MKV, this weapon is just a straight upgrade and I'd probably use it as such. I'd be a bit torn between the Punisher and the Blitz/Sirius myself. It's good, though.
  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    This basically jives with my initial estimates a couple weeks ago, interested to try it out later and see how it feels.
  3. DarkStarAnubis

    For some odd reasons I like it. It is not bad and good looking as well. As NSO it is almost an obvious choice.

    I was surprised as well by the built-in grenade launcher. For an engie with unlimited ammo or someone with ammo printer it is a nice bonus (however I think not meant to be like that, so it is a bug :)). Why to invest certs in an adaptive launcher that is 99.9% niche?
  4. Botji

    Wait until the Doom Buggies figure out you can sit in the backseat and repair + give bonus health to your Harasser on the move. Engineer repair + bonus health grenades are AoE so exploding one next to you still hits you with it.... I even used it some last night in my Skyguard to decent effect to do emergency repairs while moving.

    Infiltrator spamming their EMPs are kinda annoying as well in larger infantry fights.
    I predict changes when people really start to get 'inventive' with these.
  5. ycluk

    I can't switch to the grenade launcher fire mode for some unknown reason. I have tried to toggle attachment, switch fire group, and switch fire mode, and none of them switched to the grenade launcher. I even tried to attach grenade launcher in NC Gauss Compact S, and it didn't work either ! It used to work if you press switch fire group like that. Can anyone tell me how to switch to the grenade launcher now ? Thanks

    BTW, I just tested in VR.
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  6. Liewec123

    it'll probably become the go-to option for driver/pilot engies
    since it gives you access to free repair grenades to help speed up repair times,

    i can also imagine it being popular with dedicated healing medics since it gives them free healing grenades.
  7. Somentine

    You may have figured it out, but you just press the weapon again when it is equipped. So, you have your punisher out in primary, press 1 to switch to nades, 1 to switch back to normal.
  8. icufos

    Love it. PS2 has some really interesting and well presented weapons in general.

    Do like the sound of this particular gun and find it surprisingly effective at closer ranges although I'd like more 'nades'.
  9. LodeTria

    You can have the underbarrel AND a laser too btw, since you can equip both the underbarrel and something else.
  10. ycluk

    I didn't figure it out, someone told me, but thanks anyway.

    I kind of remember long ago it was different.
  11. MonnyMoony

    I like it - especially hip fire. Seems to carve through enemies quite easily.